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General information

 Summary:Phragmidium Link, Magazin der Gesellschaft Naturforschenden Freunde Berlin 8: 30 (1815) [MB#16257] 
 Synonymy:=Aregma Fr., Observationes mycologicae 1: 225 (1815) [MB#16023]
=Epitea Fr., Systema Mycologicum 3: 510 (1832) [MB#16123]
=Physonema Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 8: 374 (1847) [MB#16262]
=Lecythea Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 8: 373 (1847) [MB#16183]
=Ameris Arthur, Resultats Scientifiques du Congres International de Botanique Vienne 1905: 342 (1906) [MB#16013]
=Earlea Arthur, Resultats Scientifiques du Congres International de Botanique Vienne 1905: 341 (1906) [MB#16113]
=Phragmotelium Syd., Annales Mycologici 19 (3-4): 167 (1921) [MB#16261]
=Teloconia Syd., Annales Mycologici 19 (3-4): 168 (1921) [MB#16343]
=Trolliomyces Ulbr., Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem: 141 (1938) [MB#16370]
 MycoBank #:16257 
 Authors (abbreviated):Link
 Page #:30
 Year of publication:1815

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
203 Associated records (click to hide):
Phragmidium acaenae, Phragmidium acaenincola, Phragmidium acuminatum, Phragmidium acuminatum, Phragmidium affine, Phragmidium alaskanum, Phragmidium albidum, Phragmidium alpinum, Phragmidium americanum, Phragmidium andersoni, Phragmidium andersonii, Phragmidium apiculatum, Phragmidium arcticum, Phragmidium arcticum, Phragmidium arisanense, Phragmidium asperum, Phragmidium assamense, Phragmidium barclayi, Phragmidium barnardi, Phragmidium barnardi var. pauciloculare, Phragmidium barnardii, Phragmidium bayatii, Phragmidium biloculare, Phragmidium boreale, Phragmidium brevipedicellatum, Phragmidium brevipes, Phragmidium bulbosum, Phragmidium bullatum, Phragmidium burmanicum, Phragmidium butleri, Phragmidium byssinum, Phragmidium candicantium, Phragmidium carbonarium, Phragmidium cinnamomeum, Phragmidium circumvallatum, Phragmidium clavatum, Phragmidium constrictosporum, Phragmidium constrictum, Phragmidium constrictum, Phragmidium coreanum, Phragmidium cylindricum, Phragmidium deglubens, Phragmidium devastator, Phragmidium devastatrix, Phragmidium disciflorum, Phragmidium dryadanthes, Phragmidium duchesneae, Phragmidium effusum, Phragmidium egenulum, Phragmidium ellisii, Phragmidium englerianum, Phragmidium f. potentillae, Phragmidium formosanum, Phragmidium fragariae, Phragmidium fragariae-vestitae, Phragmidium fragariastri, Phragmidium fructigenum, Phragmidium fusiforme, Phragmidium fusiforme var. cylindricum, Phragmidium gedeanum, Phragmidium gorganense, Phragmidium gracile, Phragmidium gracile, Phragmidium gracilis, Phragmidium graminum, Phragmidium granulatum, Phragmidium granulatum, Phragmidium griseum, Phragmidium guatemalense, Phragmidium handelii, Phragmidium hashiokai, Phragmidium hedysari, Phragmidium hendersonii, Phragmidium heterosporum, Phragmidium himalense, Phragmidium hiratsukanum, Phragmidium horkeliae, Phragmidium hypsipus, Phragmidium imitans, Phragmidium incompletum, Phragmidium incrassatum, Phragmidium incrassatum, Phragmidium incrassatum f. incrassatum, Phragmidium incrassatum f. major, Phragmidium incrassatum f. minor, Phragmidium intermedium, Phragmidium iranicum, Phragmidium itoanum, Phragmidium ivesiae, Phragmidium japonicum, Phragmidium jonesii, Phragmidium kamtschatkae, Phragmidium laceianum, Phragmidium laevigatum, Phragmidium libocedri, Phragmidium longissima, Phragmidium longissimum, Phragmidium longissimum, Phragmidium longissimum, Phragmidium mexicanum, Phragmidium microsorum, Phragmidium minor, Phragmidium miyabeanum, Phragmidium miyakeanum, Phragmidium montivagum, Phragmidium mucronatum, Phragmidium mucronatum, Phragmidium mucronatum f. mucronatum, Phragmidium mucronatum var. poterii, Phragmidium multiseptatum, Phragmidium mysorense, Phragmidium nambuanum, Phragmidium nepalense, Phragmidium novae-zelandiae, Phragmidium oblongum, Phragmidium obtusatum, Phragmidium obtusum, Phragmidium obtusum, Phragmidium obtusum, Phragmidium occidentale, Phragmidium octoloculare, Phragmidium okianum, Phragmidium orientale, Phragmidium papillatum, Phragmidium pauciloculare, Phragmidium pauciseptatum, Phragmidium peckianum, Phragmidium perforans, Phragmidium potentillae, Phragmidium potentillae f. minor, Phragmidium potentillae-canadensis, Phragmidium poterii, Phragmidium punjabense, Phragmidium quinqueloculare, Phragmidium retanjense, Phragmidium robustum, Phragmidium rosae, Phragmidium rosae, Phragmidium rosae-acicularis, Phragmidium rosae-alpinae, Phragmidium rosae-arkansanae, Phragmidium rosae-californicae, Phragmidium rosae-dahuricae, Phragmidium rosae-davuricae, Phragmidium rosae-lacerantis, Phragmidium rosae-moschatae, Phragmidium rosae-multiflorae, Phragmidium rosae-omeiensis, Phragmidium rosae-pimpinellifoliae, Phragmidium rosae-rugosae, Phragmidium rosae-sempervirentis, Phragmidium rosae-setigerae, Phragmidium rosarum, Phragmidium rosarum f. rosarum-pimpinellifoliae, Phragmidium rosicola, Phragmidium rtanjense, Phragmidium rubi, Phragmidium rubi, Phragmidium rubi var. corticicola, Phragmidium rubi var. miniatum, Phragmidium rubi-eucalypti, Phragmidium rubi-fraxinifolii, Phragmidium rubi-fraxinifolii, Phragmidium rubi-geoidis, Phragmidium rubi-idaei, Phragmidium rubi-japonici, Phragmidium rubi-odorati, Phragmidium rubi-oldhami, Phragmidium rubi-parvifolii, Phragmidium rubi-saxatilis, Phragmidium rubi-sieboldii, Phragmidium rubi-thunbergii, Phragmidium sanguisorbae, Phragmidium sarcopoterii, Phragmidium saxatile, Phragmidium shengezieense, Phragmidium shensianum, Phragmidium shogranense, Phragmidium sikangense, Phragmidium sinicum, Phragmidium solidum, Phragmidium sparsum, Phragmidium speciosum, Phragmidium subcorticium, Phragmidium subsimile, Phragmidium supinum, Phragmidium taipaishanense, Phragmidium tibeticum, Phragmidium tormentillae, Phragmidium triarticulatum, Phragmidium tuberculatum, Phragmidium tuberculatum f. major, Phragmidium tuberculatum f. tuberculatum, Phragmidium viciosoi, Phragmidium violaceum, Phragmidium yamadanum, Phragmidium yangii, Phragmidium yezoense, Phragmidium yoshinagai, Phragmidium zamonense, Phragmidium zeylanicum, Phragmidium zhouquense, Phragmidium zhouquensis
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