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General information

 Summary:Camarophyllus (Fr.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 26 (1871) [MB#17228] 
 Synonymy:=Hygrophorus subgen. Camarophyllus Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 307 (1849) [MB#541971]
=Camarophyllus subsect. Camarophyllus (Fr.) P. Kumm.: 26, 117 (1871) [MB#548746]
=Camarophyllus sect. Camarophyllus (Fr.) P. Kumm.: 117 (1871) [MB#567625]
=Hygrophorus subgen. Pseudohygrophorus A.H. Sm. & Hesler (?) [MB#566087]
=Agaricus tr. Limacium Fr., Specimen Syst. mycol.: 8 (1819) [MB#700045]
=Hygrophorus Fr., Corpus Florarum provincialium suecicae I. Floram Scanicam: 339 (1836) [MB#17810]
=Neohygrophorus Singer ex Singer, Sydowia 15 (1-6): 46 (1962) [MB#18121]
 MycoBank #:17228 
 Authors:(Fries) P. Kummer
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) P. Kumm.
 Page #:26
 Year of publication:1871
 Name type:Combination 

Classification and associated taxa

128 Associated records (click to hide):
Camarophyllus adonis, Camarophyllus albidocinereus, Camarophyllus albipes, Camarophyllus albo-umbonatus, Camarophyllus alboumbonatus, Camarophyllus alpinus, Camarophyllus alpinus, Camarophyllus angustifolius, Camarophyllus antillanus, Camarophyllus apricosus, Camarophyllus atropunctus, Camarophyllus aurantiopallens, Camarophyllus auratocephalus, Camarophyllus basidiosus, Camarophyllus bellus, Camarophyllus berkeleyanus, Camarophyllus berkeleyi, Camarophyllus bicolor, Camarophyllus borealis, Camarophyllus buccinulus, Camarophyllus burnhami, Camarophyllus burnhamii, Camarophyllus caesius, Camarophyllus caespitosus, Camarophyllus cantharellus, Camarophyllus canus, Camarophyllus caprinus, Camarophyllus carneogriseus, Camarophyllus carnescens, Camarophyllus cereopallidus, Camarophyllus chrysoconos, Camarophyllus cinerellus, Camarophyllus cinereus, Camarophyllus cinereus * glaucus, Camarophyllus citrinovirens, Camarophyllus colemannianus, Camarophyllus connatus, Camarophyllus cremeus, Camarophyllus cremicolor, Camarophyllus delicatus, Camarophyllus difformis, Camarophyllus difformis * stygius, Camarophyllus ectypus, Camarophyllus ferrugineoalbus, Camarophyllus flavipes, Camarophyllus foetens, Camarophyllus fornicatus, Camarophyllus fulvosiformis, Camarophyllus fulvosus, Camarophyllus fuscescens, Camarophyllus fuscovillosulus, Camarophyllus grinlingii, Camarophyllus griseorufescens, Camarophyllus grossulus, Camarophyllus grumatus, Camarophyllus grumatus * albidus, Camarophyllus grumatus var. albidus, Camarophyllus grumatus var. grumatus, Camarophyllus hieronymi, Camarophyllus hygrocyboides, Camarophyllus hymenocephalus, Camarophyllus impurus, Camarophyllus incomtus, Camarophyllus indicus, Camarophyllus irrigatus, Camarophyllus laccarioides, Camarophyllus laccatus, Camarophyllus laccatus var. laccatus, Camarophyllus laccatus var. perpusillus, Camarophyllus lacmus, Camarophyllus lactarioides, Camarophyllus leporinus, Camarophyllus lilacinogriseus, Camarophyllus lilacinus, Camarophyllus metapodius, Camarophyllus microbicolor, Camarophyllus muritaensis, Camarophyllus muritaiensis, Camarophyllus muritaiensis, Camarophyllus nebularis, Camarophyllus nemoreus, Camarophyllus nigridius, Camarophyllus nitratus, Camarophyllus niveicolor, Camarophyllus niveus, Camarophyllus nivosus, Camarophyllus obconicus, Camarophyllus obscuratus, Camarophyllus ochraceopallidus, Camarophyllus olidus, Camarophyllus ovinus, Camarophyllus pachyphyllus, Camarophyllus pallidus, Camarophyllus panamensis, Camarophyllus paraiboensis, Camarophyllus patagonicus, Camarophyllus patinaecolor, Camarophyllus patinicolor, Camarophyllus peckianus, Camarophyllus pratensis, Camarophyllus radiatus, Camarophyllus rainierensis, Camarophyllus recurvatus, Camarophyllus rickenii, Camarophyllus rigelliae, Camarophyllus rodwayi, Camarophyllus russocoriaceus, Camarophyllus sandicinus, Camarophyllus schulzeri, Camarophyllus sect. Adonis, Camarophyllus sect. Camarophyllus, Camarophyllus singularis, Camarophyllus sphaerosporus, Camarophyllus squamulosus, Camarophyllus streptopus, Camarophyllus subniveus, Camarophyllus subpratensis, Camarophyllus subradiatus, Camarophyllus subradiatus * lacmus, Camarophyllus subrufescens, Camarophyllus subsect. Camarophyllus, Camarophyllus subsect. Colemanniani, Camarophyllus teheulches, Camarophyllus tehuelches, Camarophyllus translucens, Camarophyllus umbrinus, Camarophyllus velutinus, Camarophyllus virgineus
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
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