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General information

 Summary:Geastrum Pers., Synopsis methodica fungorum: 131 (1801) [MB#19141] 
 Synonymy:≡Geaster P. Micheli, Nova Plantarum Genera: 220, t. 100 (1729) [MB#39125]
≡Geaster P. Micheli ex Fr., Systema Mycologicum 3: 8 (1829) [MB#19138]
=Anthropomorphus Seger (1745) [MB#19014]
=Astrocitum Raf.: 423 (1806) [MB#19027]
=Astrycum Raf., J. Bot. (Desvaux): 175 (1809) [MB#19028]
=Plecostoma Desv., Journal de Botanique (Desvaux) 2: 99 (1809) [MB#19266]
=Coilomyces Berk. & M.A. Curtis, Journal of the Academy of Natural Sciences Philadelphia 2: 279 (1853) [MB#25070]
 MycoBank #:19141 
 Authors (abbreviated):Pers. 
 Page #:131 
 Year of effective publication:1801 
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate 
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
317 Associated records (click to hide):
Geastrum aculeatum, Geastrum affine, Geastrum affinis, Geastrum albidum, Geastrum albidus, Geastrum albonigrum, Geastrum ambiguum, Geastrum ameghinoi, Geastrum andrewsii, Geastrum archeri, Geastrum arenarium, Geastrum arenarius, Geastrum argentatum, Geastrum argenteum, Geastrum argenteus, Geastrum argentinum, Geastrum argentinus, Geastrum asper, Geastrum asperum, Geastrum atratum, Geastrum atratus, Geastrum australe, Geastrum australis, Geastrum australis, Geastrum austrominimum, Geastrum avellaneum, Geastrum avellaneus, Geastrum baculicrystallinum, Geastrum baculicrystallum, Geastrum badium, Geastrum bancroftii, Geastrum barbatum, Geastrum beccarianum, Geastrum beccarianus, Geastrum benitoi, Geastrum berkeleyi, Geastrum biplicatum, Geastrum biplicatus, Geastrum bovista, Geastrum britannicum, Geastrum brunneocapillatum, Geastrum bryantii, Geastrum bryantii subsp. calyculatus, Geastrum bushnellii, Geastrum caatingense, Geastrum caespitosum, Geastrum caespitosus, Geastrum calceum, Geastrum calceus, Geastrum calyculatum, Geastrum calyculatus, Geastrum campestre, Geastrum capense, Geastrum capensis, Geastrum caririense, Geastrum cesatii, Geastrum clelandii, Geastrum coliforme, Geastrum coliformis, Geastrum columnatum, Geastrum columnatus, Geastrum comptus, Geastrum congolense, Geastrum conrathii, Geastrum coriaceum, Geastrum corollinum, Geastrum coronatum, Geastrum coronatum, Geastrum coronatum, Geastrum coronatum β woodwardii, Geastrum courtecuissei, Geastrum cryptorhynchum, Geastrum cryptorhynchus, Geastrum cupulare, Geastrum decaryi, Geastrum delicatum, Geastrum delicatus, Geastrum deserticola, Geastrum deylii, Geastrum diderma, Geastrum diosiae, Geastrum dissimile, Geastrum djakovense, Geastrum djakovensis, Geastrum drummondii, Geastrum dubium, Geastrum dubius, Geastrum duplicatum, Geastrum duplicatus, Geastrum dybowskii, Geastrum echinulatum, Geastrum elegans, Geastrum ellipticum, Geastrum englerianum, Geastrum englerianus, Geastrum entomophilum, Geastrum episcopale, Geastrum fenestratum, Geastrum fenestratum, Geastrum fenestratus, Geastrum fenestriatus, Geastrum fibrillosum, Geastrum fibrillosus, Geastrum fimbriatum, Geastrum fimbriatum, Geastrum flexuosum, Geastrum floriforme, Geastrum florissantensis, Geastrum fornicatum, Geastrum fornicatus, Geastrum furfuraceum, Geastrum fuscogleba, Geastrum giacomellianum, Geastrum giacomellianus, Geastrum glaber, Geastrum glabrum, Geastrum glaucescens, Geastrum granulosum, Geastrum granulosus, Geastrum guilfoylei, Geastrum hariotii, Geastrum heptaplex, Geastrum hieronymi, Geastrum hirsutum, Geastrum hollosii, Geastrum huneckii, Geastrum hungaricum, Geastrum hungaricum, Geastrum hyalinum, Geastrum hygrometricum, Geastrum hygrometricum β anglicum, Geastrum indicum, Geastrum infrequens, Geastrum inpaense, Geastrum involutum, Geastrum involutus, Geastrum ishikawae, Geastrum javanicum, Geastrum juniperinum, Geastrum juniperinus, Geastrum jurei, Geastrum juruense, Geastrum juruensis, Geastrum kalchbrenneri, Geastrum kotlabae, Geastrum kuharii, Geastrum laevisporum, Geastrum lageniforme, Geastrum lanuginosum, Geastrum leptospermum, Geastrum leptospermus, Geastrum lignicola, Geastrum lilacinum, Geastrum lilacinus, Geastrum lilloi, Geastrum limbatum, Geastrum linkii, Geastrum litchiforme, Geastrum lloydianum, Geastrum lloydii, Geastrum lugubre, Geastrum lugubris, Geastrum macowanii, Geastrum magnosporum, Geastrum mammosum, Geastrum marchicum, Geastrum marchicus, Geastrum marginatum, Geastrum marginatus, Geastrum maurus, Geastrum melanocephalum, Geastrum menziesii, Geastrum meridionale, Geastrum michelianum, Geastrum michelianum, Geastrum minimum, Geastrum minimum, Geastrum minus, Geastrum minutisporum, Geastrum minutus, Geastrum mirabile, Geastrum morganii, Geastrum multifidum, Geastrum multifidum, Geastrum nanum, Geastrum neoamericanum, Geastrum nigrum, Geastrum novohollandicus, Geastrum orientalis, Geastrum ovalisporum, Geastrum oxylobum, Geastrum pampeanum, Geastrum pampeanus, Geastrum panjabense, Geastrum papinuttii, Geastrum papyraceum, Geastrum papyraceus, Geastrum parvisporum, Geastrum parvistellum, Geastrum parvistriatum, Geastrum pazschkeanus, Geastrum pectinatum, Geastrum pedicellatum, Geastrum peruvianum, Geastrum peruvianus, Geastrum pillotii, Geastrum piquiriunense, Geastrum platense, Geastrum platensis, Geastrum pleosporum, Geastrum pleosporus, Geastrum plicatum, Geastrum pluriosteus, Geastrum pouzarii, Geastrum pseudolimbatum, Geastrum pseudolimbatus, Geastrum pseudomammosus, Geastrum pseudostriatum, Geastrum pseudostriatus, Geastrum pulverulentus, Geastrum pusillipilosum, Geastrum pusillum, Geastrum pusillus, Geastrum quadrifidum, Geastrum queletii, Geastrum rabenhorstii, Geastrum radicans, Geastrum readeri, Geastrum recolligens, Geastrum reinkingii, Geastrum reticulatum, Geastrum rhizophorum, Geastrum rubellum, Geastrum rubropusillum, Geastrum rufescens, Geastrum rufescens, Geastrum rugulosum, Geastrum rusticum, Geastrum saccatum, Geastrum saccatum, Geastrum schaefferi, Geastrum schmideli, Geastrum schmidelii, Geastrum schweinfurthii, Geastrum schweinitzii, Geastrum scleroderma, Geastrum sect. Campestria, Geastrum sect. Corollina, Geastrum sect. Elegantia, Geastrum sect. Hariotia, Geastrum sect. Hieronymia, Geastrum sect. Pseudolimbata, Geastrum sect. Schmidelia, Geastrum senoretiae, Geastrum sessile, Geastrum setiferum, Geastrum setosum, Geastrum sibiricus, Geastrum simulans, Geastrum smardae, Geastrum smithii, Geastrum sowerbyi, Geastrum spegazzinianum, Geastrum spegazzinianus, Geastrum stellatum, Geastrum stellatum, Geastrum stellatum, Geastrum stellatum var. stellatum, Geastrum stellatus, Geastrum stellatus, Geastrum stipitatum, Geastrum stipitatus, Geastrum striatulum, Geastrum striatulum, Geastrum striatulus, Geastrum striatulus, Geastrum striatum, Geastrum striatum, Geastrum subgen. Geastrum, Geastrum subgen. Myceliostromum, Geastrum subiculosum, Geastrum subiculosum, Geastrum subsect. Arenaria, Geastrum subsect. Hungarica, Geastrum subsect. Lageniformia, Geastrum subsect. Quadrifida, Geastrum subsect. Velutina, Geastrum taylorii, Geastrum tenuipes, Geastrum thanatophilum, Geastrum thwaitesii, Geastrum tonkinense, Geastrum tonkinensis, Geastrum trichifer, Geastrum trichiferum, Geastrum triplex, Geastrum tunicatum, Geastrum tunicatus, Geastrum turbinatum, Geastrum turbinatus, Geastrum umbilicatus, Geastrum velutinum, Geastrum verrucoramulosum, Geastrum victorinii, Geastrum violaceus, Geastrum viridis, Geastrum vittatum, Geastrum vittatus, Geastrum vulgaris, Geastrum vulgatum, Geastrum welwitschii, Geastrum wrightii, Geastrum xerophilum, Geastrum xerophilum, Geastrum xerophilus, Geastrum xylogenum, Geastrum xylogenus
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