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General information

 Summary:Lobaria (Schreb.) Hoffm., Deutschlands Flora oder botanisches Taschenbuch. Zweyter Theil für das Jahr 1795. Cryptogamie: 138 (1796) [MB#2907] 
 Synonymy:≡Lichen sect. Lobaria Schreb., Genera plantarum: 768 (1791) [MB#700273]
≡Lobaria subgen. Lobaria (Schreb.) Hoffm., Deutschlands Flora oder botanisches Taschenbuch. Zweyter Theil für das Jahr 1795. Cryptogamie: 138 (1796) [MB#549041]
≡Stictomyces E.A. Thomas ex Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 47, 73 (1953) [MB#5239]
=Pulmonaria Hoffm., Descr. et Adumb. Plant. Lich.: 3 (1789) [MB#4548]
=Anomalobaria Moncada & Lücking, The Lichenologist 45 (2): 221 (2013) [MB#801853]
 MycoBank #:2907 
 Authors:(Schreber) Hoffmann 
 Authors (abbreviated):(Schreb.) Hoffm. 
 Page #:138 
 Year of effective publication:1796 
 Name type:Combination 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Lobaria acetabulum, Lobaria aculeata, Lobaria adpressa, Lobaria adscripta, Lobaria adscripturiens, Lobaria adusta, Lobaria africana, Lobaria aipolia, Lobaria albida, Lobaria albidoglaucescens, Lobaria ambigua, Lobaria americana, Lobaria amphisticta, Lobaria amplissima, Lobaria angustifolia, Lobaria anomala, Lobaria anthraspis, Lobaria aquatica, Lobaria aquila, Lobaria arnoldii, Lobaria asiatica, Lobaria asperula, Lobaria asticta, Lobaria astroidea, Lobaria aurata, Lobaria awasthiana, Lobaria awasthiana, Lobaria beckettii, Lobaria billardierei, Lobaria botryoides, Lobaria buiensis, Lobaria caesia, Lobaria calicaris, Lobaria calycaris, Lobaria candelaria, Lobaria caperata, Lobaria carassensis, Lobaria carpolomoides, Lobaria casarettiana, Lobaria centrifuga, Lobaria chinensis, Lobaria chrysoleuca, Lobaria chrysophthalma, Lobaria ciliaris, Lobaria ciliata, Lobaria cinereoglauca, Lobaria clemensae, Lobaria clemensiae, Lobaria cocoës, Lobaria colensoi, Lobaria commixta, Lobaria comorensis, Lobaria concolor, Lobaria conformis, Lobaria conspersa, Lobaria corallicola, Lobaria coralligera, Lobaria coriacea, Lobaria corrosa, Lobaria crassiformis, Lobaria crassior, Lobaria crenulata, Lobaria crocata, Lobaria cucullata, Lobaria cuprea, Lobaria damaecornis, Lobaria damicornis, Lobaria denatata, Lobaria dendrophora, Lobaria denudata, Lobaria denudata, Lobaria deplanata, Lobaria diaphana, Lobaria dichotoma, Lobaria dichotomoides, Lobaria dichroa, Lobaria dictyophora, Lobaria dictyota, Lobaria dilacerata, Lobaria discolor, Lobaria dissecta, Lobaria dissecta, Lobaria dissimulata, Lobaria dubia, Lobaria elaeodes, Lobaria endochroma, Lobaria endochrysa, Lobaria entabenensis, Lobaria episticta, Lobaria epovae, Lobaria erosa, Lobaria excisa, Lobaria exornata, Lobaria fahlunensis, Lobaria fallax, Lobaria farinacea, Lobaria faxinensis, Lobaria fendleri, Lobaria ferax, Lobaria filicinella, Lobaria filix, Lobaria flammea, Lobaria flava, Lobaria flavicans, Lobaria fossulata, Lobaria fraxinea, Lobaria fraxinensis, Lobaria freycinetii, Lobaria fulva, Lobaria fulvocinerea, Lobaria furfuracea, Lobaria fuscotomentosa, Lobaria garovaglii, Lobaria garovaglioi, Lobaria glaberrima, Lobaria glaberrima, Lobaria glaberrima, Lobaria glauca, Lobaria glaucolurida, Lobaria glomerulifera, Lobaria glomulifera, Lobaria granulata, Lobaria gyrophorica, Lobaria hallii, Lobaria hartmannii, Lobaria hengduanensis, Lobaria herbacea, Lobaria hertelii, Lobaria himalayensis, Lobaria hirta, Lobaria hispida, Lobaria holstiana, Lobaria homeophylla, Lobaria homoeophylla, Lobaria hookeri, Lobaria horikawai, Lobaria humberii, Lobaria hypopsiloides, Lobaria immixta, Lobaria incurva, Lobaria insinuans, Lobaria insularis, Lobaria intermedia, Lobaria interversans, Lobaria irrugulosa, Lobaria isidiophora, Lobaria isidiosa, Lobaria islandica, Lobaria japonica, Lobaria juniperina, Lobaria kazawaensis, Lobaria kenyensis, Lobaria kurokawae, Lobaria lacera, Lobaria laciniata, Lobaria lacunosa, Lobaria laetevirens, Lobaria laevigata, Lobaria laqueata, Lobaria latifrons, Lobaria latilobulata, Lobaria leucocarpa, Lobaria leucomela, Lobaria leucomelaena, Lobaria leucomelaena, Lobaria lineariloba, Lobaria linearis, Lobaria linita, Lobaria lobulata, Lobaria lobulifera, Lobaria lucaeana, Lobaria luceana, Lobaria luridescens, Lobaria macaronesica, Lobaria macaronesica, Lobaria macgregorii, Lobaria macrophylla, Lobaria macrophylla, Lobaria marginata, Lobaria marginifera, Lobaria masonii, Lobaria meridionalis, Lobaria miniata, Lobaria minor, Lobaria mollissima, Lobaria montagnei, Lobaria multifida, Lobaria muralis, Lobaria natalensis, Lobaria nipponica, Lobaria nitida, Lobaria nivalis, Lobaria obscura, Lobaria ochracea, Lobaria ochrotropa, Lobaria odontella, Lobaria olivacea, Lobaria olivacea, Lobaria orbicularis, Lobaria oregana, Lobaria orientalis, Lobaria ornata, Lobaria orygmaea, Lobaria paleacea, Lobaria pallescens, Lobaria pallida, Lobaria papillaris, Lobaria parietina, Lobaria parvula, Lobaria patagonica, Lobaria patinifera, Lobaria peltigera, Lobaria perforata, Lobaria perlata, Lobaria philippina, Lobaria phyllocarpa, Lobaria physciospora, Lobaria physodes, Lobaria picta, Lobaria pinastri, Lobaria pindarensis, Lobaria platyloba, Lobaria platyphylla, Lobaria plotnikovii, Lobaria plurimiseptata, Lobaria polycarpa, Lobaria populina, Lobaria prunastri, Lobaria pseudoglaberrima, Lobaria pseudolivacea, Lobaria pseudopulmonaria, Lobaria pseudoretigera, Lobaria pubescens, Lobaria pulla, Lobaria pulmonacea, Lobaria pulmonaria, Lobaria pulveracea, Lobaria pulverulenta, Lobaria punctulata, Lobaria quercina, Lobaria quercizans, Lobaria radiosa, Lobaria ravenelii, Lobaria retigera, Lobaria rhaphispora, Lobaria rigida, Lobaria robinsonii, Lobaria rubella, Lobaria rubina, Lobaria saccata, Lobaria sachalinensis, Lobaria saepincola, Lobaria saxatilis, Lobaria saxicola, Lobaria schaereri, Lobaria scrobiculata, Lobaria semipinnata, Lobaria sepincola, Lobaria silvae-veteris, Lobaria sinuosa, Lobaria spathulata, Lobaria speciosa, Lobaria sphyridioides, Lobaria splachnirima, Lobaria squarrosa, Lobaria stellaris, Lobaria stictaeformis, Lobaria stygia, Lobaria subamplissima, Lobaria subcaperata, Lobaria subcoriacea, Lobaria subcorrosa, Lobaria subdissecta, Lobaria subexornata, Lobaria subgen. Durietzia, Lobaria subgen. Lobaria, Lobaria subinterversans, Lobaria sublaevis, Lobaria submarginale, Lobaria submarginalis, Lobaria submultiseriata, Lobaria subpinnata, Lobaria subretigera, Lobaria subscrobiculata, Lobaria subvariabilis, Lobaria tegularis, Lobaria tenella, Lobaria tenuior, Lobaria tenuis, Lobaria terebrata, Lobaria terrebrata, Lobaria tiliacea, Lobaria tinctoria, Lobaria tomentosa, Lobaria tricolor, Lobaria tristis, Lobaria tuberculata, Lobaria tuberculosa, Lobaria urvillea, Lobaria urvillei, Lobaria vaccina, Lobaria variabilis, Lobaria variegata, Lobaria verrucosa, Lobaria versicolor, Lobaria vesiculosa, Lobaria virens, Lobaria weissii, Lobaria wightii, Lobaria yakusimensis, Lobaria yatabeana, Lobaria yoshimurae, Lobaria yulongensis, Lobaria yunnanensis, Lobaria zahlbruckneri
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