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General information

 Summary:Ciboria Fuckel, Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 23-24: 311 (1870) [MB#1040] 
 Synonymy:≡Ciboria asphodeli Duvernoy & Maire, Bull. Soc. Mycol. France: 54 (1928) [MB#257534]
≡Rutstroemia asphodeli (Duvernoy & Maire) R. Galán & Matočec, Mycologia 107 (4): 799 (2015) [MB#810716]
=Moellerodiscus Henn., Hedwigia 41: 33 (1902) [MB#3233]
=Ciboriopsis Dennis, Kew Bulletin 16 (2): 319 (1962) [MB#1043]
 MycoBank #:1040 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fuckel
 Page #:311
 Year of publication:1870

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
164 Associated records (click to hide):
Ciboria acericola, Ciboria acerina, Ciboria acerina, Ciboria acicola, Ciboria aestivalis, Ciboria alnetorum, Ciboria alni, Ciboria alni, Ciboria aluticolor, Ciboria amentacea, Ciboria amenti, Ciboria amenticola, Ciboria americana, Ciboria annae, Ciboria argentinensis, Ciboria armeriae, Ciboria aschersoniana, Ciboria asphodeli, Ciboria batschiana, Ciboria betulae, Ciboria betulicola, Ciboria blanda, Ciboria bolaris, Ciboria brockesiae, Ciboria broomei, Ciboria brunneorufa, Ciboria bulgarioides, Ciboria bulgarioides, Ciboria caespitosa, Ciboria calathicola, Ciboria calopus, Ciboria calyculus, Ciboria carbonaria, Ciboria caricis, Ciboria carniolica, Ciboria carpini, Ciboria carunculoides, Ciboria caucus, Ciboria cerea, Ciboria chlorophana, Ciboria ciliatospora, Ciboria cistophila, Ciboria clavipes, Ciboria conformata, Ciboria coracina, Ciboria coryli, Ciboria dallasiana, Ciboria dumbirensis, Ciboria echinophila, Ciboria elatina, Ciboria fagi, Ciboria fallax, Ciboria ferulae, Ciboria filipes, Ciboria filopes, Ciboria firma, Ciboria friesii, Ciboria fructicola, Ciboria fructigena, Ciboria fruticeti, Ciboria fuscocinerea, Ciboria fusispora, Ciboria gemmincola, Ciboria glaucescens, Ciboria glumiseda, Ciboria gordonii, Ciboria gracilipes, Ciboria granigena, Ciboria guizhouensis, Ciboria hedwigiae, Ciboria helodina, Ciboria henningsiana, Ciboria hercynica, Ciboria hirtipes, Ciboria horakii, Ciboria huebneriana, Ciboria indeprensa, Ciboria johnsonii, Ciboria juglandis, Ciboria juncigena, Ciboria junciseda, Ciboria juncorum, Ciboria kriegeriana, Ciboria lathyri, Ciboria latipes, Ciboria leptorhiza, Ciboria lignicola, Ciboria lilacina, Ciboria linhartiana, Ciboria liquidambaris, Ciboria livida, Ciboria longipes, Ciboria ludmilae, Ciboria luteovirescens, Ciboria macilenta, Ciboria macrospora, Ciboria macrospora, Ciboria marasmiformis, Ciboria minima, Ciboria nyssogena, Ciboria ochracea, Ciboria olivacea, Ciboria pachyderma, Ciboria paludum, Ciboria pastinacae, Ciboria peckiana, Ciboria phascoides, Ciboria phragmitidis, Ciboria phragmitis, Ciboria picea, Ciboria pigaliana, Ciboria ploettneriana, Ciboria polygoni, Ciboria polygoni-vivipari, Ciboria poronioides, Ciboria pseudotuberosa, Ciboria pseudotuberosa, Ciboria pygmaea, Ciboria pyriformis, Ciboria ramealis, Ciboria ranikhetiensis, Ciboria rava, Ciboria renispora, Ciboria rhizophila, Ciboria rufescens, Ciboria rufofusca, Ciboria salmonea, Ciboria scoparia, Ciboria seminicola, Ciboria sessilis, Ciboria shiraiana, Ciboria solitaria, Ciboria squamarum, Ciboria statices, Ciboria strigosa, Ciboria strobilina, Ciboria subgen. Ciboria, Ciboria subgen. Stromatinia, Ciboria subrubescens, Ciboria subularis, Ciboria subvillosula, Ciboria sulfurella, Ciboria suspecta, Ciboria sydowiana, Ciboria tabacina, Ciboria temulenta, Ciboria tenella, Ciboria tenuistipes, Ciboria tiliae, Ciboria tremellosa, Ciboria tremulae, Ciboria tropicalis, Ciboria tuzsoni, Ciboria uliginosa, Ciboria urnula, Ciboria vacini, Ciboria velhaensis, Ciboria venceslai, Ciboria vernalis, Ciboria versiforme, Ciboria viarum, Ciboria vinosa, Ciboria violacea, Ciboria viridifusca
 Type name:
 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
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