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General information

 Summary:Massaria De Not., Giornale Botanico Italiano 1: 333 (1844) [MB#3013] 
 Synonymy:=Bathystomum Füisting, Botanische Zeitung 26 (25): 401 (1868) [MB#520]
=Phaeomassaria Speg.: table (1880) [MB#3924]
 MycoBank #:3013 
 Authors:De Notaris
 Authors (abbreviated):De Not.
 Page #:333
 Year of publication:1844

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
185 Associated records (click to hide):
Massaria abdita, Massaria aceris, Massaria aesculi, Massaria aesculi, Massaria alangii, Massaria alni, Massaria alpina, Massaria ambiens, Massaria amblyospora, Massaria anomia, Massaria antoniae, Massaria argentinensis, Massaria argus, Massaria ariae, Massaria atrogrisea, Massaria atroinquinans, Massaria aucupariae, Massaria australis, Massaria bambusina, Massaria bataanensis, Massaria batumensis, Massaria berberidicola, Massaria berberidis, Massaria bicolor, Massaria bihyalina, Massaria bolivarii, Massaria bufonia, Massaria bulliardi, Massaria bulliardii, Massaria calligoni, Massaria callispora, Massaria campestris, Massaria canariensis, Massaria carpini, Massaria carpinicola, Massaria circumscissa, Massaria cleistotheca, Massaria conspurcata, Massaria corni, Massaria corni, Massaria corni, Massaria coryli, Massaria crustata, Massaria crypta, Massaria curreyi, Massaria denigrans, Massaria destreae, Massaria dianthi, Massaria distincta, Massaria dryadis, Massaria eburnea, Massaria eburnoides, Massaria epileuca, Massaria epiphegea, Massaria eryngiana, Massaria eucalypti, Massaria eucarpa, Massaria excussa, Massaria fagi, Massaria fagicola, Massaria ferulicola, Massaria fimeti, Massaria foedans, Massaria fraxini, Massaria fuckelii, Massaria fuckelii, Massaria galeata, Massaria gerardi, Massaria gerardii, Massaria gigantispora, Massaria gigaspora, Massaria gigaspora, Massaria ginkgoi, Massaria heterospora, Massaria himalayensis, Massaria hippophaes, Massaria hippophaës, Massaria hirta, Massaria hoffmannii, Massaria holoschista, Massaria holoschoeni, Massaria immersa, Massaria indica, Massaria inquinans, Massaria inquinans f. inquinans, Massaria irregularis, Massaria japonica, Massaria japonica, Massaria kamatii, Massaria lantanae, Massaria lateritia, Massaria letendreana, Massaria ligustri, Massaria lini, Massaria loricata, Massaria lunulata, Massaria macra, Massaria macrosperma, Massaria macrospora, Massaria macrospora, Massaria macrospora, Massaria macrotheca, Massaria maculata, Massaria magnoliae, Massaria mamma, Massaria marcucciana, Massaria marginata, Massaria mediterranea, Massaria micacea, Massaria microcarpa, Massaria mirabilis, Massaria moenana, Massaria mori, Massaria mori, Massaria moricola, Massaria navicellae, Massaria niessleana, Massaria niessliana, Massaria occulta, Massaria olivacea, Massaria olivaceo-hirta, Massaria olivaceohirta, Massaria otthii, Massaria parva, Massaria penicillata, Massaria petrakii, Massaria phillyreae, Massaria phorcioides, Massaria plantani, Massaria platani, Massaria platani f. platani, Massaria platani f. quercina, Massaria platanicola, Massaria platanioides, Massaria platanoidea, Massaria platyphylla, Massaria plumigera, Massaria polycarpa, Massaria polymorpha, Massaria pomacearum, Massaria popula, Massaria protusa, Massaria pruni, Massaria pulchra, Massaria pupula, Massaria pyri, Massaria pyxidata, Massaria rhodostoma, Massaria rhyponta, Massaria rubi, Massaria saccardiana, Massaria saccardoana, Massaria salilliformis, Massaria scoparia, Massaria scoriadea, Massaria seiridia, Massaria semitecta, Massaria seriata, Massaria shearii, Massaria sieversiae, Massaria siparia, Massaria sorbi, Massaria sphaerelloidea, Massaria squalens, Massaria stipitata, Massaria subgen. Hypocopra, Massaria subgen. Massaria, Massaria subpustulosa, Massaria succincta, Massaria sudans, Massaria texana, Massaria theicola, Massaria tilakii, Massaria tiliae, Massaria ulmi, Massaria umbrosa, Massaria urceolata, Massaria vibratilis, Massaria vindobonensis, Massaria vomitoria, Massaria winteri, Massaria xanthoxyli, Massaria xylostei, Massaria zanthoxyli, Massaria zelkovae
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