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General information

 Summary:Elaphomyces T. Nees, Geschichte der merckwürdigsten Pilze 4: LXIX (1820) [MB#1753] 
 Synonymy:≡Ceraunium Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 405 (1833) [MB#904]
=Hypogaeum Pers., Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 7 (1794) [MB#2444]
=Phymatium Chevall., Flore Générale des Environs de Paris 1: 361 (1826) [MB#4074]
=Ceratogaster Corda, Deutschlands Flora, Abt. III. Die Pilze Deutschlands 19/20: 35 (1841) [MB#890]
=Lycoperdastrum Haller ex Kuntze, Revisio generum plantarum 2: 858 (1891) [MB#2956]
=Ascoscleroderma Clémencet, Botaniste: 14 (1932) [MB#373]
 MycoBank #:1753 
 Authors:T. Nees
 Authors (abbreviated):T. Nees
 Page #:LXIX
 Year of publication:1820
 Sanctioning ref.:SM3:5 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
114 Associated records (click to hide):
Elaphomyces [unranked] Malacodermei, Elaphomyces [unranked] Sclerodermei, Elaphomyces aculeatus, Elaphomyces aculiatus, Elaphomyces adamizans, Elaphomyces americanus, Elaphomyces anthracinus, Elaphomyces appalachiensis, Elaphomyces asahimontanus, Elaphomyces asperulus, Elaphomyces atropurpureus, Elaphomyces aurantius, Elaphomyces austrogranulatus, Elaphomyces barrioi, Elaphomyces bartlettii, Elaphomyces bollardii, Elaphomyces cantabricus, Elaphomyces carbonaceus, Elaphomyces cervinus, Elaphomyces chlorocarpus, Elaphomyces cibulae, Elaphomyces citrinus, Elaphomyces compleximurus, Elaphomyces cooloolanus, Elaphomyces coralloideus, Elaphomyces cyanosporus, Elaphomyces darjeelingensis, Elaphomyces decipiens, Elaphomyces digitatus, Elaphomyces echinatus, Elaphomyces favosus, Elaphomyces fici, Elaphomyces foetidus, Elaphomyces fragilisporus, Elaphomyces granulatus, Elaphomyces guangdongensis, Elaphomyces hassiacus, Elaphomyces hirtus, Elaphomyces iuppitercellus, Elaphomyces japonicus, Elaphomyces labyrinthinus, Elaphomyces laetiluteus, Elaphomyces laevigatus, Elaphomyces leonis, Elaphomyces leucarpus, Elaphomyces leucocarpus, Elaphomyces leucosporus, Elaphomyces leveillei, Elaphomyces loebiae, Elaphomyces luteicrustus, Elaphomyces macrosporus, Elaphomyces maculatus, Elaphomyces mitchelliae, Elaphomyces miyabeanus, Elaphomyces morettii, Elaphomyces muricatus, Elaphomyces mutabilis, Elaphomyces neoasperulus, Elaphomyces nikkoensis, Elaphomyces nopporensis, Elaphomyces nothofagi, Elaphomyces nucleatus, Elaphomyces officinalis, Elaphomyces oreoides, Elaphomyces papillatus, Elaphomyces pedicellaris, Elaphomyces persoonii, Elaphomyces piriformis, Elaphomyces plicatus, Elaphomyces plumbeus, Elaphomyces porcatosporus, Elaphomyces putridus, Elaphomyces queenslandicus, Elaphomyces quercicola, Elaphomyces remickii, Elaphomyces reticulatus, Elaphomyces reticulosporus, Elaphomyces roseolus, Elaphomyces rubescens, Elaphomyces rugosisporus, Elaphomyces rugosus, Elaphomyces sapidus, Elaphomyces scaber, Elaphomyces sect. Ascoscleroderma, Elaphomyces sect. Malacodermei, Elaphomyces septatus, Elaphomyces shimizuensis, Elaphomyces singaporensis, Elaphomyces spinoreticulatus, Elaphomyces spirosporus, Elaphomyces striatosporus, Elaphomyces subsect. Maculati, Elaphomyces subsect. Muricati, Elaphomyces subsect. Papillati, Elaphomyces subsect. Sclerodermei, Elaphomyces subvariegatus, Elaphomyces subviscidus, Elaphomyces suejoyceae, Elaphomyces sulphureopallidus, Elaphomyces symeae, Elaphomyces timgrovei, Elaphomyces timgroveii, Elaphomyces titibuensis, Elaphomyces trappei, Elaphomyces tuberculatus, Elaphomyces uliginosus, Elaphomyces vanegatus, Elaphomyces variegatus, Elaphomyces verrucosus, Elaphomyces verruculosus, Elaphomyces violaceoniger, Elaphomyces virgatosporus, Elaphomyces viridiseptum, Elaphomyces vulgaris
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 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:

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