New taxon name released: Antrodia latebrosa by w_spirin News Mycobank 2019-10-19 12:51:35
Taxon name: Antrodia latebrosa
Mycobank number: 828131
Rank: species
Classification: Fungi, Dikarya, Basidiomycota, Agaricomycotina, Agaricomycetes, Polyporales, Fomitopsidaceae, Antrodia
Deposited by: w_spirin
Title of publication: Morphological plasticity in brown-rot fungi: Antrodia is redefined to encompass both poroid and corticioid species
Authors: Runnel,K;Spirin,V;Miettinen,O;Vlasak,J;Dai,Y.C;Ryvarden,L;Larsson,K.H.
Journal name: Mycologia
Year of publication: 2019
Page number: 879