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General information

 Summary:Hydnum L., Species Plantarum: 1178 (1753) [MB#17797] 
 Synonymy:=Bidona Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 5 (1763) [MB#39032]
=Echinus Haller, Hist. Stirp. Helv.: 152 (1768) [MB#27255]
=Hypothele Paulet, Mycétol.: 43, 47 (1808) [MB#17843]
=Dentinum Gray, A natural arrangement of British plants 1: 650 (1821) [MB#17486]
=Tyrodon P. Karst., Revue Mycologique Toulouse 3 (9): 19 (1881) [MB#18705]
 MycoBank #:17797 
 Authors (abbreviated):L.
 Page #:1178
 Year of publication:1753
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:LVI,6,397 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Hydnum *** Odontia, Hydnum abietinum, Hydnum abietinum, Hydnum abietis, Hydnum aciculare, Hydnum acre, Hydnum acutum, Hydnum adpressum, Hydnum adustulum, Hydnum adustum, Hydnum aerostatisporum, Hydnum aeruginosum, Hydnum affine, Hydnum affine, Hydnum agardhii, Hydnum agaricinum, Hydnum agaricoides, Hydnum aitchisonii, Hydnum alachuanum, Hydnum albiceps, Hydnum albidum, Hydnum albocanum, Hydnum albomagnum, Hydnum albonigrum, Hydnum albovirens, Hydnum alboviride, Hydnum album, Hydnum album, Hydnum album, Hydnum alliaceum, Hydnum alnicola, Hydnum alnicolum, Hydnum alutaceum, Hydnum amarescens, Hydnum ambiguum, Hydnum ambustum, Hydnum amicum, Hydnum amplissimum, Hydnum analogum, Hydnum andinum, Hydnum anomalum, Hydnum antiquum, Hydnum antiquus, Hydnum arachnoideofarinosum, Hydnum arachnoideum, Hydnum argillae, Hydnum argutum, Hydnum armeniacum, Hydnum artocreas, Hydnum artocreas, Hydnum aspratum, Hydnum aterrimum, Hydnum aterrimum, Hydnum atrotomentosum, Hydnum atroviride, Hydnum aurantiacum, Hydnum aurantinum, Hydnum aurantium, Hydnum auratile, Hydnum aureum, Hydnum auriculatum, Hydnum auriculoides, Hydnum auriscalpium, Hydnum auriscalpium, Hydnum auriscalpium, Hydnum auriscalpium, Hydnum australe, Hydnum ayresii, Hydnum badium, Hydnum ballouii, Hydnum balsameum, Hydnum bambusinum, Hydnum barba-jobi, Hydnum barba-jovis, Hydnum barba-jovis, Hydnum barbarum, Hydnum barbatum, Hydnum barbi-russa, Hydnum basiasperatum, Hydnum basibadium, Hydnum beneolens, Hydnum bicolor, Hydnum bicolor, Hydnum bienne, Hydnum blackfordae, Hydnum blackfordiae, Hydnum bohemicum, Hydnum boltonii, Hydnum boreale, Hydnum boveanum, Hydnum bresadolae, Hydnum brevipes, Hydnum brevipes, Hydnum brevipes, Hydnum britzelmayri, Hydnum britzelmayrii, Hydnum brunneoleucum, Hydnum brunneolum, Hydnum brunnescens, Hydnum bubalinum, Hydnum bulbosum, Hydnum byssinum, Hydnum byssinum, Hydnum caerulescens, Hydnum caeruleum, Hydnum caeruleum, Hydnum caespitosum, Hydnum caespitosum, Hydnum calcareum, Hydnum calvatum, Hydnum calvum, Hydnum candicans, Hydnum candidum, Hydnum candidum, Hydnum candidum, Hydnum canum, Hydnum caperatum, Hydnum caput-medusae, Hydnum caput-ursi, Hydnum carbonarium, Hydnum carbonarium, Hydnum carbonarium, Hydnum carbunculus, Hydnum carbunculus, Hydnum carneum, Hydnum carnosum, Hydnum carnosum, Hydnum carolinianum, Hydnum caryophylleum, Hydnum casearium, Hydnum castanei, Hydnum castaneum, Hydnum cerasi, Hydnum cervinum, Hydnum cervinum, Hydnum cesatii, Hydnum chariense, Hydnum chlorascens, Hydnum chlorinum, Hydnum chrysellum, Hydnum chrysocomum, Hydnum chrysodon, Hydnum chrysorhizon, Hydnum ciliolatum, Hydnum cinereum, Hydnum cinereum, Hydnum cinnabarinum, Hydnum cinnabarrinum, Hydnum cirratum, Hydnum cirratum, Hydnum cirrhatum, Hydnum citreum, Hydnum citrinum, Hydnum citrinum, Hydnum citrinum, Hydnum citrinum, Hydnum clandestinum, Hydnum clathroides, Hydnum clavarioides, Hydnum coerulescens, Hydnum cohaerens, Hydnum colossum, Hydnum colossus, Hydnum combinans, Hydnum commutatum, Hydnum compactum, Hydnum complicatum, Hydnum conchatum, Hydnum conchiforme, Hydnum concrescens, Hydnum confluens, Hydnum confluens, Hydnum conigenum, Hydnum coniophoroides, Hydnum connatum, Hydnum connatum, Hydnum cookei, Hydnum copelandii, Hydnum coralloides, Hydnum coralloides, Hydnum coralloideum, Hydnum coriaceomembranaceum, Hydnum corrugatum, Hydnum crassum, Hydnum cretaceum, Hydnum crinale, Hydnum crinigerum, Hydnum crinitum, Hydnum crispum, Hydnum crispum, Hydnum cristatum, Hydnum cristulatum, Hydnum croceum, Hydnum crocidens, Hydnum crustosum, Hydnum crustosum, Hydnum crystallinum, Hydnum crystallinum, Hydnum cucullatum, Hydnum cuneatum, Hydnum curtisii, Hydnum cyaneotinctum, Hydnum cyathiforme, Hydnum cyathiforme, Hydnum cyathiforme, Hydnum cyathiforme, Hydnum daviesii, Hydnum deceptivum, Hydnum decipiens, Hydnum decolorosum, Hydnum decurrens, Hydnum decurrens, Hydnum delicatulum, Hydnum delicatum, Hydnum delicatum, Hydnum denticulatum, Hydnum dermatodon, Hydnum diabolicum, Hydnum diabolus, Hydnum diabolus, Hydnum diaphanum, Hydnum dichroum, Hydnum diffractum, Hydnum dilatatum, Hydnum discolor, Hydnum dispersum, Hydnum dissitum, Hydnum diversidens, Hydnum dryinum, Hydnum dryinum, Hydnum durescens, Hydnum durieui, Hydnum duriusculum, Hydnum dusenii, Hydnum earleanum, Hydnum earlianum, Hydnum ebneri, Hydnum echinosporum, Hydnum echinus, Hydnum eichelbaumii, Hydnum elaeosma, Hydnum elatum, Hydnum eleosma, Hydnum ellipsosporum, Hydnum ellisianum, Hydnum ellisianum, Hydnum epiphyllum, Hydnum erinaceus, Hydnum fagineum, Hydnum fallax, Hydnum farinaceum, Hydnum farreum, Hydnum fasciatum, Hydnum fasciculare, Hydnum fasciculare, Hydnum fasciculatum, Hydnum fastigiatum, Hydnum fechtneri, Hydnum fenerivense, Hydnum fennicum, Hydnum ferreirae, Hydnum ferreus, Hydnum ferrugineoalbum, Hydnum ferrugineum, Hydnum ferrugineum, Hydnum ferruginosum, Hydnum filicicola, Hydnum fimbriatoincisum, Hydnum fimbriatum, Hydnum fimbriatum, Hydnum fimbriatum, Hydnum fimbriatum, Hydnum fimbrillatum, Hydnum fischeri, Hydnum flabelliforme, Hydnum flavicans, Hydnum flavidum, Hydnum flavidum, Hydnum flavum, Hydnum flexuosum, Hydnum flexuosum, Hydnum floridanum, Hydnum floriforme, Hydnum floriforme, Hydnum foetidum, Hydnum foetidum, Hydnum foetidum, Hydnum fraceolens, Hydnum fragile, Hydnum fragile, Hydnum fragile, Hydnum fragilissimum, Hydnum fragrans, Hydnum fragrans, Hydnum friabile, Hydnum friabile, Hydnum fulgens, Hydnum fuligineoalbum, Hydnum fuligineoviolaceum, Hydnum fuligineum, Hydnum fulvocaeruleum, Hydnum fulvocoeruleum, Hydnum fumosum, Hydnum fumosus, Hydnum fuscescens, Hydnum fuscoatrum, Hydnum fuscoindicum, Hydnum fuscoviolaceum, Hydnum fuscoviolaceum, Hydnum fuscum, Hydnum fuscum, Hydnum fusipes, Hydnum gelatinosum, Hydnum geogenium, Hydnum giganteum, Hydnum gilvum, Hydnum glabrescens, Hydnum glabrescens, Hydnum glaucum, Hydnum gleadonii, Hydnum glossoides, Hydnum gracile, Hydnum gracilipes, Hydnum grande, Hydnum granulatum, Hydnum granulosum, Hydnum graveolens, Hydnum griseofuscescens, Hydnum guaraniticum, Hydnum halei, Hydnum heimii, Hydnum helveolum, Hydnum helveticum, Hydnum helvolum, Hydnum henningsianum, Hydnum henningsii, Hydnum hepaticum, Hydnum herpetodon, Hydnum himantia, Hydnum hippocastani, Hydnum hirneoloides, Hydnum hirtum, Hydnum hollii, Hydnum hololeucum, Hydnum holttumii, Hydnum humidiceps, Hydnum humidiceps, Hydnum humidum, Hydnum hybridum, Hydnum hypochrum, Hydnum hypoleucum, Hydnum hystricinum, Hydnum hystrix, Hydnum ikeni, Hydnum ikenoi, Hydnum ilicinum, Hydnum imbricatum, Hydnum inaequale, Hydnum inaequale, Hydnum incanum, Hydnum indicum, Hydnum indurescens, Hydnum informe, Hydnum infundibulum, Hydnum innovans, Hydnum innovans, Hydnum inodorum, Hydnum inopinatum, Hydnum inquinatum, Hydnum insulare, Hydnum investiens, Hydnum ischnodes, Hydnum isidioides, Hydnum japonicum, Hydnum javanicum, Hydnum joeides, Hydnum jonides, Hydnum juranum, Hydnum kauffmanii, Hydnum kummerae, Hydnum kusanoi, Hydnum lachnodontium, Hydnum laciniatum, Hydnum lacteum, Hydnum laeticolor, Hydnum laevigatum, Hydnum laminiferum, Hydnum lanuginosum, Hydnum lateritium, Hydnum laxum, Hydnum leoninum, Hydnum leptodon, Hydnum leptopus, Hydnum leptopus γ graveolens, Hydnum leucopus, Hydnum limonicolor, Hydnum lingua, Hydnum longospinosum, Hydnum lunatum, Hydnum luteocarneum, Hydnum luteolum, Hydnum luteomarginatum, Hydnum luteopallidum, Hydnum lutescens, Hydnum macrescens, Hydnum macrodon, Hydnum macrodontioides, Hydnum macrosporum, Hydnum magnorufescens, Hydnum maliense, Hydnum maliensis, Hydnum martioflavum, Hydnum maximum, Hydnum medium, Hydnum melaleucum, Hydnum melastomae, Hydnum melilotinum, Hydnum melleum, Hydnum membranaceum, Hydnum membranaceum, Hydnum membranaceum, Hydnum merulioides, Hydnum micheneri, Hydnum microdon, Hydnum minimum, Hydnum minum, Hydnum minutum, Hydnum mirabile, Hydnum modestum, Hydnum molariforme, Hydnum molle, Hydnum molle, Hydnum molluscum, Hydnum montellicum, Hydnum morganii, Hydnum moschatellinum, Hydnum mucidum, Hydnum mucidum, Hydnum muelleri, Hydnum multicomum, Hydnum multifidum, Hydnum multiforme, Hydnum multipex, Hydnum multiplex, Hydnum murashkinskyi, Hydnum murinum, Hydnum murrayi, Hydnum murrillii, Hydnum muscicola, Hydnum muscoides, Hydnum muscoides, Hydnum muscorum, Hydnum myriopodum, Hydnum nanum, Hydnum nauseofoetidum, Hydnum neoguineense, Hydnum neoguineënse, Hydnum nigrescens, Hydnum nigrum, Hydnum nigrum subsp. melilotinum, Hydnum niveum, Hydnum nodulosum, Hydnum notarisii, Hydnum novae-zealandiae, Hydnum novae-zelandiae, Hydnum nudum, Hydnum nudum, Hydnum nuttallii, Hydnum nyssae, Hydnum obliquum, Hydnum obliquum, Hydnum obrutans, Hydnum obtusum, Hydnum obtusum, Hydnum occarium, Hydnum occarium, Hydnum occarium, Hydnum occidentale, Hydnum occultum, Hydnum ochraceofulvum, Hydnum ochraceum, Hydnum ochroflavum, Hydnum ochroleucum, Hydnum ochroleucum, Hydnum odoratum, Hydnum ohiense, Hydnum olidum, Hydnum olivaceonigrum, Hydnum olivaceum, Hydnum omasum, Hydnum omnivorum, Hydnum opalinum, Hydnum orbiculatum, Hydnum orientale, Hydnum ovoideisporum, Hydnum pachyodon, Hydnum padinaeforme, Hydnum paleaceum, Hydnum pallidum, Hydnum pallidum, Hydnum palmatum, Hydnum palmatum, Hydnum papyraceum, Hydnum paradoxum, Hydnum paradoxum, Hydnum parasitans, Hydnum parasiticum, Hydnum parasiticum, Hydnum parasiticum, Hydnum parasiticum, Hydnum parasiticum, Hydnum parasiticum, Hydnum parvum, Hydnum peckii, Hydnum pectinatum, Hydnum pectiniforme, Hydnum pendulum, Hydnum penicillatum, Hydnum pergameneum, Hydnum peroxydatum, Hydnum petaloides, Hydnum pexatum, Hydnum phaeodon, Hydnum pinastri, Hydnum piperatum, Hydnum piperatum, Hydnum pithyophilum, Hydnum platense, Hydnum pleuropodium, Hydnum plicatum, Hydnum plumarium, Hydnum plumarium, Hydnum plumosum, Hydnum pocillum, Hydnum politum, Hydnum polymorphum, Hydnum populinum, Hydnum populinum, Hydnum portae, Hydnum proliferum, Hydnum proliferum, Hydnum pronum, Hydnum pseudoboletus, Hydnum pseudociliatum, Hydnum pseudomucidum, Hydnum pteruloides, Hydnum puberulum, Hydnum pudorinum, Hydnum puiggarii, Hydnum pulcher, Hydnum pulcherrimum, Hydnum pulchrum, Hydnum pullum, Hydnum pullum, Hydnum pullum, Hydnum pulvinatum, Hydnum puniceum, Hydnum purpureum, Hydnum pusillum, Hydnum putidum, Hydnum pygmaeum, Hydnum pygmaeum, Hydnum pyramidatum, Hydnum queletii, Hydnum quercinum, Hydnum quercinum, Hydnum radiatorugosum, Hydnum radicatum, Hydnum radicatus, Hydnum radula, Hydnum radula, Hydnum raduloides, Hydnum ramaria, Hydnum ramosissimum, Hydnum ramosum, Hydnum ramosum, Hydnum ranceo-foetidum, Hydnum rawakense, Hydnum reflexum, Hydnum reniforme, Hydnum repandum, Hydnum resupinatum, Hydnum reticulatum, Hydnum rhois, Hydnum rickeri, Hydnum ridleyi, Hydnum rigidosquamulosum, Hydnum rimosum, Hydnum rimulosum, Hydnum roseolum, Hydnum roseolus, Hydnum roseomaculatum, Hydnum roseum, Hydnum roseum, Hydnum rubicundum, Hydnum rubrum, Hydnum rude, Hydnum rufescens, Hydnum rufescens, Hydnum rufescens, Hydnum rufulum, Hydnum sacchari, Hydnum sajanense, Hydnum salmoneum, Hydnum sanchezii, Hydnum sanguineofulvum, Hydnum sanguineum, Hydnum sanguinofulvum, Hydnum sarasinii, Hydnum saturatum, Hydnum scabripes, Hydnum scabrosum, Hydnum scariosum, Hydnum schestunovii, Hydnum schiedermayeri, Hydnum schizodon, Hydnum schweinitzii, Hydnum sclerodontium, Hydnum scopinellum, Hydnum scrobiculatum, Hydnum scutatum, Hydnum sect. Hydnum, Hydnum sect. Tremellodon, Hydnum separans, Hydnum septentrionale, Hydnum sepultum, Hydnum seriatum, Hydnum sericeum, Hydnum sericeum, Hydnum sericeum, Hydnum serotinum, Hydnum serpens, Hydnum serpuloides, Hydnum serratum, Hydnum setosum, Hydnum setulosum, Hydnum sinclairii, Hydnum singaporense, Hydnum singaporensis, Hydnum sobolewskii, Hydnum solenioides, Hydnum sordidum, Hydnum spadiceum, Hydnum sparsoaculeatum, Hydnum spathulatum, Hydnum spathulatum, Hydnum spathulatum, Hydnum spathulatum, Hydnum spinuliferum, Hydnum spongiola, Hydnum spongiosipes, Hydnum spongiosum, Hydnum sprucei, Hydnum squalinum, Hydnum squamosum, Hydnum squamosum, Hydnum squarrosum, Hydnum stalactiticum, Hydnum stalagmodes, Hydnum stenodon, Hydnum stereoides, Hydnum stereosarcinon, Hydnum stevensonii, Hydnum stipatum, Hydnum stohlii, Hydnum stratosum, Hydnum striatum, Hydnum strigosum, Hydnum stuckertianum, Hydnum suave, Hydnum suaveolens, Hydnum subcarnaceum, Hydnum subcrinale, Hydnum suberosocoriaceum, Hydnum suberosum, Hydnum subfelleum, Hydnum subfurcatum, Hydnum subfuscum, Hydnum subfuscum, Hydnum subgelatinosum, Hydnum subincarnatum, Hydnum subisidioides, Hydnum sublamellosum, Hydnum submelleum, Hydnum subpallidum, Hydnum subrawakense, Hydnum subresupinatum, Hydnum subsquamosum, Hydnum subtile, Hydnum subtomentosum, Hydnum subvelutinum, Hydnum subvinosum, Hydnum subzonatum, Hydnum sudans, Hydnum sulcatipes, Hydnum sulfureum, Hydnum sulphurellum, Hydnum sulphureum, Hydnum sulphureum, Hydnum tabacinum, Hydnum tapeinum, Hydnum tapienum, Hydnum tenerum, Hydnum tenuicola, Hydnum tenuiculum, Hydnum tenuidens, Hydnum tenuissimum, Hydnum terrestre, Hydnum testaceofulvum, Hydnum testaceum, Hydnum thaelaephora, Hydnum thelephoreum, Hydnum thelephoroideum, Hydnum thelephorum, Hydnum thwaitesii, Hydnum tinctorium, Hydnum tischeri, Hydnum tomentosum, Hydnum tomentosum, Hydnum tomentosum, Hydnum torulosum, Hydnum trachyodon, Hydnum trechodontium, Hydnum tremellosum, Hydnum tricolor, Hydnum tropicale, Hydnum tubaeforme, Hydnum tuberculosum, Hydnum tubiforme, Hydnum turbinatum, Hydnum udum, Hydnum uleanum, Hydnum umbellatum, Hydnum umbellatum, Hydnum umbilicatum, Hydnum underwoodii, Hydnum undulatum, Hydnum unguiculatum, Hydnum ursinum, Hydnum ustale, Hydnum vagans, Hydnum variecolor, Hydnum velatum, Hydnum vellereum, Hydnum velutinum, Hydnum velutipes, Hydnum venosum, Hydnum versicolor, Hydnum versidens, Hydnum versipelle, Hydnum versipelliforme, Hydnum vespertilio, Hydnum vesterholtii, Hydnum villipes, Hydnum violaceum, Hydnum violascens, Hydnum virescens, Hydnum virginianum, Hydnum viride, Hydnum vitalbae, Hydnum viticola, Hydnum washingtonianum, Hydnum webbii, Hydnum weinmannii, Hydnum wellingtonii, Hydnum westii, Hydnum wrightii, Hydnum xanthum, Hydnum zonatum, Hydnum zonulatum
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