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General information

 Summary:Thecaphora Fingerh., Linnaea 10: 230 (1836) [MB#16347] 
 Synonymy:≡Thecaspora Fingerh. (1836) [MB#536380]
=Sorosporium F. Rudolphi, Linnaea 4: 116 (1829) [MB#16318]
=Poikilosporium Dietel, Flora (Regensburg) 83: 87 (1897) [MB#16271]
=Glomosporium Kochman, Acta Societatis Botanicorum Poloniae 16: 58 (1939) [MB#16141]
=Angiosorus Thirum. & M.J. O'Brien, Sydowia 26 (1-6): 201 (1974) [MB#16015]
=Tothiella Vánky, Mycotaxon 70: 39 (1999) [MB#28266]
=Kochmania Piatek, Mycotaxon 92: 34 (2005) [MB#510067]
 MycoBank #:16347 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fingerh.
 Page #:230
 Year of publication:1836
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
117 Associated records (click to hide):
Thecaphora affinis, Thecaphora africana, Thecaphora alsinearum, Thecaphora amaranthi, Thecaphora amaranthicola, Thecaphora ambrosiae, Thecaphora ammophilae, Thecaphora andropogonis, Thecaphora androsaces, Thecaphora androsacina, Thecaphora anemarrhenae, Thecaphora anthemidis, Thecaphora apicis, Thecaphora arnicae, Thecaphora astragali, Thecaphora aterrima, Thecaphora aurantiaca, Thecaphora berkeleyana, Thecaphora bulbinellae, Thecaphora burkartii, Thecaphora californica, Thecaphora capensis, Thecaphora capsularum, Thecaphora carcinodes, Thecaphora cerastii, Thecaphora cirsii, Thecaphora convolvuli, Thecaphora convolvuli, Thecaphora cornuana, Thecaphora cuneata, Thecaphora dactylidis, Thecaphora deformans, Thecaphora delastrina, Thecaphora denticulata, Thecaphora desmodii, Thecaphora fimbristylidis, Thecaphora frezii, Thecaphora genistae-tinctoriae, Thecaphora globuligera, Thecaphora guyotiana, Thecaphora haumani, Thecaphora haumanii, Thecaphora hedysari, Thecaphora heliopsidis, Thecaphora hennenea, Thecaphora hennenii, Thecaphora herteriana, Thecaphora hieronymi, Thecaphora hosackiae, Thecaphora hyalina, Thecaphora inquinans, Thecaphora iresine, Thecaphora iresines, Thecaphora italica, Thecaphora kochiana, Thecaphora lagenophorae, Thecaphora lathyri, Thecaphora lepidospermatis, Thecaphora leptideum, Thecaphora leptocarpi, Thecaphora lithospermi, Thecaphora littorale, Thecaphora littoralis, Thecaphora loti, Thecaphora lupini, Thecaphora maireanae, Thecaphora mauritiana, Thecaphora mauritianum, Thecaphora melampodii, Thecaphora melandrii, Thecaphora melanogramma, Thecaphora mexicana, Thecaphora molluginis, Thecaphora montevidensis, Thecaphora muelleriana, Thecaphora muellerianum, Thecaphora neomexicana, Thecaphora oberwinkleri, Thecaphora occulta, Thecaphora oligaspora, Thecaphora orobanches, Thecaphora orobi, Thecaphora oxalidis, Thecaphora oxytropis, Thecaphora pakistanica, Thecaphora pallescens, Thecaphora piluliformis, Thecaphora pimpinellae, Thecaphora polymniae, Thecaphora pulcherrima, Thecaphora pustulata, Thecaphora rhynchosporae, Thecaphora rodwayi, Thecaphora ruppiae, Thecaphora saponariae, Thecaphora schwarzmaniana, Thecaphora seminis-convolvuli, Thecaphora seminis-convolvuli, Thecaphora smallanthi, Thecaphora solani, Thecaphora solani, Thecaphora solani, Thecaphora solidaginis, Thecaphora spermacoces, Thecaphora sphaerophysae, Thecaphora spilanthes, Thecaphora spilanthis, Thecaphora thlaspeos, Thecaphora thornberi, Thecaphora trailii, Thecaphora trigonellae, Thecaphora tunicae, Thecaphora tunicata, Thecaphora ulicis, Thecaphora viciae, Thecaphora viciae-amoenae, Thecaphora westendorpii
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
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