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General information

 Summary:Physoderma Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 192 (1833) [MB#20415] 
 Synonymy:=Oedomyces Sacc. ex Trab., Rev. Gén. Bot.: 410 (1894) [MB#20377] 
 MycoBank #:20415 
 Authors (abbreviated):Wallr.
 Page #:192
 Year of publication:1833

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
111 Associated records (click to hide):
Physoderma acetosellae, Physoderma aeschynomenes, Physoderma aeschynomenis, Physoderma agrostidis, Physoderma alfalfae, Physoderma allii, Physoderma alpinum, Physoderma aneilemae, Physoderma aneilematis, Physoderma aponogetonicola, Physoderma aponogetonis, Physoderma asphodeli, Physoderma astomae, Physoderma astomatis, Physoderma australasicum, Physoderma beckmanniae, Physoderma bohemicum, Physoderma bothriochloae, Physoderma brachiariae, Physoderma brachiariae-eruciformis, Physoderma butomi, Physoderma butomi, Physoderma calami, Physoderma chrysopogonicola, Physoderma citri, Physoderma claytoniana, Physoderma claytonianum, Physoderma comari, Physoderma commelinae, Physoderma corchori, Physoderma crepidis, Physoderma cynodontis, Physoderma debeauxii, Physoderma deformans, Physoderma dichanthicola, Physoderma dichanthiicola, Physoderma dicksonii, Physoderma digitariae, Physoderma digitariae-longiflorae, Physoderma digitariae-marginatae, Physoderma dulichii, Physoderma echinochloae, Physoderma eleocharidis, Physoderma endogenum, Physoderma eragrostidis, Physoderma eriochloae, Physoderma eryngii, Physoderma fabae, Physoderma gerhardtii, Physoderma gibbosum, Physoderma graminis, Physoderma heleocharidis, Physoderma hemisphaericum, Physoderma hippuridis, Physoderma hydrocotylidis, Physoderma indica, Physoderma indicum, Physoderma johnsii, Physoderma kriegeriana, Physoderma kyllingae, Physoderma lathyri, Physoderma leproides, Physoderma limnanthemi, Physoderma lycopi, Physoderma maculare, Physoderma magnusianum, Physoderma majus, Physoderma marsileae, Physoderma maydis, Physoderma meliloti, Physoderma menthae, Physoderma menyanthis, Physoderma mouretii, Physoderma muscari, Physoderma myriophylli, Physoderma myriophylli, Physoderma narasimhanii, Physoderma narcissi, Physoderma negeri, Physoderma nelumbii, Physoderma notosciadii, Physoderma ornithogali, Physoderma palustre, Physoderma pancratii, Physoderma paspali, Physoderma paspalidii, Physoderma pluriannulatum, Physoderma polysporum, Physoderma potteri, Physoderma pulposum, Physoderma punctiforme, Physoderma punctiformis, Physoderma rayssi, Physoderma rayssiae, Physoderma rubsaameni, Physoderma ruebsaamenii, Physoderma sagittariae, Physoderma schroeteri, Physoderma scirpicola, Physoderma setariicola, Physoderma sparrovii, Physoderma speciosum, Physoderma tenue, Physoderma thirumalacharii, Physoderma trachoniticum, Physoderma trifolii, Physoderma urgineae, Physoderma vagabunda, Physoderma vagabundum, Physoderma vagans, Physoderma zeae-maydis
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