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General information

 Summary:Pholiota (Fr.) P. Kumm., Der Führer in die Pilzkunde: 22, 83 (1871) [MB#18263] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus tr. Pholiota Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 240 (1821) [MB#700051]
≡Pholiota sect. Pholiota (Fr.) P. Kumm.: 83 (1871) [MB#549171]
≡Pholiota subgen. Pholiota (Fr.) P. Kumm.: 83 (1871) [MB#549172]
=Agaricus ser. Derminus Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 10, 240 (1821) [MB#700013]
=Agaricus tr. Flammula Fr., Systema Mycologicum 1: 11, 250 (1821) [MB#700038]
=Gymnocybe P. Karst., Bidrag till Kännedom av Finlands Natur och Folk 32: 22, 412 (1879) [MB#22177]
=Dryophila Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 66 (1886) [MB#17531]
=Flammopsis Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 9: 356 (1889) [MB#17598]
=Ryssospora Fayod, Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 9: 361 (1889) [MB#18499]
=Hypodendrum Paulet ex Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 445 (1909) [MB#17835]
=Visculus Earle, Bulletin of the New York Botanical Garden 5: 437 (1909) [MB#18734]
=Nemecomyces Pilát, Annales Mycologici 31 (1-2): 54 (1933) [MB#18119]
 MycoBank #:18263 
 Authors:(Fries) P. Kummer
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) P. Kumm.
 Page #:22, 83
 Year of publication:1871
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

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Pholiota aberrans, Pholiota abieticola, Pholiota abietis, Pholiota abruptibulba, Pholiota abstrusa, Pholiota acericola, Pholiota aculeata, Pholiota acutoconica, Pholiota adiposa, Pholiota adirondackensis, Pholiota aegerita, Pholiota aeruginosa, Pholiota agardhii, Pholiota aggericola, Pholiota agglutinata, Pholiota aggregata, Pholiota agrocybiformis, Pholiota alabamensis, Pholiota alachuana, Pholiota albivelata, Pholiota albo-olivasens, Pholiota albocrenulata, Pholiota albovelata, Pholiota albovirescens, Pholiota alexandrina, Pholiota allantopoda, Pholiota alnea, Pholiota alnicola, Pholiota alniphila, Pholiota alutispora, Pholiota amara, Pholiota angustifolia, Pholiota angustipes, Pholiota anomala, Pholiota anomala, Pholiota apiahyna, Pholiota apicrea, Pholiota appendiculata, Pholiota arcuatifolia, Pholiota arenario-bulbosa, Pholiota arenariobulbosa, Pholiota armeniaca, Pholiota aromatica, Pholiota arragonis, Pholiota arrhenii, Pholiota aschersoniana, Pholiota ascophora, Pholiota astragalina, Pholiota atripes, Pholiota aurantiaca, Pholiota aurantioalbida, Pholiota aurantioferruginea, Pholiota aurantioflava, Pholiota aurea, Pholiota aurivella, Pholiota aurivelloides, Pholiota austrospumosa, Pholiota autumnalis, Pholiota avellanea, Pholiota avellaneifolia, Pholiota azyma, Pholiota badia, Pholiota baeosperma, Pholiota bakerensis, Pholiota bambusina, Pholiota baptisiae, Pholiota barrowsii, Pholiota basilei, Pholiota bicincta, Pholiota bicolor, Pholiota bigelowii, Pholiota blattaria, Pholiota blechni, Pholiota brevipes, Pholiota bridgei, Pholiota brigantii, Pholiota brittoniae, Pholiota broadwayi, Pholiota brunnea, Pholiota brunneoatra, Pholiota brunneodisca, Pholiota brunneola, Pholiota brunnescens, Pholiota bryophila, Pholiota burkei, Pholiota caespitosa, Pholiota calendulina, Pholiota californica, Pholiota calvinii, Pholiota candicans, Pholiota canescens, Pholiota caperata, Pholiota capistrata, Pholiota capocystidia, Pholiota carbonaria, Pholiota carbonaria, Pholiota carbonicola, Pholiota carneola, Pholiota castanea, Pholiota catervaria, Pholiota cerasina, Pholiota cerifera, Pholiota ceriferoides, Pholiota chacoensis, Pholiota chocenensis, Pholiota chromocystis, Pholiota chrysmoides, Pholiota chrysocystidiata, Pholiota cinchonensis, Pholiota cincta, Pholiota citrinofolia, Pholiota coloradensis, Pholiota communis, Pholiota comosa, Pholiota comosa, Pholiota condensa, Pholiota confoederans, Pholiota confragosa, Pholiota congesta, Pholiota conica, Pholiota conissans, Pholiota conissans, Pholiota conissans, Pholiota connata, Pholiota contorta, Pholiota cookei, Pholiota corticola, Pholiota cortinata, Pholiota crassipedes, Pholiota crassivela, Pholiota cruentata, Pholiota cubensis, Pholiota curcuma, Pholiota curvipes, Pholiota cyathicola, Pholiota cylindracea, Pholiota cystidiata, Pholiota dactyliota, Pholiota dasypepla, Pholiota davidsonii, Pholiota deceptiva, Pholiota decorata, Pholiota decurrens, Pholiota decussata, Pholiota depauperata, Pholiota destruens, Pholiota dinghuensis, Pholiota discolor, Pholiota disrupta, Pholiota dissimulans, Pholiota djakovensis, Pholiota drummondii, Pholiota dura, Pholiota duroides, Pholiota ealaensis, Pholiota ealeansis, Pholiota edulis, Pholiota effusa, Pholiota elegans, Pholiota elongatipes, Pholiota engleriana, Pholiota erebia, Pholiota erinacea, Pholiota erinaceella, Pholiota erinaceus, Pholiota erinaceus, Pholiota eriogena, Pholiota eucalyptorum, Pholiota examinans, Pholiota exsequens, Pholiota fallax, Pholiota ferruginea, Pholiota ferrugineo-lutescens, Pholiota ferrugineolutescens, Pholiota fibrillosipes, Pholiota fieldiana, Pholiota filamentosa, Pholiota filaris, Pholiota filia, Pholiota flammans, Pholiota flammuloides, Pholiota flammuloides, Pholiota flammuloides, Pholiota flavescens, Pholiota flavida, Pholiota flavipunctata, Pholiota flavopallida, Pholiota floridana, Pholiota foedata, Pholiota foetans, Pholiota formosa, Pholiota fragilissima, Pholiota freindlingiae, Pholiota frowardii, Pholiota frusticola, Pholiota fulvella, Pholiota fulviconica, Pholiota fulvodisca, Pholiota fulvosquamosa, Pholiota fulvozonata, Pholiota funariophila, Pholiota furcata, Pholiota fusa, Pholiota fusca, Pholiota galapagensis, Pholiota galerinoides, Pholiota gallica, Pholiota gayi, Pholiota gibberosa, Pholiota gibberosa, Pholiota gigantea, Pholiota glaucellae, Pholiota glaziovii, Pholiota glutinigera, Pholiota glutinosa, Pholiota glutinosa, Pholiota glutinosipes, Pholiota gollani, Pholiota gongylophora, Pholiota gongylophora, Pholiota goossensiae, Pholiota graminis, Pholiota graminum, Pholiota grandis, Pholiota granulosa, Pholiota granulosoverrucosa, Pholiota graveolens, Pholiota gregaria, Pholiota gregariiformis, Pholiota groenlandica, Pholiota gruberi, Pholiota gummosa, Pholiota gymnopiloides, Pholiota gymnopodia, Pholiota harenosa, Pholiota heliocaes, Pholiota henningsii, Pholiota hepatica, Pholiota heteroclita, Pholiota hiemalis, Pholiota highlandensis, Pholiota highlandensis, Pholiota highlandensis, Pholiota hormophora, Pholiota humicola, Pholiota humidicola, Pholiota humii, Pholiota hymaeneicola, Pholiota hypholomoides, Pholiota imperfecta, Pholiota imperialis, Pholiota impudica, Pholiota inaurata, Pholiota indica, Pholiota infracta, Pholiota innocua, Pholiota intermedia, Pholiota intermedia, Pholiota intermedia, Pholiota irazuensis, Pholiota iterata, Pholiota jahnii, Pholiota jalapensis, Pholiota janseana, Pholiota johnsoniana, Pholiota junonia, Pholiota kalmicola, Pholiota kauffmaniana, Pholiota kodiakensis, Pholiota kolaensis, Pholiota kolaënsis, Pholiota kubickae, Pholiota kummeriana, Pholiota lactea, Pholiota lampas, Pholiota lanaripes, Pholiota langei, Pholiota lapponica, Pholiota lata, Pholiota lenta, Pholiota leochroma, Pholiota leptographa, Pholiota leptopoda, Pholiota leptura, Pholiota lignicola, Pholiota lilacifolia, Pholiota limonella, Pholiota linicola, Pholiota linzhiensis, Pholiota livistonae, Pholiota lubrica, Pholiota lucifera, Pholiota lundbergii, Pholiota lupina, Pholiota lurida, Pholiota lutaria, Pholiota lutea, Pholiota luteifolia, Pholiota luteobadia, Pholiota luteofolius, Pholiota luteola, Pholiota lutescens, Pholiota luxurians, Pholiota luxurians, Pholiota maackiae, Pholiota macmurphyi, Pholiota macrocystis, Pholiota magna, Pholiota magnivelata, Pholiota mahabaleshwarensis, Pholiota majalis, Pholiota malicola, Pholiota mammilata, Pholiota mammillata, Pholiota marangania, Pholiota marginata, Pholiota marginella, Pholiota marthae, Pholiota martinicensis, Pholiota maximovici, Pholiota megalosperma, Pholiota melaphila, Pholiota mellea, Pholiota melliodora, Pholiota metallica, Pholiota microcarpa, Pholiota micromeres, Pholiota microspora, Pholiota microspora var. microspora, Pholiota milleri, Pholiota minima, Pholiota minutula, Pholiota mixta, Pholiota molesta, Pholiota mollicorium, Pholiota mollicula, Pholiota molliscorium, Pholiota montana, Pholiota montevideensis, Pholiota mucigera, Pholiota mucosa, Pholiota muelleri, Pholiota multicingulata, Pholiota multifolia, Pholiota muricata, Pholiota muricella, Pholiota murrillii, Pholiota musae, Pholiota muscigena, Pholiota mustelina, Pholiota mutabilis, Pholiota mutans, Pholiota mycenoides, Pholiota myosotis, Pholiota myxacioides, Pholiota nameko, Pholiota nana, Pholiota natalis, Pholiota naucorioides, Pholiota nematolomoides, Pholiota nguelensis, Pholiota nigripes, Pholiota nigrosetosa, Pholiota njalaensis, Pholiota novembris, Pholiota nubicola, Pholiota nubigena, Pholiota nymaniana, Pholiota oblita, Pholiota obscura, Pholiota occidentalis, Pholiota ochrochlora, Pholiota ochroflavida, Pholiota ochropallida, Pholiota ochropallida, Pholiota ochrospora, Pholiota odoratissima, Pholiota oedipus, Pholiota olivacea, Pholiota olivaceocoriacea, Pholiota olivaceodisca, Pholiota olivaceophylla, Pholiota olympiana, Pholiota ombrophila, Pholiota oregonensis, Pholiota orinocensis, Pholiota ornatula, Pholiota pallida, Pholiota pallidocaulis, Pholiota paludosa, Pholiota paludosa, Pholiota paludosella, Pholiota pampeanus, Pholiota paradoxa, Pholiota parva, Pholiota parvula, Pholiota pattersonae, Pholiota pattersoniae, Pholiota paulensis, Pholiota paxillus, Pholiota peleae, Pholiota peliolepis, Pholiota penningtoniana, Pholiota perniciosa, Pholiota persicina, Pholiota phalerata, Pholiota phlebophora, Pholiota phlegmatica, Pholiota phoenicis, Pholiota phoenicus, Pholiota phragmatophylla, Pholiota phylicigena, Pholiota piceina, Pholiota pinicola, Pholiota pityrodes, Pholiota pityrodes, Pholiota platensis, Pholiota platyphylla, Pholiota polychroa, Pholiota populicola, Pholiota populnea, Pholiota potanini, Pholiota praecavenda, Pholiota praecellens, Pholiota praecox, Pholiota praticola, Pholiota privigna, Pholiota proba, Pholiota prolixa, Pholiota prominens, Pholiota propinquata, Pholiota proximans, Pholiota psathyrelloides, Pholiota pseudoblattaria, Pholiota pseudoerebia, Pholiota pseudofascicularis, Pholiota pseudograveolens, Pholiota pseudohypholoma, Pholiota pseudolimulata, Pholiota pseudomarginata, Pholiota pseudopulchella, Pholiota pseudosiparia, Pholiota pudica, Pholiota puiggarii, Pholiota pulchella, Pholiota pumila, Pholiota punctata, Pholiota punicea, Pholiota pusilla, Pholiota radicellata, Pholiota radicosa, Pholiota recedens, Pholiota reflexa, Pholiota retiphylla, Pholiota rhombifolia, Pholiota rigelliae, Pholiota rigidipes, Pholiota rivulosa, Pholiota romagnesiana, Pholiota rosea, Pholiota rostrata, Pholiota rubecula, Pholiota rubra, Pholiota rubronigra, Pholiota rudis, Pholiota rufidula, Pholiota rufodisca, Pholiota rufofulva, Pholiota rufopunctata, Pholiota rugosa, Pholiota sabulosa, Pholiota salicicola, Pholiota salicicola, Pholiota salicina, Pholiota sanguineomaculans, Pholiota scabella, Pholiota scamba, Pholiota scamba, Pholiota scamboides, Pholiota schraderi, Pholiota scobifera, Pholiota scorpioides, Pholiota secretanii, Pholiota sect. Adiposae, Pholiota sect. Confragosae, Pholiota sect. Pholiota, Pholiota semiimbricata, Pholiota semiimbricata, Pholiota separata, Pholiota septembris, Pholiota septentrionalis, Pholiota sequoiae, Pholiota serotina, Pholiota serrulata, Pholiota sienna, Pholiota siennaecolor, Pholiota silvatica, Pholiota simulans, Pholiota sipei, Pholiota socotrana, Pholiota sola, Pholiota sordida, Pholiota sororia, Pholiota speciosa, Pholiota spectabilis, Pholiota sphaerospora, Pholiota sphagnicola, Pholiota sphagnophila, Pholiota sphaleromorpha, Pholiota spinulifera, Pholiota spumosa, Pholiota squalida, Pholiota squarrosa, Pholiota squarrosipes, Pholiota squarroso-adiposa, Pholiota squarrosoadiposa, Pholiota squarrosoides, Pholiota stefaninii, Pholiota stratosa, Pholiota striatula, Pholiota stropharioides, Pholiota subamara, Pholiota subangularis, Pholiota subcaerulea, Pholiota subcarbonaria, Pholiota subcastanea, Pholiota subconica, Pholiota subdefossa, Pholiota subechinata, Pholiota suberebia, Pholiota suberis, Pholiota subflammans, Pholiota subflavida, Pholiota subfulva, Pholiota subgelatinosa, Pholiota subgen. Hemipholiota, Pholiota subgen. Pholiota, Pholiota subgen. Sordidae, Pholiota sublubrica, Pholiota sublutea, Pholiota subminor, Pholiota submutabilis, Pholiota subnigra, Pholiota subochracea, Pholiota subpapillata, Pholiota subpumila, Pholiota subsaponacea, Pholiota subsquarrosa, Pholiota subsulphurea, Pholiota subtestacea, Pholiota subtogularis, Pholiota subvelutina, Pholiota subvelutipes, Pholiota sulphurea, Pholiota sulphurea, Pholiota sylva, Pholiota tabacinirugosa, Pholiota tahquamenonensis, Pholiota talquensis, Pholiota temnophylla, Pholiota teneroides, Pholiota tennesseensis, Pholiota terrestris, Pholiota terrigena, Pholiota tersa, Pholiota testacea, Pholiota tetonensis, Pholiota teucrii, Pholiota tilopus, Pholiota togularis, Pholiota totteni, Pholiota tottenii, Pholiota trichocephala, Pholiota trinitensis, Pholiota trullisata, Pholiota truncata, Pholiota tuberculosa, Pholiota uguelensis, Pholiota umbilicata, Pholiota unicolor, Pholiota urvilleana, Pholiota usneae, Pholiota vahlii, Pholiota variabilispora, Pholiota variicolor, Pholiota variicystis, Pholiota variicystis, Pholiota varzeae, Pholiota velaglutinosa, Pholiota velata, Pholiota ventricosa, Pholiota veris, Pholiota vermiflua, Pholiota verna, Pholiota vernalis, Pholiota verrucosa, Pholiota verruculosa, Pholiota verruculosa, Pholiota vialis, Pholiota villosa, Pholiota vinaceobrunnea, Pholiota violacea, Pholiota violacea, Pholiota virescens, Pholiota virescentifolia, Pholiota virgata, Pholiota viscofumosa, Pholiota washingtonensis, Pholiota xanthophaea, Pholiota zenkeri
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 Type of organism:? 

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