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General information

 Summary:Thelephora Ehrh. ex Willd., Florae Berolinensis Prodromus: 397 (1787) [MB#18640] 
 Synonymy:≡Thaelaephora Ehrh. ex Willd. (1787) [MB#18638]
≡Thelephora papillosa Fr., Elenchus Fungorum 1: 212 (1828) [MB#244922]
≡Grandinia papillosa (Fr.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 528 (1838) [MB#185606]
≡Lyomyces papillosus (Fr.) P. Karst., Revue Mycologique Toulouse 3 (9): 23 (1881) [MB#440074]
≡Odontia papillosa (Fr.) P. Karst., Bidrag till Kännedom av Finlands Natur och Folk 37: 117 (1882) [MB#225444]
≡Kneiffia papillosa (Fr.) P. Karst., Bidrag till Kännedom av Finlands Natur och Folk 48: 367 (1889) [MB#440049]
≡Thelophora Clem. (1902) [MB#5437]
≡Hyphodontia papillosa (Fr.) J. Erikss., Symbolae Botanicae Upsalienses 16 (1): 104 (1958) [MB#298797]
≡Xylodon papillosus (Fr.) Riebesehl, Yurchenko & E. Langer, Mycological Progress 16 (6): 648 (2017) [MB#820415]
=Merisma Pers., Commentatio de Fungis Clavaeformibus: 92 (1797) [MB#18046]
=Thelephora sect. Phylacteria Pers., Mycologia Europaea 1: 111 (1822) [MB#700469]
=Scyphopilus P. Karst., Acta Societatis pro Fauna et Flora Fennica 2 (1): 40 (1881) [MB#18528]
=Pseudothelephora Lloyd, Mycological Writings 6 (61): 890 (1919) [MB#18410]
 MycoBank #:18640 
 Authors:Ehrhart ex Willdenow
 Authors (abbreviated):Ehrh. ex Willd.
 Page #:397
 Year of publication:1787
 Remarks:as 'Thaelaephora' 
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:LVI,6,428 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

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Thelephora abietina, Thelephora acanthacea, Thelephora accumbens, Thelephora acerina, Thelephora acicularis, Thelephora acroleuca, Thelephora actiniaeformis, Thelephora actiniiformis, Thelephora aculeata, Thelephora adglutinata, Thelephora adusta, Thelephora affinis, Thelephora agglutinans, Thelephora agglutinata, Thelephora albicans, Thelephora albicans, Thelephora albidobrunnea, Thelephora albidocarnea, Thelephora albobadia, Thelephora albomarginata, Thelephora albomarginata, Thelephora alnea, Thelephora alni, Thelephora alta, Thelephora alutacea, Thelephora alutacea, Thelephora amaena, Thelephora amansii, Thelephora ambigua, Thelephora amboinensis, Thelephora americana, Thelephora americana, Thelephora amigenatscha, Thelephora amoena, Thelephora amorpha, Thelephora amphibola, Thelephora amphibolia, Thelephora anastomosans, Thelephora angustata, Thelephora anthocephala, Thelephora anthochroa, Thelephora anthochroa, Thelephora applanata, Thelephora arachnoidea, Thelephora araneosa, Thelephora arbuscula, Thelephora archeri, Thelephora areolata, Thelephora arida, Thelephora aspera, Thelephora atra, Thelephora atramentaria, Thelephora atrata, Thelephora atrocaerulea, Thelephora atrocitrina, Thelephora atrocoerulea, Thelephora atropurpurascens, Thelephora atrovirens, Thelephora aurantia, Thelephora aurantiaca, Thelephora aurantiaca, Thelephora aurantiotincta, Thelephora aurea, Thelephora auricula-cati, Thelephora autochroa, Thelephora avellana, Thelephora badia, Thelephora badia, Thelephora bella, Thelephora betulae, Thelephora beyrichii, Thelephora bicolor, Thelephora bidentata, Thelephora biennis, Thelephora biennis, Thelephora bissoidea, Thelephora bolaris, Thelephora bombycina, Thelephora bondarzewii, Thelephora borneensis, Thelephora boryana, Thelephora botryoides, Thelephora bourdotiana, Thelephora brasiliensis, Thelephora brasiliensis, Thelephora braunii, Thelephora bresadolae, Thelephora bresadolae, Thelephora broomeana, Thelephora broomeiana, Thelephora brunneoviolacea, Thelephora bucreas, Thelephora bufonia, Thelephora byssoides, Thelephora byssoides, Thelephora byssoides, Thelephora caerulea, Thelephora caerulea, Thelephora caesia, Thelephora caesiocarnea, Thelephora caespitulans, Thelephora calcea, Thelephora calcea var. sambuci, Thelephora caldariorum, Thelephora candicans, Thelephora candida, Thelephora candida, Thelephora candidissima, Thelephora cantharella, Thelephora caperata, Thelephora capillaris, Thelephora capnodes, Thelephora carbonaria, Thelephora carbonaria, Thelephora cariosa, Thelephora carnea, Thelephora carnea, Thelephora carnea, Thelephora carnosa, Thelephora cartilaginea, Thelephora caryophyllea, Thelephora castanea, Thelephora castanea, Thelephora castaneae, Thelephora castaneae, Thelephora caulina, Thelephora cellaris, Thelephora centrifuga, Thelephora cerasi, Thelephora cerberea, Thelephora cerebella, Thelephora cervicornis, Thelephora cervina, Thelephora chailletii, Thelephora chalibaea, Thelephora chalybaea, Thelephora chalybaea, Thelephora chalybea, Thelephora chartacea, Thelephora ciliata, Thelephora ciliata, Thelephora cinerascens, Thelephora cinerea, Thelephora cinerea, Thelephora cinerea, Thelephora cinnabarina, Thelephora cinnamomea, Thelephora circinata, Thelephora circinella, Thelephora citrina, Thelephora cladonia, Thelephora cladoniaeformis, Thelephora cladoniiformis, Thelephora clavarioides, Thelephora clavarioides, Thelephora clavata, Thelephora clavularis, Thelephora coccinea, Thelephora coccinea, Thelephora coerulea, Thelephora colliculosa, Thelephora colliculosa, Thelephora comedens, Thelephora commersonii, Thelephora complicata, Thelephora concentrica, Thelephora conchata, Thelephora concolor, Thelephora concrescens, Thelephora confluens, Thelephora congesta, Thelephora coniophora, Thelephora conspersa, Thelephora contorta, Thelephora convoluta, Thelephora coralloides, Thelephora corbiformis, Thelephora coriacea, Thelephora corium, Thelephora corium, Thelephora cornucopioides, Thelephora corrugata, Thelephora corrugata, Thelephora corticalis, Thelephora coryli, Thelephora cotyledonea, Thelephora craspedia, Thelephora crassa, Thelephora crassior, Thelephora crassitexta, Thelephora cretacea, Thelephora cretacea, Thelephora crinita, Thelephora crinitum, Thelephora crispa, Thelephora cristata, Thelephora cristatella, Thelephora crocata, Thelephora crocea, Thelephora cruenta, Thelephora crustacea, Thelephora crustosa, Thelephora crustosa, Thelephora curta, Thelephora cuticularis, Thelephora cyanescens, Thelephora cyathiformis, Thelephora cyclothelis, Thelephora cylindrica, Thelephora dactylites, Thelephora damaecornis, Thelephora damicornis, Thelephora decolorans, Thelephora decorticans, Thelephora dendritica, Thelephora dendroidea, Thelephora dendroides, Thelephora dentosa, Thelephora derbesii, Thelephora dewevrei, Thelephora diamesa, Thelephora diaphana, Thelephora diaphana, Thelephora dichroa, Thelephora dictyodes, Thelephora diffusa, Thelephora digitata, Thelephora disciformis, Thelephora discoidea, Thelephora discoidea, Thelephora discolor, Thelephora dispersa, Thelephora dispersa, Thelephora dissecta, Thelephora dolosa, Thelephora domestica, Thelephora dominicana, Thelephora dryina, Thelephora dubia, Thelephora effusa, Thelephora elegans, Thelephora elegans, Thelephora epidermea, Thelephora epiphylla, Thelephora episphaeria, Thelephora eradians, Thelephora erebia, Thelephora ericetorum, Thelephora evolvens, Thelephora exculpta, Thelephora exigua, Thelephora exsculpta, Thelephora fallax, Thelephora fasciata, Thelephora fastidiosa, Thelephora ferruginea, Thelephora ferruginea, Thelephora ferruginea, Thelephora ferruginosa, Thelephora fibrosa, Thelephora filamentosa, Thelephora fimbriata, Thelephora fimbriata, Thelephora fimbriata, Thelephora fissa, Thelephora fissilis, Thelephora flabellaris, Thelephora flabelliformis, Thelephora flocculenta, Thelephora florida, Thelephora floridana, Thelephora floridea, Thelephora foetida, Thelephora foetida, Thelephora fragilis, Thelephora fragilis, Thelephora fraxinea, Thelephora friesii, Thelephora friesii, Thelephora friulana, Thelephora frondescens, Thelephora frondosa, Thelephora frustulata, Thelephora frustulosa, Thelephora frvstvlata, Thelephora fucoides, Thelephora fuliginosa, Thelephora fuliginosa, Thelephora fulva, Thelephora fumosa, Thelephora funalis, Thelephora fusca, Thelephora fusca, Thelephora fusca, Thelephora fuscella, Thelephora fuscoatra, Thelephora fuscocinerea, Thelephora fuscopallida, Thelephora fuscopurpurea, Thelephora fuscoviolascens, Thelephora galactina, Thelephora ganbajun, Thelephora gausapata, Thelephora gelatinoidea, Thelephora gelatinosa, Thelephora gelidioides, Thelephora gigantea, Thelephora glabra, Thelephora glabra, Thelephora glabrata, Thelephora glauca, Thelephora glebulosa, Thelephora goudotiana, Thelephora gracilis, Thelephora granosa, Thelephora granulosa, Thelephora granulosa, Thelephora grisea, Thelephora grisea, Thelephora griseozonata, Thelephora hartmannii, Thelephora helvelloides, Thelephora helvetica, Thelephora helvola, Thelephora hepatica, Thelephora hirneoloides, Thelephora hirsuta, Thelephora hirsuta δ ramealis, Thelephora hiscens, Thelephora hisingeri, Thelephora hoehneliana, Thelephora hydnoidea, Thelephora ianthina, Thelephora illinita, Thelephora imbricata, Thelephora imbricatula, Thelephora imbricatulum, Thelephora incarnata, Thelephora incrustans, Thelephora incrvstans, Thelephora indigo, Thelephora infundibuliformis, Thelephora insinuans, Thelephora intermedia, Thelephora intybacea, Thelephora investiens, Thelephora isabellina, Thelephora janthina, Thelephora japonica, Thelephora juniperina, Thelephora juniperina, Thelephora juratensis, Thelephora komabensis, Thelephora kuettlingeri, Thelephora kunzei, Thelephora lacera, Thelephora laciniata, Thelephora lactea, Thelephora lactea, Thelephora lactea, Thelephora lactea, Thelephora lactescens, Thelephora laevigata, Thelephora laevis, Thelephora laevis, Thelephora laevis, Thelephora lamellata, Thelephora lamellata, Thelephora lateritia, Thelephora lateritia, Thelephora latissima, Thelephora laurocerasi, Thelephora laxa, Thelephora laxa, Thelephora leichhardtiana, Thelephora leichkardtiana, Thelephora leproides, Thelephora leprosa, Thelephora letendreana, Thelephora leucobryophila, Thelephora leucocoma, Thelephora leucoloma, Thelephora levigata, Thelephora lichenicola, Thelephora lilacea, Thelephora lilacea, Thelephora lilacina, Thelephora lilacina, Thelephora liliputiana, Thelephora liliputiana, Thelephora limitata, Thelephora livescens, Thelephora livida, Thelephora lobata, Thelephora lobata, Thelephora lugubris, Thelephora lutea, Thelephora luteobadia, Thelephora luteocincta, Thelephora lutescens, Thelephora lutosa, Thelephora luzonensis, Thelephora lycii, Thelephora macrorhiza, Thelephora maculaeformis, Thelephora maculiformis, Thelephora magnifica, Thelephora magnispora, Thelephora marginata, Thelephora marginata, Thelephora martii, Thelephora melaloma, Thelephora melius, Thelephora membranacea, Thelephora menieri, Thelephora mesenterica, Thelephora mesenterica, Thelephora mesenteriformis, Thelephora mesenteriformis, Thelephora mesenteriformis, Thelephora miniata, Thelephora minor, Thelephora minuta, Thelephora mollis, Thelephora mollis, Thelephora mollissima, Thelephora moluccana, Thelephora monothelia, Thelephora montagnei, Thelephora mougeotii, Thelephora mucedinea, Thelephora mucida, Thelephora mucida, Thelephora multifida, Thelephora multifida, Thelephora multipartita, Thelephora multiplex, Thelephora multizonata, Thelephora murraii, Thelephora murrayi, Thelephora muscigena, Thelephora myriomera, Thelephora mytilina, Thelephora nigella, Thelephora nigrescens, Thelephora nigrescens, Thelephora nigrescens, Thelephora nigricans, Thelephora nigricans, Thelephora ninh-thaiensis, Thelephora ninhthaiensis, Thelephora nuda, Thelephora obliqua, Thelephora obscura, Thelephora ochracea, Thelephora ochracea, Thelephora ochraceoflava, Thelephora ochraceoviridis, Thelephora ochroleuca, Thelephora ocreata, Thelephora odorata, Thelephora odorifera, Thelephora olivacea, Thelephora orbiculare, Thelephora orbicularis, Thelephora ostrea, Thelephora oubanguiensis, Thelephora ozonioides, Thelephora pachyderma, Thelephora padi, Thelephora padinaeformis, Thelephora pallescens, Thelephora pallida, Thelephora pallida, Thelephora pallida, Thelephora pallida, Thelephora palmata, Thelephora palmata, Thelephora palmata subsp. digitata, Thelephora palmetto, Thelephora pannosa, Thelephora pannosa β pallida, Thelephora pannosa β pannosa, Thelephora papillosa, Thelephora papillosa, Thelephora papyracea, Thelephora papyracea, Thelephora papyracea, Thelephora papyrina, Thelephora paradoxa, Thelephora paraguayensis, Thelephora pavonia, Thelephora pavonia, Thelephora pedicellata, Thelephora pellicula, Thelephora peltata, Thelephora pendens, Thelephora penicillata, Thelephora penicillata, Thelephora perdix, Thelephora pergamenea, Thelephora perplexa, Thelephora persoonii, Thelephora phylacteris, Thelephora phyllophoroides, Thelephora picea, Thelephora piceae, Thelephora pilosiuscula, Thelephora pini, Thelephora pini, Thelephora pinicola, Thelephora pithya, Thelephora plurifida, Thelephora polycocca, Thelephora polygonia, Thelephora populina, Thelephora porioides, Thelephora poroides, Thelephora princeps, Thelephora prolifera, Thelephora pruni, Thelephora pseudoterrestris, Thelephora pseudoversatilis, Thelephora pterula, Thelephora pteruloides, Thelephora pubera, Thelephora pulchra, Thelephora pulverulenta, Thelephora pulvinulata, Thelephora punicea, Thelephora purpurea, Thelephora purpurea, Thelephora purpurea, Thelephora pusilla, Thelephora pusilla, Thelephora pusiola, Thelephora puteana, Thelephora quercina, Thelephora quisquiliaris, Thelephora radiata, Thelephora radiatorimosa, Thelephora radicans, Thelephora radiosa, Thelephora ralumensis, Thelephora ramarioides, Thelephora ramealis, Thelephora ravenelii, Thelephora reflexa, Thelephora regularis, Thelephora repanda, Thelephora reticulata, Thelephora reticulata, Thelephora reticulata, Thelephora reticulata, Thelephora retiformis, Thelephora revoluta, Thelephora rhicnopila, Thelephora rhipidium, Thelephora rhizoctoniae, Thelephora ribesia, Thelephora riccioidea, Thelephora robusta, Thelephora rosaceocincta, Thelephora rosea, Thelephora rosella, Thelephora roseo-cincta, Thelephora roseocarnea, Thelephora roseocincta, Thelephora rubi, Thelephora rubiginosa, Thelephora rubiginosa, Thelephora rubropallens, Thelephora rudis, Thelephora rudis, Thelephora rufa, Thelephora rufa, Thelephora rufofulva, Thelephora rufomarginata, Thelephora rugosa, Thelephora rugulosa, Thelephora salicina, Thelephora salicina, Thelephora salicina, Thelephora sambuci, Thelephora sanguinea, Thelephora sanguinea, Thelephora sanguinea, Thelephora sanguinea, Thelephora sanguinolenta, Thelephora sarcoides, Thelephora scabra, Thelephora schweinitzii, Thelephora schwieana, Thelephora scissilis, Thelephora scoparia, Thelephora scoparia, Thelephora sebacea, Thelephora sebacea β caldariorum, Thelephora sebacinoides, Thelephora sebacioides, Thelephora sect. Phellina, Thelephora sect. Phylacteria, Thelephora sect. Polypilus, Thelephora sect. Thelephora, Thelephora semicampanulata, Thelephora sera, Thelephora serialis, Thelephora seriata, Thelephora sericea, Thelephora sericea, Thelephora sericea, Thelephora sericella, Thelephora serrei, Thelephora setigera, Thelephora setosa, Thelephora setosa, Thelephora simulans, Thelephora sinuans, Thelephora sistotremoides, Thelephora soluta, Thelephora sowerbeii, Thelephora sowerbyi, Thelephora spadicea, Thelephora spadicea, Thelephora spadicea, Thelephora sparassoides, Thelephora sparassoides, Thelephora spathulata, Thelephora speciosa, Thelephora spectabilis, Thelephora spiculosa, Thelephora spongia, Thelephora spongiaepes, Thelephora spongiaepes, Thelephora spongiipes, Thelephora spongiosa, Thelephora spongipes, Thelephora stabularis, Thelephora stereoides, Thelephora sterilis, Thelephora striata, Thelephora striata, Thelephora striata, Thelephora stricta, Thelephora striispora, Thelephora styraciflua, Thelephora suaveolens, Thelephora subcarbonacea, Thelephora subclavaeformis, Thelephora subclaviformis, Thelephora suberis, Thelephora suberosa, Thelephora subgen. Himantia, Thelephora subgen. Lejostroma, Thelephora subgen. Phylacteria, Thelephora subgen. Stereum, Thelephora subgen. Thelephora, Thelephora subhepatica, Thelephora subiculosa, Thelephora sublilacina, Thelephora submembranacea, Thelephora subochracea, Thelephora subundulata, Thelephora subzonata, Thelephora sudans, Thelephora suffulta, Thelephora sullivantii, Thelephora sulphurea, Thelephora tabacina, Thelephora tentaculata, Thelephora tenuis, Thelephora tephroleuca, Thelephora terrestris, Thelephora textilis, Thelephora thamnoides, Thelephora thwaitesii, Thelephora tiliae, Thelephora tjibodensis, Thelephora tr. Apus, Thelephora tr. Merisma, Thelephora tr. Mesopus, Thelephora tr. Pleuropus, Thelephora tr. Resupinatus, Thelephora trachodes, Thelephora tremellina, Thelephora tremelloides, Thelephora tristis, Thelephora truncata, Thelephora tubaraoënsis, Thelephora tuberosa, Thelephora tuberosa, Thelephora typhae, Thelephora uleana, Thelephora uliginosa, Thelephora ulmi, Thelephora ulmicolor, Thelephora umbrina, Thelephora umbrina, Thelephora umbrina, Thelephora undulata, Thelephora undulata, Thelephora undulata, Thelephora uvida, Thelephora vaga, Thelephora variegata, Thelephora velutina, Thelephora venustula, Thelephora versatilis, Thelephora versicolor, Thelephora versiformis, Thelephora vialis, Thelephora vinosa, Thelephora violaceolivida, Thelephora violascens, Thelephora violascens var. violascens, Thelephora viridis, Thelephora viridis, Thelephora viridula, Thelephora viscosa, Thelephora viscosa, Thelephora vitellina, Thelephora vitellina, Thelephora viticola, Thelephora vorticosa, Thelephora vulgaris, Thelephora wakefieldiae, Thelephora willeyi, Thelephora xerantha, Thelephora zeylanica, Thelephora zollingeri, Thelephora zygodesmoides
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