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General information

 Summary:Octaviania Vittad., Monographia Tuberacearum: 15 (1831) [MB#19242] 
 Synonymy:=Octavianina O. Kuntze, Revisio generum plantarum 3 (2): 501 (1898) [MB#19243] 
 MycoBank #:19242 
 Authors (abbreviated):Vittad.
 Page #:15
 Year of publication:1831

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
116 Associated records (click to hide):
Octaviania aculeatospora, Octaviania africana, Octaviania alveolata, Octaviania ambigua, Octaviania arbucalensis, Octaviania archeri, Octaviania asahimontana, Octaviania asterosperma, Octaviania aurantia, Octaviania aurantiaca, Octaviania aurea, Octaviania australiensis, Octaviania beccarii, Octaviania borneensis, Octaviania borziana, Octaviania brisbanensis, Octaviania brunnea, Octaviania brunnea, Octaviania brunneola, Octaviania candida, Octaviania carnea, Octaviania carotaecolor, Octaviania carotaecolor, Octaviania caroticolor, Octaviania celatifilia, Octaviania cerea, Octaviania chilensis, Octaviania cigroensis, Octaviania ciqroensis, Octaviania citrina, Octaviania clelandii, Octaviania columellifera, Octaviania compacta, Octaviania compacta, Octaviania cyanescens, Octaviania decimae, Octaviania densa, Octaviania depauperata, Octaviania durianelloides, Octaviania etchuensis, Octaviania flava, Octaviania foetens, Octaviania galatheia, Octaviania galatheja, Octaviania gilkeyae, Octaviania glabra, Octaviania hesperi, Octaviania hesseana, Octaviania hessei, Octaviania hinsbyi, Octaviania ivoryana, Octaviania japonimontana, Octaviania kobayasii, Octaviania laevis, Octaviania lamingtonensis, Octaviania lamingtonensis, Octaviania lanigera, Octaviania levis, Octaviania levispora, Octaviania liosperma, Octaviania longiana, Octaviania lutea, Octaviania luteocarnea, Octaviania macrospora, Octaviania malaiensis, Octaviania malaiensis, Octaviania megaspora, Octaviania mistiformis, Octaviania mollis, Octaviania monospora, Octaviania monticola, Octaviania moravica, Octaviania mortae, Octaviania mutabilis, Octaviania mutabilis, Octaviania mutabilis, Octaviania neuhoffii, Octaviania nigrescens, Octaviania nigrescens, Octaviania nonae, Octaviania occidentalis, Octaviania odoratissima, Octaviania olida, Octaviania pallida, Octaviania pallida, Octaviania papyracea, Octaviania picea, Octaviania pila, Octaviania plena, Octaviania purpurea, Octaviania radicans, Octaviania radicata, Octaviania ravenelii, Octaviania redolens, Octaviania rogersii, Octaviania rosea, Octaviania rubescens, Octaviania sarcomelas, Octaviania seminuda, Octaviania socialis, Octaviania soderstromii, Octaviania soehneri, Octaviania stephensii, Octaviania stillingerii, Octaviania striata, Octaviania subgen. Fulvoglobus, Octaviania subgen. Mutabiles, Octaviania subgen. Octaviania, Octaviania subgen. Parcaea, Octaviania tasmanica, Octaviania tuberculata, Octaviania vacekii, Octaviania variegata, Octaviania violascens, Octaviania yaeyamaensis, Octaviania zelleri
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 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:



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