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General information

 Summary:Hypogymnia (Nyl.) Nyl., Les Lichens des Environs de Paris: 39, 139 (1896) [MB#2445] 
 Synonymy:≡Parmelia subgen. Hypogymnia Nyl., Flora (Regensburg) 64 (34): 537 (1881) [MB#700341]
=Ceratophyllum M. Choisy, Bulletin Mens. Soc. linn. Lyon: 137 (1951) [MB#893]
 MycoBank #:2445 
 Authors:(Nylander) Nylander
 Authors (abbreviated):(Nyl.) Nyl.
 Page #:39, 139
 Year of publication:1896
 Name type:Combination 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
138 Associated records (click to hide):
Hypogymnia almquistii, Hypogymnia alpicola, Hypogymnia alpina, Hypogymnia amplexa, Hypogymnia antarctica, Hypogymnia apinnata, Hypogymnia arcuata, Hypogymnia asahinae, Hypogymnia atrofusca, Hypogymnia austerodes, Hypogymnia australica, Hypogymnia beringiana, Hypogymnia billardierei, Hypogymnia bitteri, Hypogymnia bitteriana, Hypogymnia bryophila, Hypogymnia bulbosa, Hypogymnia bullata, Hypogymnia canadensis, Hypogymnia capitata, Hypogymnia castanea, Hypogymnia congesta, Hypogymnia cornuta, Hypogymnia crystallina, Hypogymnia delavayi, Hypogymnia deserti, Hypogymnia deusta, Hypogymnia dichroma, Hypogymnia diffractaica, Hypogymnia duplicata, Hypogymnia duplicatoides, Hypogymnia elgonensis, Hypogymnia elongata, Hypogymnia encausta, Hypogymnia enteromorpha, Hypogymnia enteromorphoides, Hypogymnia farinacea, Hypogymnia fistulosa, Hypogymnia flavida, Hypogymnia fragillima, Hypogymnia fujisanensis, Hypogymnia furfuracea, Hypogymnia gracilis, Hypogymnia guadalupensis, Hypogymnia hengduanensis, Hypogymnia heterophylla, Hypogymnia hokkaidensis, Hypogymnia hultenii, Hypogymnia hypotrypa, Hypogymnia hypotrypella, Hypogymnia imshaugii, Hypogymnia inactiva, Hypogymnia incurvoides, Hypogymnia inflata, Hypogymnia intestiniformis, Hypogymnia irregularis, Hypogymnia kangdingensis, Hypogymnia kiboensis, Hypogymnia kosciuskoensis, Hypogymnia krogiae, Hypogymnia krogii, Hypogymnia laccata, Hypogymnia laminisorediata, Hypogymnia laminosorediata, Hypogymnia laxa, Hypogymnia lijiangensis, Hypogymnia lophyrea, Hypogymnia lugubris, Hypogymnia macrospora, Hypogymnia madeirensis, Hypogymnia magnifica, Hypogymnia metaphysodes, Hypogymnia minilobata, Hypogymnia mollis, Hypogymnia mundata, Hypogymnia nikkoensis, Hypogymnia nitida, Hypogymnia obscurata, Hypogymnia occidentalis, Hypogymnia oceanica, Hypogymnia oroarctica, Hypogymnia papilliformis, Hypogymnia pectinatula, Hypogymnia pendula, Hypogymnia pertusa, Hypogymnia physodes, Hypogymnia protea, Hypogymnia proteus, Hypogymnia pruinoidea, Hypogymnia pruinosa, Hypogymnia pseudobitteriana, Hypogymnia pseudocyphellata, Hypogymnia pseudoenteromorpha, Hypogymnia pseudohypotrypa, Hypogymnia pseudohypotrypa, Hypogymnia pseudophysodes, Hypogymnia pseudopruinosa, Hypogymnia pulchrilobata, Hypogymnia pulverata, Hypogymnia recurva, Hypogymnia rhodesiana, Hypogymnia rugosa, Hypogymnia sachalinensis, Hypogymnia sachalinensis, Hypogymnia salsa, Hypogymnia saxicola, Hypogymnia schizidiata, Hypogymnia sibirica, Hypogymnia sikkimensis, Hypogymnia sinica, Hypogymnia solidepedicellata, Hypogymnia stricta, Hypogymnia subarticulata, Hypogymnia subcapitata, Hypogymnia subcrustacea, Hypogymnia subduplicata, Hypogymnia subfarinacea, Hypogymnia submundata, Hypogymnia subobscura, Hypogymnia subphysodes, Hypogymnia subpruinosa, Hypogymnia subteres, Hypogymnia subvittata, Hypogymnia taiwanalpina, Hypogymnia tasmanica, Hypogymnia tavaresii, Hypogymnia tenuispora, Hypogymnia thomsoniana, Hypogymnia tubularis, Hypogymnia tubulosa, Hypogymnia turgidula, Hypogymnia turgidula, Hypogymnia verruculosa, Hypogymnia vittata, Hypogymnia wattiana, Hypogymnia wilfiana, Hypogymnia yunnanensis, Hypogymnia zeylanica
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