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General information

 Summary:Anaptychia Körb., Grundriss Krypt.-Kunde: 197 (1848) [MB#186] 
 Synonymy:≡Hagenia Eschw., Systema Lichenum, Genera Exhibens rite distincta, Pluribus Novis Adaucta: 20 (1824) [MB#2199]
≡Borrera sect. Anaptychia (Körb.) Choisy, Bulletin Mensuel de la Société Linnéenne de Lyon 24: 28 (1955) [MB#516244]
=Lichenoides Hoffm., Descr. et Adumb. Plant. Lich.: 12 (1789) [MB#2848]
=Lichen sect. Imbricaria Schreb., Genera plantarum: 567 (1791) [MB#700272]
=Hagenia Eschw., Systema Lichenum, Genera Exhibens rite distincta, Pluribus Novis Adaucta: 20 (1824) [MB#2199]
 MycoBank #:186 
 Authors (abbreviated):Körb. 
 Page #:197 
 Journal or book:Körber 1848, Grundriss Krypt.-Kunde: 197 
 Year of effective publication:1848 
 Name type:Nomen novum 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Anaptychia adamesii, Anaptychia alba, Anaptychia albicans, Anaptychia albidiflava, Anaptychia albociliata, Anaptychia albopruinosa, Anaptychia allardii, Anaptychia angustiloba, Anaptychia antillarum, Anaptychia appalachensis, Anaptychia appendiculata, Anaptychia applanata, Anaptychia aquila, Anaptychia arsenei, Anaptychia astroidea, Anaptychia atrosetigera, Anaptychia awasthii, Anaptychia barbifera, Anaptychia boryi, Anaptychia bryorum, Anaptychia burneti, Anaptychia burnetiae, Anaptychia casarettiana, Anaptychia chilensis, Anaptychia chondroidea, Anaptychia ciliaris, Anaptychia ciliatomarginata, Anaptychia cinerascens, Anaptychia comosa, Anaptychia compacta, Anaptychia congoensis, Anaptychia coralliphora, Anaptychia corallophora, Anaptychia coronata, Anaptychia crinalis, Anaptychia cubensis, Anaptychia cyathiformis, Anaptychia dactyliza, Anaptychia decipiens, Anaptychia dectyliza, Anaptychia dendritica, Anaptychia desertorum, Anaptychia detonsa, Anaptychia diademata, Anaptychia dissecta, Anaptychia domingensis, Anaptychia echinata, Anaptychia elbursiana, Anaptychia elburziana, Anaptychia ephebea, Anaptychia erinacea, Anaptychia esorediata, Anaptychia ethiopica, Anaptychia f. albociliata, Anaptychia fauriei, Anaptychia firmula, Anaptychia flabellata, Anaptychia flavicans, Anaptychia formosa, Anaptychia fragilissima, Anaptychia fulvescens, Anaptychia fusca, Anaptychia galactophylla, Anaptychia granulifera, Anaptychia heterochroa, Anaptychia himalayaensis, Anaptychia himalayensis, Anaptychia hypocaesia, Anaptychia hypocaesia, Anaptychia hypochraea, Anaptychia hypochroa, Anaptychia hypochroea, Anaptychia hypocrocodes, Anaptychia hypoleuca, Anaptychia incana, Anaptychia indica, Anaptychia intricata, Anaptychia isidiata, Anaptychia isidiophora, Anaptychia isidiosa, Anaptychia isidiosa, Anaptychia isidiza, Anaptychia japonica, Anaptychia jattana, Anaptychia kaspica, Anaptychia labellifera, Anaptychia lamelligera, Anaptychia latifolia, Anaptychia leucomela, Anaptychia leucomelaena, Anaptychia leucomelas, Anaptychia leucomelos, Anaptychia lineariloba, Anaptychia loriformis, Anaptychia lutescens, Anaptychia magellanica, Anaptychia major, Anaptychia mamillata, Anaptychia megaloplaca, Anaptychia melanosticta, Anaptychia melanotricha, Anaptychia mexicana, Anaptychia microphylla, Anaptychia multiciliata, Anaptychia neoleucomelaena, Anaptychia obesa, Anaptychia obessa, Anaptychia obscura, Anaptychia obscurata, Anaptychia ophioglossa, Anaptychia pacifica, Anaptychia palmatula, Anaptychia palmulata, Anaptychia palpebrata, Anaptychia pandurata, Anaptychia pectinata, Anaptychia pellucida, Anaptychia penicillifera, Anaptychia peruviana, Anaptychia podocarpa, Anaptychia podocarpiza, Anaptychia podocarpoides, Anaptychia polyrhiza, Anaptychia propagulifera, Anaptychia pseudoroemeri, Anaptychia pseudospeciosa, Anaptychia pulverulenta, Anaptychia punctifera, Anaptychia ravenelii, Anaptychia roemeri, Anaptychia rubescens, Anaptychia rugulosa, Anaptychia runcinata, Anaptychia scorigena, Anaptychia sect. Albidopallidae, Anaptychia sect. Anaptychia, Anaptychia sect. Melancholia, Anaptychia sect. Pseudophyscia, Anaptychia setifera, Anaptychia solenaria, Anaptychia sorediifera, Anaptychia speciosa, Anaptychia spectabilis, Anaptychia spinigera, Anaptychia spinulosa, Anaptychia squamulosa, Anaptychia squarrosa, Anaptychia stellaris, Anaptychia stellata, Anaptychia stellatociliata, Anaptychia stellatociliate, Anaptychia stippaea, Anaptychia stippea, Anaptychia subaquila, Anaptychia subascendens, Anaptychia subcomosa, Anaptychia subheterochroa, Anaptychia subisidiosa, Anaptychia szechuanensis, Anaptychia szechuensis, Anaptychia tenella, Anaptychia tentaculata, Anaptychia togashii, Anaptychia translucens, Anaptychia tremulans, Anaptychia trichophora, Anaptychia trichophoroides, Anaptychia tropica, Anaptychia ulothricoides, Anaptychia ulotricoides, Anaptychia undulata, Anaptychia usambarensis, Anaptychia var. multifida, Anaptychia villosa, Anaptychia vulgaris, Anaptychia wrightii, Anaptychia yunnanensis
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