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General information

 Summary:Diorygma Eschw., Systema Lichenum, Genera Exhibens rite distincta, Pluribus Novis Adaucta: 13, 25 (1824) [MB#1593] 
 Synonymy:=Allographa Chevall., Histoire des Graphidées, accompagné d'un tableau analytique des genres. Ouvrage renfermant des observations anatomiques et physiologiques sur ces végétaux: XVI (1824) [MB#138]
=Ctesium Pers., Botanique (Nagpur) 5: 185 (1827) [MB#1343]
=Hemithecium Trevis., Spighe e Paglie: 11 (1853) [MB#2289]
=Thalloloma Trevis., Spighe e Paglie: 13 (1853) [MB#5394]
=Glaucinaria Fée ex A. Massal., Atti dell´Istituto Veneto Scienze 5: 319 (1860) [MB#2071]
=Stenographa Mudd, A manual of British lichens: 235 (1861) [MB#5208]
=Graphina Müll. Arg., Flora (Regensburg) 63 (2): 22 (1880) [MB#2128]
=Graphinomyces Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 50, 76 (1953) [MB#2130]
 MycoBank #:1593 
 Authors (abbreviated):Eschw.
 Page #:13, 25
 Year of publication:1824

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Diorygma aeolum, Diorygma africanum, Diorygma agumbense, Diorygma alagoense, Diorygma albocinerascens, Diorygma albovirescens, Diorygma angusticarpum, Diorygma antillarum, Diorygma archeri, Diorygma australasicum, Diorygma basinigrum, Diorygma biforme, Diorygma chumphonense, Diorygma circumfusum, Diorygma citri, Diorygma confluens, Diorygma conprotocetraricum, Diorygma dandeliense, Diorygma dealbatum, Diorygma epiglaucum, Diorygma erythrellum, Diorygma excipuloconvergentum, Diorygma extensum, Diorygma fuscopruinosum, Diorygma fuscum, Diorygma grammitis, Diorygma hieroglyphicellum, Diorygma hieroglyphicum, Diorygma hololeucum, Diorygma inaequale, Diorygma incantatum, Diorygma inexpectatum, Diorygma insculptum, Diorygma intermedium, Diorygma isabellinum, Diorygma junghuhnii, Diorygma karnatakense, Diorygma kurnoolense, Diorygma kurnoolensis, Diorygma longilirellatum, Diorygma longisporum, Diorygma macgregorii, Diorygma manipurense, Diorygma megaspermum, Diorygma megasporum, Diorygma megistosporum, Diorygma microsporum, Diorygma minisporum, Diorygma monophorum, Diorygma nigricans, Diorygma nitidum, Diorygma nothofagi, Diorygma nothofagum, Diorygma pachygraphum, Diorygma panchganiense, Diorygma pauciseptatum, Diorygma poitaei, Diorygma poiteaui, Diorygma poitiaei, Diorygma pruinosum, Diorygma radiatum, Diorygma reniforme, Diorygma roseopruinatum, Diorygma rufopruinosum, Diorygma rufosporum, Diorygma rupicola, Diorygma salazinicum, Diorygma salvadoriense, Diorygma saxicola, Diorygma sipmanii, Diorygma socotranum, Diorygma soozana, Diorygma spilotum, Diorygma sticticum, Diorygma streimannii, Diorygma subalbatum, Diorygma subpruinosum, Diorygma talisensis, Diorygma thailandicum, Diorygma tibellii, Diorygma tinctorium, Diorygma tocantinense, Diorygma tocantinsense, Diorygma tuberculosum, Diorygma verrucirimosum, Diorygma wallamanense, Diorygma wallamanensis, Diorygma wilsonianum
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