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General information

 Summary:Lopadium Körb., Systema lichenum Germaniae: 210 (1855) [MB#2924] 
 Synonymy:=Lopadiomyces Cif. & Tomas., Atti dell'Istituto Botanico della Università e Laboratorio Crittogamico di Pavia 10 (1): 64 (1953) [MB#2921] 
 MycoBank #:2924 
 Authors (abbreviated):Körb.
 Page #:210
 Year of publication:1855
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Comment on name status:nomen conservandum
 Sanctioned by:- 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
165 Associated records (click to hide):
Lopadium admixtum, Lopadium affine, Lopadium albosuffusum, Lopadium allanii, Lopadium alpinum, Lopadium amaurum, Lopadium applanatum, Lopadium arachnoideum, Lopadium argenteum, Lopadium argyromelum, Lopadium arthonioides, Lopadium athalloides, Lopadium augustinii, Lopadium aurantiacum, Lopadium austroindicum, Lopadium begoniae, Lopadium betulinum, Lopadium biatorellum, Lopadium bicolor, Lopadium biferum, Lopadium bilimbioides, Lopadium brisbanense, Lopadium burnetae, Lopadium burnetae, Lopadium burnetiae, Lopadium cacuminum, Lopadium callichroum, Lopadium carneum, Lopadium castaneum, Lopadium chacoensis, Lopadium chacoënse, Lopadium chrysostictum, Lopadium cinchonae, Lopadium citrinum, Lopadium coelopum, Lopadium coorgianum, Lopadium coralloideum, Lopadium couepiae, Lopadium cretaceum, Lopadium crinitum, Lopadium cupuliferum, Lopadium cuticulum, Lopadium cytharinum, Lopadium deightonii, Lopadium delicatulum, Lopadium deliculatum, Lopadium didymopanacis, Lopadium diffluens, Lopadium disciforme, Lopadium dodgei, Lopadium domingense, Lopadium duplicatum, Lopadium elliottii, Lopadium epiphyllum, Lopadium exiguellum, Lopadium fecundum, Lopadium ferrugineum, Lopadium ferrungineum, Lopadium flammeum, Lopadium foliicola, Lopadium fulgurans, Lopadium fusccum, Lopadium fuscoluteum, Lopadium fuscum, Lopadium gemellum, Lopadium gilvum, Lopadium glaucinum, Lopadium glaucophaeodes, Lopadium glaucophaeopsis, Lopadium granuliferum, Lopadium granulosum, Lopadium hepaticicola, Lopadium hepaticola, Lopadium heterosporum, Lopadium hiroshii, Lopadium hossei, Lopadium inconspicuum, Lopadium inocarpi, Lopadium insidens, Lopadium intermedium, Lopadium ionoexcipulum, Lopadium japonicum, Lopadium lecanorellum, Lopadium lecanorinum, Lopadium leprieurii, Lopadium leucoxanthoides, Lopadium leucoxanthum, Lopadium lividum, Lopadium mariae, Lopadium mastocheilum, Lopadium mastophorum, Lopadium megapotamicum, Lopadium melaleucum, Lopadium melanocardium, Lopadium membranula, Lopadium microglaenoides, Lopadium minutum, Lopadium miradorense, Lopadium moelleri, Lopadium molleri, Lopadium monosporum, Lopadium murinum, Lopadium muscicola, Lopadium newtonianum, Lopadium newtonii, Lopadium nigrobrunneum, Lopadium nipponicum, Lopadium nymanii, Lopadium obscuratum, Lopadium ochraceoluteum, Lopadium ochrolechioides, Lopadium olivaceum, Lopadium palniense, Lopadium palniensis, Lopadium parabolum, Lopadium pauciseptatum, Lopadium paulense, Lopadium peribyssicum, Lopadium perpallidum, Lopadium pezizoideum, Lopadium phycophorum, Lopadium phycophyllum, Lopadium phyllocharis, Lopadium phyllogenum, Lopadium phyllophilum, Lopadium pilocarpoides, Lopadium pilosellum, Lopadium puiggarii, Lopadium pulchrum, Lopadium purpuratum, Lopadium pycnoblastum, Lopadium rubicundulum, Lopadium sandwicense, Lopadium saxicola, Lopadium saxicolum, Lopadium sayeri, Lopadium secubans, Lopadium sepiaceum, Lopadium shikokianum, Lopadium sociale, Lopadium sophodinum, Lopadium stenosporum, Lopadium stephanellum, Lopadium subamaurum, Lopadium subcoerulescens, Lopadium subcoralloideum, Lopadium subobscuratum, Lopadium subpilosum, Lopadium subvelutinum, Lopadium tayabasense, Lopadium thaxteri, Lopadium tolstoii, Lopadium tonkinense, Lopadium trichophorum, Lopadium triste, Lopadium turbinatum, Lopadium urceolatum, Lopadium vagans, Lopadium venustulum, Lopadium vermiculiferum, Lopadium virens, Lopadium vulgare, Lopadium vulpinum, Lopadium willianum, Lopadium woodii
 Type name:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 

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