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General information

 Summary:Urocystis Rabenh. ex Fuckel, Jahrbücher des Nassauischen Vereins für Naturkunde 23-24: 41 (1870) [MB#16381] 
 Synonymy:=Granularia Sowerby, Coloured Fig. English Fungi Suppl.: tab. 440 (1815) [MB#16143]
=Polycystis Lév., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 5: 269 (1846) [MB#16275]
=Polysaccopsis Henn., Hedwigia Beibl.: (205) (1899) [MB#16276]
=Ginanniella Cif., Flora Ital. Crypt.: 150 (1938) [MB#16139]
=Tuburciniella Zambett., Revue de Mycologie (Paris) 35 (2-3): 165 (1970) [MB#10338]
 MycoBank #:16381 
 Authors:Rabenhorst ex Fuckel
 Authors (abbreviated):Rabenh. ex Fuckel
 Page #:41
 Year of publication:1870
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Urocystis achnatheri, Urocystis agropyri, Urocystis agropyri-campestris, Urocystis agropyri-juncei, Urocystis agrostidis, Urocystis alaskana, Urocystis allii, Urocystis alopecuri, Urocystis alstroemeriae, Urocystis americana, Urocystis andina, Urocystis anemonae-narcissiflorae, Urocystis anemones, Urocystis anemones var. irregularis, Urocystis anemones-narcissiflorae, Urocystis antarctica, Urocystis antipolitana, Urocystis antucensis, Urocystis aquilegiae, Urocystis aristidicola, Urocystis arjonae, Urocystis arrhenatheri, Urocystis arxanensis, Urocystis asphodeli, Urocystis atragenes, Urocystis atropidis, Urocystis aurea, Urocystis avenae-elatioris, Urocystis avenastri, Urocystis beckmanniae, Urocystis beckwithiae, Urocystis behboudii, Urocystis beijingensis, Urocystis bolboschoeni, Urocystis bolivarii, Urocystis bomareae, Urocystis bornmuelleri, Urocystis brassicae, Urocystis bromi, Urocystis bulbinellae, Urocystis bulbocodii, Urocystis calamagrostidis, Urocystis callianthemi, Urocystis callianthemi, Urocystis camassiae, Urocystis carcinodes, Urocystis caricis, Urocystis castellana, Urocystis cepulae, Urocystis ceratocephali, Urocystis chifengensis, Urocystis cholerae, Urocystis cholerae-asiaticae, Urocystis chorizandrae, Urocystis circaeasteri, Urocystis clintoniae, Urocystis clintoniae, Urocystis clintoniae, Urocystis colchici, Urocystis colchici f. allii-subhirsuti, Urocystis colchici f. muscari-comosi, Urocystis colchici f. muscaridis, Urocystis colchici-lutei, Urocystis coralloides, Urocystis corsica, Urocystis cortusae, Urocystis corydalis, Urocystis curculiginis, Urocystis dactylidina, Urocystis delphinii, Urocystis deschampsiae, Urocystis destruens, Urocystis dioscoreae, Urocystis dunhuangensis, Urocystis elymi, Urocystis eranthidis, Urocystis eriospermi, Urocystis erythronii, Urocystis ferrarisiana, Urocystis festucae, Urocystis ficariae, Urocystis filipendulae, Urocystis filipendulae, Urocystis fischeri, Urocystis fischeri, Urocystis fischeri β littoralis, Urocystis floccosa, Urocystis flowersii, Urocystis fraseri, Urocystis fraserii, Urocystis gageae, Urocystis galanthi, Urocystis gei, Urocystis giliae, Urocystis glabella, Urocystis gladioli, Urocystis gladiolicola, Urocystis granulosa, Urocystis hederae, Urocystis helanensis, Urocystis hellebori-viridis, Urocystis helvetica, Urocystis hepaticae-trilobae, Urocystis herteriana, Urocystis heucherae, Urocystis hierochloae, Urocystis hieronymi, Urocystis hispanica, Urocystis hordei, Urocystis hordeicola, Urocystis hypogoea, Urocystis hypoxidis, Urocystis hypoxydis, Urocystis hypoxys, Urocystis intestinalis, Urocystis irregularis, Urocystis italica, Urocystis ixiolirii, Urocystis jaapiana, Urocystis japonica, Urocystis johansonii, Urocystis junci, Urocystis junci, Urocystis junci α genuina, Urocystis juncophila, Urocystis kmetiana, Urocystis koeleriae, Urocystis komarovii, Urocystis lagerheimii, Urocystis leersiae, Urocystis leimbachii, Urocystis leucoji, Urocystis libyca, Urocystis lithophragmae, Urocystis lithophragmatis, Urocystis littoralis, Urocystis luzulae, Urocystis lybica, Urocystis macrospora, Urocystis macularis, Urocystis magica, Urocystis mayorii, Urocystis melicae, Urocystis miyabeana, Urocystis monotropae, Urocystis multispora, Urocystis murashinskyi, Urocystis murashkinskii, Urocystis murashkinskyi, Urocystis muscaridis, Urocystis mustaphae, Urocystis narcissi, Urocystis nevodovskyi, Urocystis nivalis, Urocystis novae-zealandiae, Urocystis novae-zealandiae, Urocystis novae-zelandiae, Urocystis novae-zelandiae, Urocystis oblonga, Urocystis occulta, Urocystis ornithogali, Urocystis ornithoglossi, Urocystis orobanches, Urocystis oryzae, Urocystis oryzopsidis, Urocystis oxalidis, Urocystis oxygraphidis, Urocystis pacifica, Urocystis parallela, Urocystis paraquilegiae, Urocystis paridis, Urocystis pedicularis, Urocystis permagna, Urocystis phaceliae, Urocystis phlei, Urocystis phlei-alpini, Urocystis picbaueri, Urocystis poae, Urocystis poae-palustris, Urocystis polygonati, Urocystis pompholygodes, Urocystis preussii, Urocystis primulae, Urocystis primulicola, Urocystis pseudoanemones, Urocystis puccinelliae, Urocystis pulsatillae, Urocystis pulsatillae, Urocystis pulsatillae-albae, Urocystis purpurea, Urocystis pusilla, Urocystis qinghaiensis, Urocystis radicicola, Urocystis ranunculi, Urocystis ranunculi-alpestris, Urocystis ranunculi-aucheri, Urocystis ranunculi-auricomi, Urocystis ranunculi-bullati, Urocystis ranunculi-lanuginosi, Urocystis rechingeri, Urocystis reinhardii, Urocystis rigida, Urocystis rodgersiae, Urocystis roivaianenii, Urocystis roivainenii, Urocystis rostrariae, Urocystis rytzii, Urocystis schizocaulon, Urocystis scillae, Urocystis scillae, Urocystis scilloides, Urocystis secalis-silvestris, Urocystis sichuanensis, Urocystis simplex, Urocystis sinensis, Urocystis skirgielloae, Urocystis skirgielloi, Urocystis solida, Urocystis sophiae, Urocystis sorosporioides, Urocystis sorosporioides, Urocystis sorosporioides var. sorosporioides, Urocystis sternbergiae, Urocystis stipae, Urocystis subnuda, Urocystis syncocca, Urocystis tessellata, Urocystis thaxteri, Urocystis tianschanica, Urocystis tothii, Urocystis transzcheliana, Urocystis tranzscheliana, Urocystis trautvetteriae, Urocystis trientalis, Urocystis trillii, Urocystis triseti, Urocystis tritici, Urocystis trollii, Urocystis uleana, Urocystis ulei, Urocystis ulmariae, Urocystis ungeri, Urocystis vesicaria, Urocystis violae, Urocystis vulpiae, Urocystis waldsteiniae, Urocystis wangii, Urocystis xilinhotensis, Urocystis yunnanensis
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