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General information

 Summary:Armillaria (Fr.) Staude, Die Schwämme Mitteldeutschlands, in besondere des Herzogthums: 130 (1857) [MB#17098] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Armillaria Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 9, 26 (1821) [MB#700030]
≡Armillaria sect. Armillaria (Fr.) Staude: xxviii, 130 (1857) [MB#548665]
=Polymyces Battarra ex Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 447 (1909) [MB#18325]
 MycoBank #:17098 
 Authors:(Fries) Staude 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Staude 
 Page #:130 
 Year of effective publication:1857 
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
222 Associated records (click to hide):
Armillaria adelpha, Armillaria adnatifolia, Armillaria affinis, Armillaria albolanaripes, Armillaria albosericea, Armillaria alphitophylla, Armillaria altimontana, Armillaria ambrosii, Armillaria ameghinoi, Armillaria amianthina, Armillaria aotearoa, Armillaria apalosclera, Armillaria apalosclerus, Armillaria appendiculata, Armillaria arenicola, Armillaria argentina, Armillaria asprata, Armillaria atkinsoniana, Armillaria aurantia, Armillaria australis, Armillaria badicephala, Armillaria beillei, Armillaria beillii, Armillaria beillii, Armillaria borealis, Armillaria boryana, Armillaria bresadolae, Armillaria bruchii, Armillaria bulbigera, Armillaria bulbosa, Armillaria caernulo-viridis, Armillaria caernuloviridis, Armillaria caeruleo-viridis, Armillaria caeruleoviridis, Armillaria caeruloviridis, Armillaria caligata, Armillaria calvescens, Armillaria camerunensis, Armillaria carneogelatinosa, Armillaria casimiri, Armillaria casimirii, Armillaria caussetta, Armillaria cepaestipes, Armillaria cepistipes, Armillaria cerasi, Armillaria cheimonophylla, Armillaria cinereoconia, Armillaria cingulata, Armillaria cinnabarina, Armillaria citri, Armillaria codinae, Armillaria colossus, Armillaria constricta, Armillaria contorticystis, Armillaria corticata, Armillaria cupreus, Armillaria dactyliophora, Armillaria dasypepla, Armillaria decorosa, Armillaria dehiscens, Armillaria delicata, Armillaria denigrata, Armillaria dichupella, Armillaria dicupella, Armillaria distans, Armillaria dryina, Armillaria duplicata, Armillaria echinocephala, Armillaria ectypa, Armillaria edodes, Armillaria edodes, Armillaria elegans, Armillaria eurhiza, Armillaria eurrhiza, Armillaria fellea, Armillaria floridana, Armillaria focalis, Armillaria focalis var. goliath, Armillaria fracida, Armillaria fractica, Armillaria fracticia, Armillaria fulgens, Armillaria fumosa, Armillaria fusca, Armillaria fuscipes, Armillaria gallica, Armillaria gemina, Armillaria gigantea, Armillaria glioderma, Armillaria granosa, Armillaria granulosa, Armillaria granulosoides, Armillaria graveolens, Armillaria griseofusca, Armillaria griseomellea, Armillaria haematites, Armillaria heimii, Armillaria hinnulea, Armillaria horrens, Armillaria horridula, Armillaria imperialis, Armillaria inflata, Armillaria irreperta, Armillaria irrorata, Armillaria japonica, Armillaria jasonis, Armillaria jezoensis, Armillaria jezoënsis, Armillaria kuraiana, Armillaria laqueata, Armillaria laricina, Armillaria laschii, Armillaria limonea, Armillaria lutea, Armillaria luteobubalina, Armillaria luteovirens, Armillaria lutincola, Armillaria macrorhiza, Armillaria macrospora, Armillaria magnivelaris, Armillaria matsutake, Armillaria megalopoda, Armillaria mellea, Armillaria melleorubens, Armillaria mexicana, Armillaria millus, Armillaria montagnei, Armillaria mori, Armillaria mucida, Armillaria multicolor, Armillaria muscicola, Armillaria nabsnona, Armillaria nana, Armillaria nardosmia, Armillaria nauseosa, Armillaria neuhauserii, Armillaria nigrescens, Armillaria nigritula, Armillaria nigropunctata, Armillaria nobilis, Armillaria novae-zelandiae, Armillaria novae-zelandiae, Armillaria obscura, Armillaria odorata, Armillaria olida, Armillaria olivacea, Armillaria omnituens, Armillaria ompnera, Armillaria ostoyae, Armillaria pallidula, Armillaria paulensis, Armillaria paullula, Armillaria pelliculata, Armillaria pelliculosa, Armillaria pinetorum, Armillaria pitkinensis, Armillaria platensis, Armillaria polymyces, Armillaria ponderosa, Armillaria praecox, Armillaria procera, Armillaria procera, Armillaria puiggarii, Armillaria putrida, Armillaria ramentacea, Armillaria raphanica, Armillaria rhacophora, Armillaria rhagadiosa, Armillaria rhagadiosa, Armillaria rhizopoda, Armillaria rhodomala, Armillaria rhombospora, Armillaria rickenii, Armillaria roblinensis, Armillaria roborosa, Armillaria robusta, Armillaria rufa, Armillaria rugoso-reticulata, Armillaria rugosoreticulata, Armillaria saltensis, Armillaria saviczii, Armillaria schreieri, Armillaria scruposa, Armillaria sect. Armillaria, Armillaria sect. Armillariella, Armillaria sect. Gymnopodiae, Armillaria sinapina, Armillaria singula, Armillaria socialis, Armillaria socialis, Armillaria solidipes, Armillaria sparrei, Armillaria sparrei, Armillaria squamea, Armillaria squamosa, Armillaria squamosidisca, Armillaria straminea, Armillaria strobiliformis, Armillaria subannulata, Armillaria subcaligata, Armillaria subcava, Armillaria subcinerescens, Armillaria subdehiscens, Armillaria subgen. Leucopholiota, Armillaria subimperialis, Armillaria tabescens, Armillaria tigrensis, Armillaria tumescens, Armillaria tympanitica, Armillaria umbilicata, Armillaria umbrinobrunnea, Armillaria vara, Armillaria ventricosa, Armillaria verrucipes, Armillaria virginea, Armillaria viridiflava, Armillaria viscidipes, Armillaria vittadinii, Armillaria vivianii, Armillaria xiaocaobaensis, Armillaria yungensis, Armillaria zelleri
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 Type of organism:? 

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