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General information

 Summary:Graphis Adans., Familles des plantes 2: 11 (1763) [MB#2131] 
 Synonymy:≡Opegrapha Humb., Florae Fribergensis Specimen plantas cryptogamicas praesertim subterraneas exhibens: 57 (1793) [MB#3583]
=Oxystoma Eschw., Systema Lichenum, Genera Exhibens rite distincta, Pluribus Novis Adaucta: 14, 15 (1824) [MB#3662]
=Fissurina Fée, Essai sur les cryptogames des écorces exotiques officinales: xxxv, xc (1825) [MB#1994]
=Aulacographa Leight., Annals and Magazine of Natural History 13: 389 (1854) [MB#455]
=Diplolabia A. Massal. (1854) [MB#1614]
=Dyplolabia A. Massal., Neagenea lichenum: 6 (1854) [MB#1725]
=Diplographis Kremp. ex A. Massal., Atti dell´Istituto Veneto Scienze 5: 273 (1860) [MB#1612]
=Anomomorpha Nyl. ex Hue, Nouvelles Archives du Museum d'Histoire Naturelle 3: 167 (1891) [MB#209]
=Digraphis Clem., The genera of Fungi: 59, 174 (1909) [MB#1570]
=Graphidomyces E.A. Thomas ex Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 50, 75 (1953) [MB#2126]
 MycoBank #:2131 
 Authors (abbreviated):Adans.
 Page #:11
 Year of publication:1763
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
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Classification and associated taxa

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Graphis assamensis, Graphis garoana, Graphis sikkimensis, Graphis sorediosa, Graphis subasahinae, Graphis subglauconigra, Graphis iriomotensis, Graphis subdura, Graphis subtropica, Graphis afzelii, Graphis deightonii, Graphis guineensis, Graphis nigeriensis, Graphis ondensis, Graphis bonplandii, Graphis petraea, Graphis striatula, Graphis zapallarensis, Graphis chromothecia, Graphis haleana, Graphis illiterata, Graphis inversa, Graphis lucifica, Graphis flabiliata, Graphis alboscripta, Graphis koreaiensis, Graphis centrifuga, Graphis madeirensis, Graphis elegans, Graphis dumastii, Graphis insidiosa, Graphis lactea, Graphis albida, Graphis albissima, Graphis albonitens, Graphis alborosella, Graphis anguilliformis, Graphis angustata, Graphis argopholis, Graphis assimilis, Graphis atroalba, Graphis aulacothecia, Graphis baileyana, Graphis brevissima, Graphis caesiella, Graphis chilensis, Graphis circumfusa, Graphis comparilis, Graphis coriacea, Graphis crassilabra, Graphis crebra, Graphis descissa, Graphis develatula, Graphis dumastoides, Graphis duplicata, Graphis elaeina, Graphis emersa, Graphis epimelaena, Graphis foliicola, Graphis glauca, Graphis glaucescens, Graphis glaucoderma, Graphis gracillima, Graphis grammitica, Graphis grammitis, Graphis gyridia, Graphis hypolepta, Graphis immersa, Graphis immersella, Graphis inconspicua, Graphis innata, Graphis intricata, Graphis inusta, Graphis laevigata, Graphis leprocarpa, Graphis leptocarpa, Graphis librata, Graphis lineola, Graphis malacodes, Graphis mucronata, Graphis nematodes, Graphis nigririmis, Graphis nitida, Graphis parmeliarum, Graphis pavoniana, Graphis persulcata, Graphis pertenella, Graphis phyllocharis, Graphis plumierae, Graphis poitiaeoides, Graphis polyclades, Graphis propinqua, Graphis pustulata, Graphis repleta, Graphis robustior, Graphis sayeri, Graphis semiaperta, Graphis subcontexta, Graphis subintricata, Graphis subinusta, Graphis subtenella, Graphis subtricosa, Graphis subvelata, Graphis subvirginea, Graphis tenella, Graphis timida, Graphis tumidulella, Graphis vermifera, Graphis vestita, Graphis vinosa, Graphis wilsoniana, Graphis yaucoënsis, Graphis scripta, Graphis hieroglyphica, Graphis rimulosa, Graphis subimmersa, Graphis anfractuosa, Graphis nagalandica, Graphis saxorum, Graphis albocolpata, Graphis dicarpoides, Graphis fissurata, Graphis pandanicola, Graphis saipanensis, Graphis brachyspora, Graphis elixii, Graphis xanthospora, Graphis eludens, Graphis paradoxica, Graphis stipitata, Graphis follmannii, Graphis apertella, Graphis catherinae, Graphis howeana, Graphis immersicans, Graphis kakaduensis, Graphis streimannii, Graphis subregularis, Graphis supracola, Graphis cicatricosa, Graphis bonplandii, Graphis caesia, Graphis comma, Graphis atroalba, Graphis atroleuca, Graphis brachycarpa, Graphis albissima, Graphis candidissima, Graphis vermiformis, Graphis conglomerata, Graphis ochroplaca, Graphis ramulosa, Graphis betulina, Graphis fraxinea, Graphis microcarpa, Graphis subtilis, Graphis aurita, Graphis serpentina, Graphis tortuosa, Graphis torta, Graphis vestita, Graphis dendroides, Graphis fulgurans, Graphis glaucoleucoides, Graphis coccinea, Graphis subinusta, Graphis collospora, Graphis columbiana, Graphis disserpens, Graphis fissurinoidea, Graphis gracilis, Graphis subintricata, Graphis inustula, Graphis massalongii, Graphis nitidescens, Graphis anguina, Graphis poitiaei, Graphis pyrrocheila, Graphis rugulosa, Graphis intricata, Graphis flexuosa, Graphis excellens, Graphis chlorocarpa, Graphis saxatilis, Graphis comma, Graphis ajarekarii, Graphis albinata, Graphis asahinae, Graphis imshaugii, Graphis isidiifera, Graphis longispora, Graphis meridionalis, Graphis nakanishiana, Graphis oshioi, Graphis patwardhanii, Graphis angolensis, Graphis glaucopis, Graphis njalensis, Graphis stygiocarachnoidea, Graphis subtorquens, Graphis zenkeri, Graphis annulata, Graphis dehiscens, Graphis flindersiae, Graphis hochreutineri, Graphis medusularis, Graphis mocimboënsis, Graphis olivacea, Graphis psidii, Graphis scolecitis, Graphis stromatoides, Graphis thoroldi, Graphis triticeella, Graphis leprieurii, Graphis angulata, Graphis confluens, Graphis divergens, Graphis glyphysoides, Graphis leucocheila, Graphis obtrita, Graphis patellula, Graphis sinensigrapha, Graphis insculpta, Graphis socotrana, Graphis consentanea, Graphis incrustans, Graphis inquinata, Graphis irradians, Graphis irregularis, Graphis leuconephela, Graphis novae-zelandiae, Graphis quassiaecola, Graphis radiata, Graphis viridescens, Graphis heteroclita, Graphis aethiopica, Graphis atrofusca, Graphis balfourii, Graphis polycarpa, Graphis renschiana, Graphis sorediella, Graphis varians, Graphis abapha, Graphis abaphoides, Graphis abducens, Graphis abstracta, Graphis acervulans, Graphis acharii, Graphis acuminata, Graphis adpressa, Graphis adscribens, Graphis abscripturiens, Graphis adtenuans, Graphis aeola, Graphis aequabilis, Graphis afinissima, Graphis aggregans, Graphis agminalis, Graphis albescens, Graphis albidolivens, Graphis albidula, Graphis albinula, Graphis albocinerea, Graphis alboglauca, Graphis albonotata, Graphis allorosporella, Graphis albostriata, Graphis ambrizensis, Graphis amicta, Graphis analoga, Graphis anguinaeformis, Graphis antillarum, Graphis aperiens, Graphis aperta, Graphis aphanes, Graphis arecae, Graphis arthonioides, Graphis articulata, Graphis asterella, Graphis asteriformis, Graphis asterizans, Graphis astraea, Graphis astroidea, Graphis aterrima, Graphis atrata, Graphis atroflava, Graphis atrosanguinea, Graphis attenuata, Graphis aurantiaca, Graphis awaënsis, Graphis bakeri, Graphis balasana, Graphis balbisii, Graphis balbisina, Graphis basaltica, Graphis batanensis, Graphis beaumontii, Graphis benguetensis, Graphis bicolor, Graphis bilabiata, Graphis botryosa, Graphis bougainvilleae, Graphis brachycarpa, Graphis brachycarpoides, Graphis bulacana, Graphis cabbalistica, Graphis caelata, Graphis caesiohians, Graphis caesiolabiata, Graphis caesioradians, Graphis campetes, Graphis canaliculata, Graphis candidata, Graphis canlaonensis, Graphis capillacea, Graphis carassensis, Graphis caribaea, Graphis cascarillae, Graphis celata, Graphis celtidis, Graphis ceratoides, Graphis cervina, Graphis cheilomegas, Graphis chlorocarpa, Graphis chlorocarpella, Graphis chlorocarpoides, Graphis chlorotica, Graphis chrysenterodes, Graphis chrysenteron, Graphis chrysocarpoides, Graphis cinerella, Graphis cinereoalba, Graphis cingalina, Graphis cinnabarina, Graphis cinnabarodes, Graphis circumradians, Graphis circumscripta, Graphis cirrhata, Graphis cladophora, Graphis cleistoblephara, Graphis cleistomma, Graphis cleitops, Graphis coarctata, Graphis cognata, Graphis colligata, Graphis colubrosa, Graphis columbina, Graphis cometia, Graphis commaculans, Graphis commatella, Graphis commutabilis, Graphis componens, Graphis compulsa, Graphis concisa, Graphis concolor, Graphis conferta, Graphis confinis, Graphis confluens, Graphis congesta, Graphis consimilis, Graphis consocians, Graphis contortuplicata, Graphis conturbata, Graphis convariata, Graphis cooperta, Graphis copelandii, Graphis crassa, Graphis curta, Graphis curvula, Graphis cymbegrapha, Graphis dealbata, Graphis decolorascens, Graphis decussata, Graphis deformis, Graphis deducta, Graphis delicatula, Graphis dendricoides, Graphis dendrogramma, Graphis dendroidea, Graphis deplanata, Graphis deserpens, Graphis desquamescens, Graphis detrita, Graphis devestiens, Graphis dialeuca, Graphis diaphoroides, Graphis difformis, Graphis diffracta, Graphis dilatata, Graphis dilatescens, Graphis dimidiata, Graphis dimorpha, Graphis dimorphiza, Graphis dimorphodes, Graphis diorygmatoides, Graphis diplocheila, Graphis discoides, Graphis discurrens, Graphis disserpens, Graphis proserpens, Graphis dissidens, Graphis distans, Graphis diversa, Graphis diversula, Graphis dividens, Graphis dolichographa, Graphis dracenae, Graphis dupaxana, Graphis durandii, Graphis egena, Graphis clavata, Graphis elliottii, Graphis elmeri, Graphis elongata, Graphis endocarpa, Graphis endophaeiza, Graphis endoxantha, Graphis epixantha, Graphis erminea, Graphis erubescens, Graphis erumpens, Graphis erythraea, Graphis erythrocardia, Graphis eugeniae, Graphis eulectra, Graphis evanescens, Graphis evanida, Graphis exalbata, Graphis exilior, Graphis exilis, Graphis exserta, Graphis exsertissima, Graphis exsolvens, Graphis extricata, Graphis extrusa, Graphis extrusula, Graphis fagorum, Graphis farinulenta, Graphis feei, Graphis fenicis, Graphis ferruginea, Graphis ficicola, Graphis firmula, Graphis fissofurcata, Graphis flavens, Graphis flavicans, Graphis flexibilis, Graphis flexuosa, Graphis floridana, Graphis frumentaria, Graphis fruticicola, Graphis fulgurans, Graphis fulgurata, Graphis fulminatrix, Graphis fumosa, Graphis furcata, Graphis furfuracea, Graphis fuscescens, Graphis fusisporella, Graphis galactodes, Graphis glaucella, Graphis glaucocaesia, Graphis glaucocinerea, Graphis glauconigra, Graphis glaucorufa, Graphis globulifica, Graphis glyphiza, Graphis gomphospora, Graphis gracilenta, Graphis gracilescens, Graphis graeffeana, Graphis granulata, Graphis grisea, Graphis grossula, Graphis guimarana, Graphis haematites, Graphis haemographa, Graphis hemisphaerica, Graphis heterocarpa, Graphis heterocarpoides, Graphis heterospora, Graphis hologlauca, Graphis hololeuca, Graphis hololeucoides, Graphis homogena, Graphis homographa, Graphis homographiza, Graphis hordeiformis, Graphis hossei, Graphis humilis, Graphis hyalinella, Graphis hydrina, Graphis hypoglauca, Graphis hypographa, Graphis hypoleptella, Graphis hypoleptelloides, Graphis ignea, Graphis illinata, Graphis illota, Graphis imparilis, Graphis implexella, Graphis implexula, Graphis implicata, Graphis impressopunctata, Graphis inabensis, Graphis inequalis, Graphis includens, Graphis incondita, Graphis indita, Graphis induta, Graphis infida, Graphis insignis, Graphis instabilis, Graphis instrata, Graphis intermedians, Graphis intermediella, Graphis internigricans, Graphis interrupta, Graphis intertexta, Graphis interversa, Graphis intexta, Graphis intortula, Graphis intricans, Graphis inturgescens, Graphis inustula, Graphis involuta, Graphis irosina, Graphis ceylanica, Graphis irradians, Graphis isidiosa, Graphis isographa, Graphis isographoides, Graphis iyoënsis, Graphis jatrophae, Graphis juglandis, Graphis junghuhnii, Graphis kermesina, Graphis kiiensis, Graphis kirtoniana, Graphis lactinella, Graphis laeviuscula, Graphis lapidicola, Graphis laubertiana, Graphis lecanographa, Graphis lecanorina, Graphis leiogramma, Graphis leiogrammodes, Graphis leioplaca, Graphis leprovostii, Graphis leprographa, Graphis leptina, Graphis leptoclada, Graphis leptogramma, Graphis leptospora, Graphis leucocarpa, Graphis leucocarpoides, Graphis leucolyta, Graphis leucoparypha, Graphis leucopepla, Graphis leucoxantha, Graphis longiramea, Graphis longula, Graphis lumbricina, Graphis lutescens, Graphis luzonensis, Graphis lynceodes, Graphis macella, Graphis macgregorii, Graphis macrospora, Graphis macularis, Graphis madagascariensis, Graphis maeandrata, Graphis malacoderma, Graphis maligna, Graphis maravalensis, Graphis marcescens, Graphis marginata, Graphis marginifera, Graphis massalongii, Graphis medusiformis, Graphis medusuloides, Graphis mendax, Graphis mesographa, Graphis mesographiza, Graphis mesoleucodes, Graphis mesospora, Graphis microscopica, Graphis mindanaoënsis, Graphis mitis, Graphis modesta, Graphis monophora, Graphis montagnei, Graphis moultonii, Graphis myriocarpa, Graphis nanodes, Graphis navicularis, Graphis nematodiza, Graphis nematoides, Graphis nigroglauca, Graphis nitidescens, Graphis nivea, Graphis noumeana, Graphis nylanderi, Graphis obtecta, Graphis obtusior, Graphis obuncula, Graphis ochracea, Graphis ochrocheila, Graphis octophora, Graphis orientalis, Graphis oryzaeformis, Graphis oryzoides, Graphis oscitans, Graphis oxyclada, Graphis pachnodes, Graphis pachygrapha, Graphis pachygraphiza, Graphis pachysporella, Graphis palmyrensis, Graphis pallida, Graphis pallido-ochracea, Graphis paradoxa, Graphis parallela, Graphis parilis, Graphis particeps, Graphis parvifica, Graphis passaniae, Graphis pauaiensis, Graphis pedata, Graphis peralbata, Graphis peralbida, Graphis perrigida, Graphis persicina, Graphis persimilis, Graphis perstriatula, Graphis pervarians, Graphis petrina, Graphis pezizoidea, Graphis phaeospora, Graphis philippina, Graphis phlyctidea, Graphis plagiocarpa, Graphis planata, Graphis planetocarpa, Graphis platycarpa, Graphis platycarpella, Graphis platycarpoides, Graphis platyleuca, Graphis poitiaei, Graphis polillensis, Graphis polymorpha, Graphis pongamiae, Graphis porrigens, Graphis prunastri, Graphis prunicola, Graphis pseudanaloga, Graphis pseudophlyctis, Graphis pseudosophistica, Graphis pudica, Graphis pulicaris, Graphis pulverulenta, Graphis pyrrocheila, Graphis pyrrocheiloides, Graphis quadrifera, Graphis radians, Graphis radiatoflexuosa, Graphis ramificans, Graphis ramosa, Graphis ramosoconnexa, Graphis regressa, Graphis regularis, Graphis reniformis, Graphis reptilis, Graphis revelatula, Graphis rigidula, Graphis rosea, Graphis roseocincta, Graphis rubella, Graphis rubiginosa, Graphis rubricosa, Graphis rudescens, Graphis rufopallida, Graphis rufula, Graphis rugosula, Graphis rustica, Graphis sandalon, Graphis sangrensis, Graphis sauroides, Graphis scalpturata, Graphis scaphella, Graphis schizogramma, Graphis schizograpta, Graphis schizoloma, Graphis schmidtii, Graphis schroederi, Graphis schubertii, Graphis sclerocarpa, Graphis scribillans, Graphis semiglyphis, Graphis seminuda, Graphis separanda, Graphis serograpta, Graphis serpens, Graphis serpentinella, Graphis serpentosa, Graphis sexlocularis, Graphis siamensis, Graphis simplex, Graphis simulans, Graphis singaporina, Graphis sitiana, Graphis smithii, Graphis samalensis, Graphis sophistica, Graphis sophisticascens, Graphis sophisticoides, Graphis sophisticula, Graphis sordida, Graphis sororcula, Graphis sorsogona, Graphis sphaerosporella, Graphis sphalera, Graphis spilota, Graphis sprucei, Graphis spumescens, Graphis stellulata, Graphis stenograpta, Graphis stenospora, Graphis stibea, Graphis straminea, Graphis stramineoglauca, Graphis striata, Graphis strigata, Graphis subacuta, Graphis subamylacea, Graphis subangustata, Graphis subassimilis, Graphis subbifida, Graphis subcabbalistica, Graphis subcandida, Graphis subcurva, Graphis subdisserpens, Graphis subdividens, Graphis subdiversa, Graphis subducta, Graphis subelegans, Graphis subfarinacea, Graphis subfulgurata, Graphis submarcescens, Graphis subnitens, Graphis subnitida, Graphis subnitidula, Graphis subnivescens, Graphis subobtecta, Graphis subocellata, Graphis subparilis, Graphis subrigida, Graphis subrufula, Graphis subscribillans, Graphis subserpentina, Graphis substriatula, Graphis subtigrina, Graphis subtracta, Graphis subtriticea, Graphis subvirginalis, Graphis superans, Graphis supernata, Graphis supertecta, Graphis symplecta, Graphis syngraphizans, Graphis tachygrapha, Graphis tapetica, Graphis tectigera, Graphis tenellula, Graphis tenuescens, Graphis tenuis, Graphis tenuissima, Graphis tetraphora, Graphis timidula, Graphis tonglonensis, Graphis tonkinensis, Graphis tortuosa, Graphis trabeata, Graphis trichospora, Graphis tricosa, Graphis triphora, Graphis triphoroides, Graphis triquetra, Graphis triticea, Graphis tsunodae, Graphis tuberculosa, Graphis tumida, Graphis tumulata, Graphis turbulenta, Graphis turgida, Graphis turgidula, Graphis ulcerata, Graphis umbrina, Graphis urandrae, Graphis valvulascens, Graphis venosa, Graphis venusta, Graphis vermicularis, Graphis verminosa, Graphis vernicosa, Graphis verrucariaeformis, Graphis verrucosa, Graphis vicarians, Graphis virens, Graphis virescens, Graphis virginalis, Graphis virginea, Graphis virginella, Graphis vittata, Graphis xanthocarpa, Graphis lobata, Graphis angusta, Graphis pruninosa, Graphis punctiformis, Graphis sericea, Graphis radaccensis, Graphis hebraica, Graphis herpetica, Graphis literella, Graphis notha, Graphis serpentina, Graphis vulgata, Graphis abbreviata, Graphis atra, Graphis betuligna, Graphis calcea, Graphis chrysocarpa, Graphis cicatrisans, Graphis coccinea, Graphis condaminea, Graphis congesta, Graphis dendritica, Graphis depressa, Graphis duplicata, Graphis endochroma, Graphis globosa, Graphis gyrocarpa, Graphis hiascens, Graphis hysterioides, Graphis limitata, Graphis lithyrga, Graphis lyellii, Graphis macrocarpa, Graphis medusula, Graphis nana, Graphis ovata, Graphis peruviana, Graphis phaea, Graphis prosodea, Graphis pruninata, Graphis pulverulenta, Graphis rhabdotis, Graphis rigida, Graphis ruiziana, Graphis scaphella, Graphis stenocarpa, Graphis sulcata, Graphis tectiformis, Graphis tumidula, Graphis umbrata, Graphis varia, Graphis verrucarioides, Graphis connata, Graphis paucilocularis, Graphis dendriticella, Graphis duplicans, Graphis glauca, Graphis palmarum, Graphis paragrapta, Graphis reticulata, Graphis dendroides, Graphis stenogramma, Graphis babingtonii, Graphis medusula, Graphis colliculosa, Graphis anguina, Graphis pyrrochroa, Graphis bicrenatula, Graphis buritica, Graphis caesiocarpa, Graphis caesioglauca, Graphis cervinonigra, Graphis chionophora, Graphis diagrapta, Graphis endophaea, Graphis epiphloea, Graphis formosana, Graphis glaucovirens, Graphis gonimica, Graphis granulocarpa, Graphis haemolobata, Graphis homichlodes, Graphis inspersa, Graphis kelungana, Graphis kjellbergii, Graphis latibasa, Graphis latissima, Graphis lignatilis, Graphis limae, Graphis micrograpta, Graphis micrograptoides, Graphis miniata, Graphis mozambica, Graphis myriocarpiza, Graphis myriocarpoides, Graphis ocellata, Graphis pallescens, Graphis palmensis, Graphis rhodastra, Graphis rockii, Graphis sanguinoloba, Graphis silicicola, Graphis spodoplaca, Graphis subdevelans, Graphis subintegra, Graphis subintricans, Graphis tigrinella, Graphis flabellans, Graphis geraënsis, Graphis altelii, Graphis rikuzensis, Graphis cinerea, Graphis viridis, Graphis cerasi, Graphis abietina, Graphis spathea, Graphis mosquitensis, Graphis bogoriensis, Graphis calyptica, Graphis collosporella, Graphis connectens, Graphis cumingii, Graphis denudans, Graphis handelii, Graphis hunana, Graphis inamoena, Graphis lussuënsis, Graphis multibrachiata, Graphis neglecta, Graphis oligospora, Graphis sapii, Graphis stenotera, Graphis subolivacea, Graphis atrorubens, Graphis leucothallina, Graphis adscripturiens, Graphis brevior, Graphis enteroleuca, Graphis hypoleptoides, Graphis leucographella, Graphis plurifera, Graphis stictiza, Graphis venuliformis, Graphis albosporella, Graphis inaequalis, Graphis leucographa, Graphis subintricata, Graphis caesia, Graphis batavana, Graphis bifera, Graphis bijlii, Graphis caesiopruinosa, Graphis castanopsidis, Graphis chungii, Graphis contexta, Graphis curtiuscula, Graphis cylindrica, Graphis dissimilis, Graphis elegantula, Graphis erythrella, Graphis increbrior, Graphis javanica, Graphis karstenii, Graphis labuana, Graphis labyrinthica, Graphis lopingensis, Graphis manhaviensis, Graphis monospora, Graphis multisepta, Graphis overeemii, Graphis pelletieri, Graphis petraea, Graphis pinicola, Graphis polyrrhiza, Graphis rugulosa, Graphis scaphella, Graphis schiffneri, Graphis setschwanensis, Graphis streblocarpa, Graphis subcaesia, Graphis theae, Graphis treubii, Graphis tricosula, Graphis vellea, Graphis vermiculus, Graphis zollingeri, Graphis zonatula, Graphis muscicola, Graphis brevicarpa, Graphis cuiabensis, Graphis hyphosa, Graphis subcinerea, Graphis subserpens, Graphis leptaleocarpa, Graphis patula, Graphis subvestita, Graphis alpestris, Graphis britannica, Graphis albotecta, Graphis crystallifera, Graphis vestitoides, Graphis aquilonia, Graphis ramificans, Graphis bonplandiae, Graphis leptalocarpa, Graphis manhaviënsis, Graphis yaucoensis, Graphis hunanensis, Graphis isidiza, Graphis luluensis, Graphis discarpa, Graphis cristobalensis, Graphis alloafzelii, Graphis pyrrhocheila, Graphis pyrrhocheiloides, Graphis pyrrhocheila, Graphis pyrrhochroa, Graphis alboglaucescens, Graphis eburnea, Graphis filiformis, Graphis meghalayaensis, Graphis salacinilongiramea, Graphis subvittata, Graphis valparaiensis, Graphis sitapurensis, Graphis distincta, Graphis longissima, Graphis flavovirens, Graphis palmicola, Graphis insularis, Graphis dispersa, Graphis leptocarpoides, Graphis chloroalba, Graphis argentius, Graphis tetralocularis, Graphis xylophaga, Graphis mexicana, Graphis daintreensis, Graphis elixiana, Graphis albidofarinacea, Graphis cinnamomea, Graphis colliculoides, Graphis kollaimalaiensis, Graphis nigrocarpa, Graphis nilgiriensis, Graphis verruciformis, Graphis pertricosa, Graphis saxicola, Graphis hiascens, Graphis tenuirima, Graphis atrocelata, Graphis borealis, Graphis celata, Graphis lumbschii, Graphis fujianensis, Graphis novae-zealandiae, Graphis meghalayensis, Graphis nerurensis, Graphis polystriata, Graphis sundarbanensis, Graphis altamirensis, Graphis argentata, Graphis bettinae, Graphis bipartita, Graphis chondroplaca, Graphis duplicatoinspersa, Graphis dichotoma, Graphis firferi, Graphis flavoaltamirensis, Graphis flavominiata, Graphis fournierii, Graphis gomezii, Graphis granulosa, Graphis gregmuelleri, Graphis hypocrellina, Graphis inspersostictica, Graphis insulana, Graphis litoralis, Graphis mirabilis, Graphis multisulcata, Graphis myrtacea, Graphis nuda, Graphis nudaeformis, Graphis oryzaecarpa, Graphis paradisserpens, Graphis paraserpens, Graphis pittieri, Graphis plurispora, Graphis pseudocinerea, Graphis pseudoserpens, Graphis puiggarii, Graphis rhizocola, Graphis subchrysocarpa, Graphis subcontorta, Graphis subflexibilis, Graphis subhiascens, Graphis submarginata, Graphis marginata, Graphis subruiziana, Graphis subturgidula, Graphis tenoriensis, Graphis xylophaga, Graphis cinerea, Graphis consanguinea, Graphis coenensis, Graphis lutescens, Graphis cycasicola, Graphis pedunculata, Graphis fournieri, Graphis massalongoi, Graphis massalongoi, Graphis eimeoensis, Graphis gloriosensis, Graphis immersoides, Graphis lutea, Graphis nuda, Graphis neoraensis, Graphis guangdongensis, Graphis bylii, Graphis verrucariiformis, Graphis allosporella, Graphis leprevostii, Graphis virginea, Graphis collinsiae, Graphis maritima, Graphis dussii, Graphis flavopalmicola, Graphis sauroidea, Graphis paradussii, Graphis kousyuensis, Graphis isidiata, Graphis cremicolor, Graphis jeanmuelleri, Graphis galactoderma, Graphis japonica, Graphis novopalmicola, Graphis plumbea, Graphis riopiedrensis, Graphis sulphurella, Graphis neoelongata, Graphis cincta, Graphis subvernicosa, Graphis evirescens, Graphis oxyspora, Graphis apoda, Graphis subalbostriata, Graphis ingarum, Graphis subradiata, Graphis quassiicola, Graphis brahmanensis, Graphis breussii, Graphis cupei, Graphis funilina, Graphis inspersolongula, Graphis leucaenae, Graphis lourdesina, Graphis myolensis, Graphis nadurina, Graphis norstictica, Graphis pernambucoradians, Graphis pilarensis, Graphis sarawakensis, Graphis stellata, Graphis subcelata, Graphis subintermedians, Graphis syzygii, Graphis negrosina, Graphis paralleloides, Graphis parallela, Graphis subtecta, Graphis maharashtrana, Graphis panhalensis, Graphis elevativerrucosa, Graphis caribica, Graphis cerradensis, Graphis itatiaiensis, Graphis marusae, Graphis subelmeri, Graphis subserpens, Graphis elongata, Graphis elongata, Graphis computata, Graphis castanocarpa, Graphis archeri, Graphis invisibilis, Graphis lueckingii, Graphis paranaensis, Graphis appendiculata, Graphis parvicarpa, Graphis sterlingiana, Graphis poitaeoides, Graphis poitaei, Graphis brittoniae, Graphis hinnulea, Graphis elevata, Graphis arbusculaeformis, Graphis norvestitoides, Graphis pseudoaquilonia, Graphis rongklaensis, Graphis allugallenensis, Graphis dotalugalensis, Graphis knucklensis, Graphis srilankensis, Graphis inustuloides, Graphis cambodiensis, Graphis taneina, Graphis apertoinspersa, Graphis pitmanii, Graphis brachylirellata, Graphis pergracilis, Graphis koreana, Graphis fissurinoides, Graphis jejuensis, Graphis boliviana, Graphis seawardii, Graphis plumbeidisca, Graphis bungartzii, Graphis chamelensis, Graphis rosae-emiliae, Graphis longissimea, Graphis daintriensis, Graphis marusa, Graphis rufopallens, Graphis kurokawae, Graphis wangii, Graphis rhizicola, Graphis aptrootiana, Graphis vandenboomiana, Graphis paraschiffneri, Graphis australosiamensis, Graphis tetracarbonisata, Graphis jinhuana, Graphis pananensis, Graphis subdussii, Graphis subinsulana, Graphis amazonica, Graphis pustulosa, Graphis rondoniana, Graphis murali-elegans, Graphis nigroglobosa, Graphis barillae, Graphis bernadettae, Graphis submirabilis, Graphis subelongata, Graphis leptotremoides, Graphis upretii, Graphis manipurensis, Graphis sirohiensis, Graphis obtectostriata, Graphis dussi, Graphis subdisserpens f. arbusculaeformis, Graphis subdisserpens f. irregularem, Graphis hongkongensis, Graphis pustulata α alutacea, Graphis pustulata β haematotropa, Graphis pustulata γ fuliginosa, Graphis disserpens var. disserpens, Graphis anguiniformis, Graphis rufula f. rufula, Graphis rufula var. rufula, Graphis subdisserpens f. subdisserpens, Graphis anguina var. anguina, Graphis anguina var. pulverulenta, Graphis anguina var. radiata, Graphis anguina f. anguina, Graphis anguina f. radiata, Graphis rigida var. ochroleucodes, Graphis gibberosa, Graphis arbusculiformis, Graphis balansana, Graphis affinissima, Graphis awashtii, Graphis darjeelingensis, Graphis thoroldii, Graphis fulvescens, Graphis bukittimaensis, Graphis singaporensis, Graphis yunnanensis, Graphis chrysentera, Graphis pruinata, Graphis sect. Chaenographis, Graphis sect. Eugraphis, Graphis sect. Opegrapha
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