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General information

 Summary:Lophiotrema Sacc., Michelia 1 (3): 338 (1878) [MB#2934] 
 MycoBank #:2934 
 Authors (abbreviated):Sacc.
 Page #:338
 Year of publication:1878

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
138 Associated records (click to hide):
Lophiotrema aequivocum, Lophiotrema affine, Lophiotrema alpigenum, Lophiotrema alpinum, Lophiotrema ampelinum, Lophiotrema anaxaeum, Lophiotrema andicola, Lophiotrema angustilabrum, Lophiotrema antarcticum, Lophiotrema argentinense, Lophiotrema artemisiae, Lophiotrema arundinariae, Lophiotrema atraphaxidis, Lophiotrema atraphaxis, Lophiotrema auctum, Lophiotrema australe, Lophiotrema bambusae, Lophiotrema bolivarii, Lophiotrema boreale, Lophiotrema boreale, Lophiotrema borealiforme, Lophiotrema braunii, Lophiotrema brunneosporum, Lophiotrema byssisedum, Lophiotrema cadubriae, Lophiotrema castaneae, Lophiotrema cercocarpi, Lophiotrema chilense, Lophiotrema chilense, Lophiotrema coffeicola, Lophiotrema coluteae, Lophiotrema cookei, Lophiotrema coryli, Lophiotrema cotini, Lophiotrema crenatum, Lophiotrema cristatum, Lophiotrema culmifragum, Lophiotrema curreyi, Lophiotrema dominici, Lophiotrema duplex, Lophiotrema eburnoides, Lophiotrema emergens, Lophiotrema epilobii, Lophiotrema fallopiae, Lophiotrema foliicola, Lophiotrema foliicolum, Lophiotrema fontanesiae, Lophiotrema fraxini, Lophiotrema fuckelii, Lophiotrema fuegianum, Lophiotrema gentianaecola, Lophiotrema glandium, Lophiotrema gracile, Lophiotrema grandispora, Lophiotrema guttulata, Lophiotrema guttulatum, Lophiotrema halesiae, Lophiotrema hederae, Lophiotrema helichrysi, Lophiotrema helicicola, Lophiotrema hungaricum, Lophiotrema hysterioides, Lophiotrema hysterioides, Lophiotrema hysterioides, Lophiotrema inaequale, Lophiotrema incisum, Lophiotrema indica, Lophiotrema indicum, Lophiotrema juniperina, Lophiotrema juniperinum, Lophiotrema kerstiniae, Lophiotrema lennartii, Lophiotrema leucosporum, Lophiotrema lignicola, Lophiotrema littorale, Lophiotrema lonicerae, Lophiotrema lophiosporum, Lophiotrema lophosporum, Lophiotrema macrostoma, Lophiotrema magellanicum, Lophiotrema massarioides, Lophiotrema microthecum, Lophiotrema moellerianum, Lophiotrema mollerianum, Lophiotrema myriocarpum, Lophiotrema neoarundinaria, Lophiotrema neohyserioides, Lophiotrema notarisii, Lophiotrema nucula, Lophiotrema nucula, Lophiotrema nuculinum, Lophiotrema oenotherae, Lophiotrema origani, Lophiotrema pallidum, Lophiotrema parasitica, Lophiotrema parasiticum, Lophiotrema paspalicola, Lophiotrema peckiana, Lophiotrema perpusillum, Lophiotrema phoenicis, Lophiotrema phyllophilum, Lophiotrema praemorsum, Lophiotrema psychotriae, Lophiotrema psychotrii, Lophiotrema pteridis, Lophiotrema pulveraceum, Lophiotrema pusillum, Lophiotrema pygmaeum, Lophiotrema quercinum, Lophiotrema radicans, Lophiotrema recedens, Lophiotrema rhopalosporum, Lophiotrema rickii, Lophiotrema rubi, Lophiotrema rubidum, Lophiotrema scrophulariae, Lophiotrema sect. Lophiotrema, Lophiotrema sect. Vivianella, Lophiotrema sedi, Lophiotrema semiliberum, Lophiotrema sexnucleatum, Lophiotrema simile, Lophiotrema socotrae, Lophiotrema spiraeae, Lophiotrema stenogramma, Lophiotrema subcorticale, Lophiotrema thuemenianum, Lophiotrema thymi, Lophiotrema vagabundum, Lophiotrema vagabundum f. inulae, Lophiotrema velatum, Lophiotrema vestita, Lophiotrema vestitum, Lophiotrema vigheffulense, Lophiotrema viticola, Lophiotrema vitigenum, Lophiotrema winteri, Lophiotrema zignoëlloides
 Type name:

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