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General information

 Summary:Dimeromyces Thaxt., Memoirs of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 12: 267 (1896) [MB#1583] 
 Synonymy:=Eudimeromyces Thaxt., Proceedings of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences 54: 215 (1918) [MB#1923]
=Jeaneliomyces Lepesme, Mémoires du Museum National d'Histoire Naturelle, Paris: 149 (1945) [MB#22460]
 MycoBank #:1583 
 Authors (abbreviated):Thaxt.
 Page #:267
 Year of publication:1896

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Dimeromyces 1-flagellatus, Dimeromyces aberrans, Dimeromyces adriaticus, Dimeromyces adventitiosus, Dimeromyces africanus, Dimeromyces amarygmi, Dimeromyces amazonicus, Dimeromyces ametrothecalis, Dimeromyces anatrichi, Dimeromyces andicola, Dimeromyces anilli, Dimeromyces anisolabis, Dimeromyces annulatus, Dimeromyces anomalus, Dimeromyces aphanocephali, Dimeromyces appendiculatus, Dimeromyces appressus, Dimeromyces aulacophorae, Dimeromyces aulecophorae, Dimeromyces auriculatus, Dimeromyces australasiae, Dimeromyces balazucii, Dimeromyces bordei, Dimeromyces bournieri, Dimeromyces brachiatus, Dimeromyces braulae, Dimeromyces bubalinus, Dimeromyces caribbaeus, Dimeromyces catalaunicus, Dimeromyces chaetospaniae, Dimeromyces cherrhonesites, Dimeromyces chiliotidis, Dimeromyces cinctus, Dimeromyces coarctatus, Dimeromyces copropori, Dimeromyces corynetis, Dimeromyces corynitis, Dimeromyces crispatus, Dimeromyces cryptici, Dimeromyces decipiens, Dimeromyces decumbens, Dimeromyces derispiae, Dimeromyces descarpentriesi, Dimeromyces descarpentriesii, Dimeromyces dhanyae, Dimeromyces diphylli, Dimeromyces eparchi, Dimeromyces eximius, Dimeromyces falcatus, Dimeromyces falcatus, Dimeromyces flagellatus, Dimeromyces forficulae, Dimeromyces galumnae, Dimeromyces geminander, Dimeromyces geminandrus, Dimeromyces gonocnemalis, Dimeromyces gracilis, Dimeromyces gyrophaenae, Dimeromyces gyrophaeniae, Dimeromyces helicoideus, Dimeromyces hermaeophagae, Dimeromyces heterophylli, Dimeromyces homophoetae, Dimeromyces hyperacanthae, Dimeromyces isopterus, Dimeromyces isopterus, Dimeromyces jacobsoni, Dimeromyces japonicus, Dimeromyces kamerunensis, Dimeromyces kusamae, Dimeromyces labiae, Dimeromyces lavagnei, Dimeromyces leleupii, Dimeromyces lobatus, Dimeromyces longicollis, Dimeromyces longipes, Dimeromyces longitarsi, Dimeromyces luteus, Dimeromyces maculatus, Dimeromyces maginii, Dimeromyces majewskii, Dimeromyces minutissimum, Dimeromyces minutissimus, Dimeromyces minutus, Dimeromyces moniliformis, Dimeromyces mucronatus, Dimeromyces muticus, Dimeromyces nanomasculus, Dimeromyces necrotalis, Dimeromyces nigricaulis, Dimeromyces oochroti, Dimeromyces oscinosomalis, Dimeromyces osellae, Dimeromyces parasiti, Dimeromyces pavesii, Dimeromyces pedalis, Dimeromyces peltoidis, Dimeromyces perettiorum, Dimeromyces petchii, Dimeromyces pinnatus, Dimeromyces platycilibis, Dimeromyces platycillibis, Dimeromyces platydematis, Dimeromyces platydemus, Dimeromyces prorei, Dimeromyces proximus, Dimeromyces rhizomorphus, Dimeromyces rhizophorus, Dimeromyces rigidus, Dimeromyces roreri, Dimeromyces rossii, Dimeromyces rugosus, Dimeromyces serriferus, Dimeromyces sessilis, Dimeromyces sierrae-leonis, Dimeromyces storkii, Dimeromyces strongylii, Dimeromyces subproliferatus, Dimeromyces subuliferus, Dimeromyces sulcatus, Dimeromyces thaxteri, Dimeromyces tomari, Dimeromyces tomoderi, Dimeromyces trilobatus, Dimeromyces trycheri, Dimeromyces tuzsoni, Dimeromyces unguipes, Dimeromyces uniflagellatus, Dimeromyces versicolor, Dimeromyces yasuniensis
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