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General information

 Summary:Stropharia (Fr.) Quél., Mémoires de la Société d'Émulation de Montbéliard 5: 141 (1872) [MB#18613] 
 Synonymy:≡Agaricus subgen. Stropharia Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 295 (1849) [MB#700026]
=Geophila Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium 0: 111 (1886) [MB#17646]
 MycoBank #:18613 
 Authors:(Fries) Quélet
 Authors (abbreviated):(Fr.) Quél.
 Page #:141
 Year of publication:1872
 Name type:Combination 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Stropharia spintrigera, Stropharia merdaria, Stropharia aeruginosa, Stropharia albonitens, Stropharia coronilla, Stropharia ferrii, Stropharia rugosoannulata, Stropharia luteonitens, Stropharia mammillata, Stropharia melanosperma, Stropharia semiglobata, Stropharia umbonatescens, Stropharia squamosa, Stropharia cubensis, Stropharia caerulea, Stropharia stercoraria, Stropharia thrausta, Stropharia hornemannii, Stropharia aurantiaca, Stropharia cyanea, Stropharia albocyanea, Stropharia halophila, Stropharia albovelata, Stropharia ambigua, Stropharia albosulfurea, Stropharia obturata, Stropharia depilata, Stropharia coprophila, Stropharia johnsoniana, Stropharia caespitosa, Stropharia earlei, Stropharia versicolor, Stropharia psathyroides, Stropharia subuda, Stropharia subumbonatescens, Stropharia sanguineopurpurea, Stropharia viloriana, Stropharia fimetaria, Stropharia lasseri, Stropharia procera, Stropharia pokhraensis, Stropharia pokhraensis, Stropharia inuncta, Stropharia pseudocyanea, Stropharia dorsipora, Stropharia coccinea, Stropharia ochraceoviridis, Stropharia caput-medusae, Stropharia cotonea, Stropharia jerdonii, Stropharia percevalii, Stropharia worthingtonii, Stropharia cothurnata, Stropharia battarrae, Stropharia hypsipoda, Stropharia punctulata, Stropharia alcis, Stropharia arctica, Stropharia islandica, Stropharia ventricosa, Stropharia sphagnicola, Stropharia calceata, Stropharia medusa, Stropharia fusoidea, Stropharia accessitans, Stropharia capitosa, Stropharia submerdaria, Stropharia umbonescens, Stropharia caryophyllacea, Stropharia rostrata, Stropharia troyana, Stropharia squamulosa, Stropharia acuminata, Stropharia adnata, Stropharia floccosa, Stropharia elegans, Stropharia mitorhiza, Stropharia anellariformis, Stropharia coprinifacies, Stropharia chilensis, Stropharia palustris, Stropharia campestris, Stropharia bruchii, Stropharia pendolae, Stropharia gunneri, Stropharia crassa, Stropharia rugomarginata, Stropharia sclerotifera, Stropharia subbadia, Stropharia tenuis, Stropharia ammophila, Stropharia decaryi, Stropharia gracilis, Stropharia subcyanescens, Stropharia bulbosa, Stropharia caerulescens, Stropharia ealeansis, Stropharia fragilis, Stropharia goossensiae, Stropharia mammosa, Stropharia paucisquamosa, Stropharia petrinus, Stropharia psalliotiformis, Stropharia pseudobullacea, Stropharia sienna, Stropharia squarrosa, Stropharia subcaperata, Stropharia subhypholomoides, Stropharia substaudtiana, Stropharia venenata, Stropharia alachuana, Stropharia australis, Stropharia cyanescens, Stropharia floridana, Stropharia kauffmanii, Stropharia laceriannula, Stropharia silvatica, Stropharia andina, Stropharia aquamarina, Stropharia bicolor, Stropharia coronilliformis, Stropharia ochrocyanea, Stropharia purpureoaurantiaca, Stropharia purpureoviolacea, Stropharia riparia, Stropharia subsquamulosa, Stropharia yunnanensis, Stropharia eximia, Stropharia flocculosipes, Stropharia imaiana, Stropharia hypsipus, Stropharia scobinacea, Stropharia taediosa, Stropharia arginea, Stropharia microcosmus, Stropharia indictiva, Stropharia subaeruginosa, Stropharia pygmaea, Stropharia pseudopsathyra, Stropharia rufoalba, Stropharia radicata, Stropharia rhombispora, Stropharia truncatula, Stropharia umbilicata, Stropharia aerugineomaculans, Stropharia tuberculata, Stropharia ochreata, Stropharia foederata, Stropharia feildeni, Stropharia erythrospila, Stropharia dunicola, Stropharia drymonia, Stropharia epipasta, Stropharia minima, Stropharia micropoda, Stropharia myriosticta, Stropharia atrosanguinea, Stropharia asota, Stropharia aurivella, Stropharia aureofulva, Stropharia chrysocycla, Stropharia consentiens, Stropharia capillacea, Stropharia chloroconia, Stropharia irregularis, Stropharia illota, Stropharia indusiata, Stropharia pampeana, Stropharia paradoxa, Stropharia olivaceoflava, Stropharia olivacea, Stropharia caesifolia, Stropharia bilamellata, Stropharia caesiospora, Stropharia hypholomoides, Stropharia grisea, Stropharia howeana, Stropharia gollani, Stropharia hardii, Stropharia longistriata, Stropharia magnivelaris, Stropharia lepiotoides, Stropharia distans, Stropharia coranilla, Stropharia crocopepla, Stropharia coprinophila, Stropharia umbonata, Stropharia viridula, Stropharia siccipes, Stropharia schraderi, Stropharia semigloboides, Stropharia aculeata, Stropharia squarrosa, Stropharia sulcatula, Stropharia tavastensis, Stropharia subcitrina, Stropharia sulcata, Stropharia psathryoidea, Stropharia peronata, Stropharia plumaria, Stropharia porphyrophylla, Stropharia staudtiana, Stropharia stuhlmannii, Stropharia albocrenulata, Stropharia epimyces, Stropharia lepiotiformis, Stropharia mephistopheles, Stropharia sullivantii, Stropharia insolita, Stropharia straminis, Stropharia albivelata, Stropharia lepiotaeformis, Stropharia melasperma, Stropharia anelariiformis, Stropharia variicolor, Stropharia bermudiensis, Stropharia psathyroides, Stropharia cifuentesii, Stropharia feildenii, Stropharia apiahyna, Stropharia araucariae, Stropharia acanthocystis, Stropharia varzeae, Stropharia ealaensis, Stropharia gollanii, Stropharia alpina, Stropharia trinitensis, Stropharia hypsipus, Stropharia agaricoides, Stropharia venusta, Stropharia umbonasceus, Stropharia agrocyboides, Stropharia farlowiana, Stropharia albosulphurea, Stropharia subgen. Stercophila, Stropharia subsect. Coronillae, Stropharia subsect. Rugosoannulatae, Stropharia anellariiformis, Stropharia chrysocystidia, Stropharia rubrobrunnea, Stropharia jilinensis, Stropharia formosa, Stropharia sanguineo-purpurea, Stropharia rugoso-annulata var. farlowiana, Stropharia subgen. Stropharia, Stropharia subsect. Stropharia, Stropharia subgen. Stercophila, Stropharia ocreata, Stropharia coronilla, Stropharia formosa, Stropharia tuberosa
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