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General information

 Summary:Hypoderma De Not., Giornale Botanico Italiano 2 (7-8): 13 (1847) [MB#2438] 
 Synonymy:≡Hypodermopsis Kuntze, Revisio generum plantarum 3 (2): 487 (1898) [MB#2441]
=Lophoderma Chevall., Journal de Physiologie de Chimistrie d'Histoire Naturelle et des Arts 94: 31 (1822) [MB#2937]
=Epidermella Tehon, Illinois Biology Monographs 13: 119 (1935) [MB#1859]
=Locelliderma Tehon, Illinois Biology Monographs 13: 122 (1935) [MB#2912]
 MycoBank #:2438 
 Authors:De Notaris
 Authors (abbreviated):De Not.
 Page #:13
 Year of publication:1847
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Type specimen or ex type:
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Hypoderma abietinum, Hypoderma aceris, Hypoderma actinothyrium, Hypoderma agapanthi, Hypoderma alborubrum, Hypoderma allicina, Hypoderma allicinum, Hypoderma allii, Hypoderma alpinum, Hypoderma ampelodesmi, Hypoderma andinum, Hypoderma antarcticum, Hypoderma apiculatum, Hypoderma apocyni, Hypoderma aquilinum, Hypoderma arundinaceum, Hypoderma asphodeli, Hypoderma aurantii, Hypoderma berberidis, Hypoderma bidwillii, Hypoderma bihospitum, Hypoderma borneense, Hypoderma bovis, Hypoderma brachysporum, Hypoderma brachysporum, Hypoderma breve, Hypoderma campanulatum, Hypoderma caricinum, Hypoderma caricinum, Hypoderma caricis, Hypoderma carinatum, Hypoderma caryae, Hypoderma cassandrae, Hypoderma ciliatum, Hypoderma clavuligerum, Hypoderma commune, Hypoderma conigenum, Hypoderma conigenum, Hypoderma cookianum, Hypoderma cordylines, Hypoderma corni, Hypoderma crispum, Hypoderma culmigenum, Hypoderma cunninghamiae, Hypoderma cuspidatum, Hypoderma deformans, Hypoderma desmazieri, Hypoderma desmazierii, Hypoderma dracaenae, Hypoderma dryadis, Hypoderma dundasicum, Hypoderma epilobii, Hypoderma epimedii, Hypoderma equiseti, Hypoderma ericae, Hypoderma eucalypti, Hypoderma eupatorii, Hypoderma euphorbiae, Hypoderma exaridum, Hypoderma eximium, Hypoderma expallens, Hypoderma ferulae, Hypoderma fraxini, Hypoderma frondicola, Hypoderma fuegianum, Hypoderma gaultheriae, Hypoderma gentianae, Hypoderma gracile, Hypoderma handelii, Hypoderma hansbroughii, Hypoderma hederae, Hypoderma hedgcockii, Hypoderma herbarum, Hypoderma heteromelis, Hypoderma heterosporum, Hypoderma hispanicum, Hypoderma hysterioides, Hypoderma ilicina, Hypoderma ilicinum, Hypoderma insulare, Hypoderma junipericola, Hypoderma juniperinum, Hypoderma kerriae, Hypoderma labiorum-aurantiorum, Hypoderma laminariae, Hypoderma laricinum, Hypoderma lauri, Hypoderma ledi, Hypoderma leptothecium, Hypoderma leschenaultii, Hypoderma lethale, Hypoderma liliense, Hypoderma liliensis, Hypoderma linderae, Hypoderma lineare, Hypoderma longisporum, Hypoderma longissima, Hypoderma longissimum, Hypoderma macrospora, Hypoderma maculare, Hypoderma mahuianum, Hypoderma melaleucum, Hypoderma mexicanum, Hypoderma mirabile, Hypoderma namyslowskii, Hypoderma neesii, Hypoderma nervisequum, Hypoderma nitidum, Hypoderma obtectum, Hypoderma oleae, Hypoderma orbiculare, Hypoderma osmundae, Hypoderma oxyascum, Hypoderma oxycocci, Hypoderma oxycoccos, Hypoderma pacificensis, Hypoderma pedatum, Hypoderma petersii, Hypoderma petiolicola, Hypoderma pilgerodendri, Hypoderma pinastri, Hypoderma pini, Hypoderma pinicola, Hypoderma plantarum, Hypoderma platyplacum, Hypoderma podocarpi, Hypoderma polygonati, Hypoderma ptarmicola, Hypoderma pteridis, Hypoderma punctiforme, Hypoderma pusillum, Hypoderma qinlingense, Hypoderma quercinum, Hypoderma rhododendri, Hypoderma rhododendri-mariesii, Hypoderma robergei, Hypoderma robustum, Hypoderma rostrupii, Hypoderma rufilabrum, Hypoderma sabinae, Hypoderma saccatum, Hypoderma sarmentorum, Hypoderma scirpinum, Hypoderma seriatum, Hypoderma shimanense, Hypoderma shiqii, Hypoderma shiraiana, Hypoderma shiraianum, Hypoderma siculum, Hypoderma sigmoideum, Hypoderma skimmiae, Hypoderma smilacicola, Hypoderma smilacis, Hypoderma sphaerioides, Hypoderma sphaerioides, Hypoderma sphaerioides α ledi, Hypoderma sphaerioides β empetri, Hypoderma sphaeroides, Hypoderma sphaeroides var. empetri, Hypoderma sphaeroides var. ledi, Hypoderma sphaeroides var. sphaeroides, Hypoderma sphaeroides α ledi, Hypoderma sphaeroides β empetri, Hypoderma stephanandrae, Hypoderma sticheri, Hypoderma striaeforme, Hypoderma striiformis, Hypoderma strobi, Hypoderma strobicola, Hypoderma sulcigenum, Hypoderma tarandi, Hypoderma tenellum, Hypoderma thujae, Hypoderma thuyae, Hypoderma tillandsiae, Hypoderma tumidulum, Hypoderma tunicatum, Hypoderma typhinum, Hypoderma urniforme, Hypoderma variegatum, Hypoderma velatum, Hypoderma viburni, Hypoderma vincetoxici, Hypoderma virgultorum, Hypoderma virgultorum β vincetoxici, Hypoderma werthianum, Hypoderma xylomoides
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