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General information

 Summary:Coccomyces De Not., Giornale Botanico Italiano 2 (7-8): 38 (1847) [MB#1147] 
 Synonymy:=Coccomycella Höhn., Annales Mycologici 15 (5): 323 (1917) [MB#1146]
=Malenconia Bat. & H. Maia, Saccardoa 1: 98 (1960) [MB#2985]
 MycoBank #:1147 
 Authors:De Notaris
 Authors (abbreviated):De Not.
 Page #:38
 Year of publication:1847
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Classification and associated taxa

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Coccomyces acerinus, Coccomyces agathidicola, Coccomyces albidus, Coccomyces alienus, Coccomyces annulatus, Coccomyces antillarum, Coccomyces araucariae, Coccomyces arbutifolius, Coccomyces arctostaphyli, Coccomyces arctostaphyloides, Coccomyces atactus, Coccomyces aurei, Coccomyces australis, Coccomyces basizonatus, Coccomyces binnaburrensis, Coccomyces bipartitus, Coccomyces boydii, Coccomyces brasiliensis, Coccomyces brasiliensis, Coccomyces bromeliacearum, Coccomyces canarii, Coccomyces carbonaceus, Coccomyces castanopsidis, Coccomyces castanopsis, Coccomyces cembrae, Coccomyces chuniae, Coccomyces circinatus, Coccomyces clavatus, Coccomyces clematidis, Coccomyces clementsiorum, Coccomyces clusiae, Coccomyces cocoës, Coccomyces comitialis, Coccomyces concolor, Coccomyces consociatus, Coccomyces coronatus, Coccomyces crateriformis, Coccomyces croceus, Coccomyces crustaceus, Coccomyces crystalligerus, Coccomyces cunninghamii, Coccomyces cupressini, Coccomyces cupressinum, Coccomyces cyclobalanopsidis, Coccomyces cyclobalanopsis, Coccomyces delta, Coccomyces dentatus, Coccomyces dianthi, Coccomyces dimorphus, Coccomyces dubius, Coccomyces duplicarioides, Coccomyces ellipticus, Coccomyces epiphyllus, Coccomyces ericae, Coccomyces farlowii, Coccomyces filicicola, Coccomyces fimbriatus, Coccomyces foliicola, Coccomyces fujianensis, Coccomyces fuscus, Coccomyces gaultheriae, Coccomyces globososimilis, Coccomyces globosus, Coccomyces guizhouensis, Coccomyces hainanensis, Coccomyces heterophyllae, Coccomyces hiemalis, Coccomyces huangshanensis, Coccomyces hubeiensis, Coccomyces hypodermatis, Coccomyces ilicis, Coccomyces illicii, Coccomyces illiciicola, Coccomyces insignis, Coccomyces irretitus, Coccomyces javanicus, Coccomyces jiangxiensis, Coccomyces juniperi, Coccomyces kerriae, Coccomyces keteleeriae, Coccomyces kinabaluensis, Coccomyces kirkii, Coccomyces laciniatus, Coccomyces lauraceus, Coccomyces ledi, Coccomyces leptideus, Coccomyces leptosporus, Coccomyces libocedri, Coccomyces lijiangensis, Coccomyces limitatus, Coccomyces limitatus, Coccomyces longwoodicus, Coccomyces lutescens, Coccomyces macer, Coccomyces magnus, Coccomyces maritimus, Coccomyces martinae, Coccomyces maydis, Coccomyces memecyli, Coccomyces mertensianae, Coccomyces minimus, Coccomyces minutissimus, Coccomyces monticola, Coccomyces mucronatoides, Coccomyces mucronatus, Coccomyces multangularis, Coccomyces musae, Coccomyces mussaendae, Coccomyces neolitseae, Coccomyces niveus, Coccomyces noosanus, Coccomyces occultus, Coccomyces palmicola, Coccomyces pampeanus, Coccomyces papillatus, Coccomyces paraphysincrustatus, Coccomyces parasiticus, Coccomyces parvulus, Coccomyces peltiformis, Coccomyces pentagonus, Coccomyces petersii, Coccomyces philippinus, Coccomyces phyllocladi, Coccomyces phyllocladicola, Coccomyces piceae, Coccomyces pini, Coccomyces pinicola, Coccomyces pluridens, Coccomyces ponticus, Coccomyces prominens, Coccomyces proteae, Coccomyces prunophora, Coccomyces prunophorae, Coccomyces pseudotsugae, Coccomyces puiggarii, Coccomyces pumilio, Coccomyces quadratus, Coccomyces quercinus, Coccomyces radiatus, Coccomyces rehmii, Coccomyces repandus, Coccomyces rhododendri, Coccomyces rhododendri, Coccomyces rhododendri, Coccomyces rubi, Coccomyces rubicola, Coccomyces salicinus, Coccomyces sichuanensis, Coccomyces sinensis, Coccomyces spegazzinii, Coccomyces striatus, Coccomyces strobi, Coccomyces strobilicola, Coccomyces strobilinus, Coccomyces symploci, Coccomyces taiwanensis, Coccomyces tesselatus, Coccomyces tetracerae, Coccomyces tjibodensis, Coccomyces triangularis, Coccomyces tridentatus, Coccomyces trigonus, Coccomyces triseptatus, Coccomyces tumidus, Coccomyces tympanibaculi, Coccomyces tympanidiosporus, Coccomyces umbonatus, Coccomyces urceoloides, Coccomyces urceolus, Coccomyces ursinus, Coccomyces venezuelae, Coccomyces vilis, Coccomyces villaevicosae, Coccomyces viridis, Coccomyces wagnerianus, Coccomyces walkeri, Coccomyces yerbae
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