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General information

 Summary:Meliola Fr., Systema Orbis Vegetabilis 1: 111 (1825) [MB#3100] 
 Synonymy:=Myxothecium Kunze, Systema Mycologicum 3: 231 (1829) [MB#3403]
=Asterina subgen. Asteridium Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 1: 49 (1882) [MB#700084]
=Meliola subgen. Chaetomeliola Cif., Annales Mycologici 36 (2-3): 203 (1938) [MB#700296]
 MycoBank #:3100 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:111
 Year of publication:1825
 Sanctioning ref.:EF2:109 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Meliola abdulkalamii, Meliola abietis, Meliola abjecta, Meliola abnormis, Meliola abraensis, Meliola abrahamii, Meliola abri, Meliola abrupta, Meliola acaciae-binervatae, Meliola acaciae-confusae, Meliola acaciarum, Meliola acaciicola, Meliola acaciicola, Meliola acaciorum, Meliola acalyphae, Meliola acalyphae, Meliola acalyphicola, Meliola acalyphidis, Meliola acamptinga, Meliola acanthacearum, Meliola acanthopanacis, Meliola acanthopoda, Meliola aceris, Meliola acervata, Meliola achudemiae, Meliola achyrospermi, Meliola aciculosa, Meliola acridocarpi, Meliola acridocarpicola, Meliola acristae, Meliola acrotricha, Meliola actephilae, Meliola actinodaphnecola, Meliola actinodaphneicola, Meliola actinodaphnes, Meliola actinodaphnes, Meliola acunae, Meliola acunai, Meliola acutiseta, Meliola adelphica, Meliola adenantherae, Meliola adenanthericola, Meliola adunciseta, Meliola adunciseta, Meliola aegiphilae, Meliola aequatoriensis, Meliola aethiops, Meliola affinis, Meliola africana, Meliola aganopes, Meliola agathidis, Meliola agauriae, Meliola agauriae, Meliola agavicola, Meliola agelaeae, Meliola agelaeae, Meliola agelaeicola, Meliola aglaiae, Meliola aglaiae-eduliae, Meliola aglaiae-edulis, Meliola aglaiicola, Meliola aglaina, Meliola agnolae-mariae, Meliola agonandrae, Meliola agrostistachydis, Meliola agumbensis, Meliola aibonitensis, Meliola ailanthi, Meliola ailanthicola, Meliola alangii, Meliola alatae, Meliola albiziae, Meliola albiziae-granulosae, Meliola albiziae-polyanthae, Meliola albonitensis, Meliola alchorneae, Meliola alchorneae, Meliola alchorneicola, Meliola alectryonis, Meliola alibertiae, Meliola aliena, Meliola allophyli, Meliola allophyli-concanici, Meliola allophyli-serrulati, Meliola allophyligena, Meliola allophylil-concanici, Meliola allophylli, Meliola allophylorum, Meliola alniphylli, Meliola alocasiae, Meliola alstoniae, Meliola alstoniae-comptonii, Meliola alstoniicola, Meliola alternipes, Meliola altingiae, Meliola altissimae, Meliola alyxiae, Meliola alyxiicola, Meliola amadelpha, Meliola amaniensis, Meliola amaraliae, Meliola ambigua, Meliola amboinensis, Meliola amerimni, Meliola amoena, Meliola amomicola, Meliola amoorae, Meliola amphigena, Meliola amphitricha, Meliola amphitricha, Meliola amphitricha, Meliola ampullifera, Meliola amyridis, Meliola anacardiacearum, Meliola anacardii, Meliola anacolosae, Meliola anastomosans, Meliola anceps, Meliola ancistrocladi, Meliola andamanica, Meliola andina, Meliola andirae, Meliola andirae-humilis, Meliola andromedae, Meliola andropogonis, Meliola andropogonis, Meliola anfracta, Meliola anfracta, Meliola angiopteridis, Meliola anguriae, Meliola angusta, Meliola angustior, Meliola angustispora, Meliola angustispora, Meliola anisomali, Meliola anisomelis, Meliola anisophylleae, Meliola annonacearum, Meliola annonae, Meliola anodendri, Meliola anodendricola, Meliola anomala, Meliola anonacearum, Meliola anonae, Meliola anthocleistae, Meliola anthospermi, Meliola antidesmae, Meliola antidesmatis, Meliola antioquensis, Meliola apayaoensis, Meliola aphanamixidis, Meliola apiculata, Meliola apodytis, Meliola aporusae, Meliola aracearum, Meliola arachnoidea, Meliola araliae, Meliola araliae, Meliola araliicola, Meliola araneosa, Meliola araucariae, Meliola arborescens, Meliola arcuata, Meliola ardigoosii, Meliola ardisiae, Meliola ardisiicola, Meliola ardisiigena, Meliola arecibensis, Meliola argentina, Meliola argomuellerae, Meliola argyreiae, Meliola arippaensis, Meliola ariquemensis, Meliola arisanensis, Meliola aristata, Meliola aristidae, Meliola aristolochiae, Meliola aristolochigena, Meliola aristolochiicola, Meliola arkevermae, Meliola armata, Meliola arnoldii, Meliola arrabidaeae, Meliola artabotrydicola, Meliola artabotrydis, Meliola artocarpi, Meliola artocarpiae, Meliola artocarpicola, Meliola arundinariae, Meliola arundinis, Meliola asclepiadacearum, Meliola asperipoda, Meliola aspidiospermatis, Meliola aspidospermatis, Meliola asterinoides, Meliola atalantiae, Meliola atalantiae, Meliola atalayae, Meliola aterrima, Meliola atkinsonii, Meliola atra, Meliola atricapilla, Meliola atricha, Meliola atrovelutina, Meliola attayarica, Meliola atylosiae, Meliola aucoumeae, Meliola aucubae, Meliola australis, Meliola austro-americana, Meliola autumnalis, Meliola azimae, Meliola baccharidis, Meliola bactridis, Meliola baileyi, Meliola baisseae, Meliola bakeri, Meliola bakeriana, Meliola balakrishnanii, Meliola balanitis, Meliola balansae, Meliola balsamicola, Meliola bambusae, Meliola bambusicola, Meliola banahaensis, Meliola banarae, Meliola banasuranii, Meliola banesensis, Meliola bangalorensis, Meliola banguiensis, Meliola banksiae, Meliola banosensis, Meliola bantamensis, Meliola baphiae-nitidae, Meliola baphiae-polygalaceae, Meliola barbaceniae, Meliola barbacenniae, Meliola barbonica, Meliola barlariae, Meliola barleriae, Meliola barringtoniae, Meliola barringtoniicola, Meliola barringtoniicola, Meliola barsamae, Meliola bastardiopsidis, Meliola bataanensis, Meliola batangasensis, Meliola bauhiniae, Meliola bauhiniae-phoeniceae, Meliola bauhiniicola, Meliola bayamonensis, Meliola beebei, Meliola begoniae, Meliola behniae, Meliola beilschmiediae, Meliola beilschmiediicola, Meliola beloperonis, Meliola benguetensis, Meliola benguetensis, Meliola berliniae, Meliola bersamae, Meliola bersamae, Meliola bersamicola, Meliola besleriae, Meliola bhesae, Meliola bicornis, Meliola bidentata, Meliola biegensis, Meliola bifida, Meliola bignoniacearum, Meliola bignoniacearum, Meliola biparasitica, Meliola biserrata, Meliola bisgoeppertiae, Meliola bismikaniae, Meliola bissei, Meliola bixae, Meliola blepharidis, Meliola bodoquenensis, Meliola boedijniana, Meliola boedijnii, Meliola boerlagiodendriae, Meliola bomplandi, Meliola bonamiae, Meliola bonaoensis, Meliola bonarii, Meliola bonetii, Meliola boni, Meliola boninensis, Meliola bonplandii, Meliola borbonicae, Meliola borinquena, Meliola borneensis, Meliola bosciae, Meliola bosei, Meliola bouchardatiae, Meliola bougheyana, Meliola brachycera, Meliola brachyodonta, Meliola brachypoda, Meliola brandisiae, Meliola brasiliensis, Meliola brassaiopsidis, Meliola brevidentata, Meliola brevispora, Meliola brideliae, Meliola brideliae, Meliola brideliae, Meliola brideliicola, Meliola brillantaisiae, Meliola brinkii, Meliola brisbanensis, Meliola brooksii, Meliola brugnierae, Meliola brunfelsiae, Meliola bryae, Meliola buchananiae, Meliola buchananiicola, Meliola buchenaviae, Meliola bucklandiae, Meliola buddleiae, Meliola buddlejae, Meliola buddlejicola, Meliola buddleyicola, Meliola buettneriae, Meliola buettneriicola, Meliola bumeliae, Meliola bunyorensis, Meliola burgosensis, Meliola burgusensis, Meliola burseracearum, Meliola busogensis, Meliola bussei, Meliola busseiae, Meliola buteae, Meliola butleri, Meliola butyrospermi, Meliola buxaduarii, Meliola buxi, Meliola buxicola, Meliola bwaniana, Meliola byrsonimae, Meliola byrsonimicola, Meliola byrsonimina, Meliola cabellensis, Meliola cadambae, Meliola cadigensis, Meliola caereopsidis, Meliola caesalpiniae, Meliola caesalpiniicola, Meliola calami, Meliola calatheae, Meliola calatheicola, Meliola calendulae, Meliola callicarpae, Meliola callicarpae, Meliola callicarpicola, Meliola callista, Meliola callosperma, Meliola calochaeta, Meliola caloncobae, Meliola calophylli, Meliola calopogonii, Meliola calopogonii, Meliola calostroma, Meliola calpidiae, Meliola calva, Meliola calycopteridis, Meliola camaragibeicola, Meliola cameliae, Meliola camelliae, Meliola camellicola, Meliola camelliicola, Meliola campanulacearum, Meliola campylopoda, Meliola campylotricha, Meliola canangae, Meliola canarifolia, Meliola canarii, Meliola canarii-albi, Meliola canariicola, Meliola canariifolia, Meliola canavaliae, Meliola canellae, Meliola canfacotensis, Meliola cannonicola, Meliola cannonii, Meliola cansjerae, Meliola cansjericola, Meliola cantareirensis, Meliola canthii, Meliola canthii-angustifolii, Meliola canthiicola, Meliola canthiigena, Meliola capensis, Meliola capilligera, Meliola capillipediae, Meliola capillipedii, Meliola capitati, Meliola caplopogonii, Meliola capnodioides, Meliola capparicola, Meliola capparidicola, Meliola capparidis, Meliola capparidis, Meliola capparis, Meliola capparis, Meliola capsicicola, Meliola capsicola, Meliola caput-medusae, Meliola carapae, Meliola carbonacea, Meliola cardiospermi, Meliola careyae, Meliola cariappae, Meliola caricis, Meliola carissae, Meliola carludovicae, Meliola carpolobiae, Meliola carpolobiicola, Meliola carvalhoi, Meliola caryotae, Meliola caseariae, Meliola caseariae-arboreae, Meliola caseariae-guianensis, Meliola caseariicola, Meliola cassiae, Meliola cassiae-ferrugineae, Meliola cassiae-fistulae, Meliola cassiicola, Meliola cassiicola, Meliola cassiifolii, Meliola cassythae, Meliola castaneifoliae, Meliola castanha, Meliola castanopsicola, Meliola castanopsidicola, Meliola castanopsidifoliae, Meliola castanopsidis, Meliola castanopsidis, Meliola castanopsidis, Meliola castanopsina, Meliola castanopsis, Meliola castanopsisifolia, Meliola castelae, Meliola castlerockensis, Meliola catherinensis, Meliola cathomionis, Meliola cathormii, Meliola catubigensis, Meliola cauveriana, Meliola cavitensis, Meliola caxangaensis, Meliola caymanensis, Meliola cayratiae, Meliola celastracearum, Meliola celastrigena, Meliola celticola, Meliola celtidae, Meliola celtidiae, Meliola celtidicola, Meliola celtidicola, Meliola celtidis, Meliola celtidum, Meliola centellae, Meliola ceratopetali, Meliola ceriopis, Meliola ceriopsidis, Meliola ceropegia, Meliola cestri, Meliola cestri-macrophylli, Meliola cestricola, Meliola chaetachmes, Meliola chaethachna, Meliola chaetochloae, Meliola chagres, Meliola chamaechristae, Meliola chamaecristae, Meliola chamaecristicola, Meliola chamissoae, Meliola champereiae, Meliola chandleri, Meliola chandleri, Meliola chandolensis, Meliola chandrasekharanii, Meliola chasaliae, Meliola chassaliicola, Meliola cheirodendri, Meliola cheirodendronis, Meliola chelonanthi, Meliola chenniana, Meliola cheoi, Meliola chilensis, Meliola chilocarpi, Meliola chiococcae, Meliola chloristylidis, Meliola chlorophorae, Meliola cholakadensis, Meliola choristylidis, Meliola chorizandrae, Meliola chorleyi, Meliola chrysobalanacearum, Meliola chukrasiae, Meliola chukrasiicola, Meliola cibaoensis, Meliola ciferriana, Meliola ciferrii, Meliola cinnamodendri, Meliola cinnamomi, Meliola cipadessae, Meliola circinans, Meliola cissampeli, Meliola cissampelicola, Meliola cissi, Meliola cissi-antarcticae, Meliola cissi-caesiae, Meliola cissi-productae, Meliola cissi-producti, Meliola cissi-repandae, Meliola cissi-rhombifoliae, Meliola citharexyli, Meliola citri, Meliola citri, Meliola citri-maximae, Meliola citricola, Meliola citricola, Meliola citronellae, Meliola cladacantha, Meliola cladophaga, Meliola cladophila, Meliola cladotricha, Meliola clausenae, Meliola clausenigena, Meliola clavatispora, Meliola claviculata, Meliola clavispora, Meliola clavulata, Meliola cleistopholidis, Meliola clerodendri, Meliola clerodendri, Meliola clerodendricola, Meliola clidemiae, Meliola clitoriae, Meliola clusiae, Meliola cluytiae, Meliola cnestidis, Meliola coccolobae-nodosae, Meliola coccolobidis-nodosae, Meliola coccolobis, Meliola cochlospermifolii, Meliola codiae, Meliola coffeae, Meliola cogniauxiae, Meliola coilicosa, Meliola colae, Meliola colae-simiarum, Meliola colicola, Meliola coliicola, Meliola colladoi, Meliola colletiae, Meliola colliguajae, Meliola colombiensis, Meliola colubrinae, Meliola colubrinicola, Meliola columneae, Meliola comata, Meliola combinans, Meliola combreti, Meliola commixta, Meliola commixta, Meliola comocladiae, Meliola compacta, Meliola compacta, Meliola compositarum, Meliola comptonellae, Meliola condaliae, Meliola conferta, Meliola conferta, Meliola confragosa, Meliola conglomerata, Meliola congoensis, Meliola conica, Meliola conigera, Meliola connari, Meliola connaricola, Meliola conostegiae, Meliola consocia, Meliola constipata, Meliola contigua, Meliola contorta, Meliola convallata, Meliola cookeana, Meliola cookeiana, Meliola coorgiana, Meliola copaiferae, Meliola corallina, Meliola corazoyensis, Meliola cordiae-rufescentis, Meliola cordiicola, Meliola coreopsidis, Meliola coriae, Meliola cornu-caprae, Meliola cornuta, Meliola coronata, Meliola costaricensis, Meliola costi, Meliola couthoviae, Meliola cranei, Meliola craterispermi, Meliola crenata, Meliola crenatissima, Meliola crenatofurcata, Meliola crescentiae, Meliola cristata, Meliola crotonicola, Meliola crotonis, Meliola crotonis-macrostachydis, Meliola crotonis-macrostachydis, Meliola crotonis-malabarici, Meliola crotonis-nigritani, Meliola crucifera, Meliola crustacea, Meliola cryptica, Meliola cryptocariicola, Meliola cryptocarpa, Meliola cryptocaryae, Meliola cryptocaryicola, Meliola cubitella, Meliola cubitorum, Meliola cucurbitacearum, Meliola culebrensis, Meliola cumbrensis, Meliola cunoniae, Meliola cupaniae, Meliola cupaniae-majoris, Meliola cupaniicola, Meliola curvata, Meliola curviseta, Meliola cuscutae, Meliola cuspidata, Meliola cyathocali, Meliola cyathocalycis, Meliola cyathodis, Meliola cybianthis, Meliola cyclantherae, Meliola cycleae, Meliola cyclobalanopsicola, Meliola cyclobalanopsidicola, Meliola cyclobalanopsina, Meliola cyclopoda, Meliola cydistae, Meliola cylindripoda, Meliola cylindrophora, Meliola cylindropoda, Meliola cymbisperma, Meliola cymbopogonigena, Meliola cymbopogonis, Meliola cynanchi, Meliola cyperacearum, Meliola cyperi, Meliola cyphopoda, Meliola cyrillacearum, Meliola cyrtandrae, Meliola cyrtochaeta, Meliola dactylipoda, Meliola dactylopoda, Meliola dalbergiae, Meliola dalechampiae, Meliola dallasica, Meliola danertii, Meliola daniellae, Meliola danielliae, Meliola daphniphyllicola, Meliola darwiniana, Meliola dasiana, Meliola daviesii, Meliola decidua, Meliola decora, Meliola deformis, Meliola dehradunensis, Meliola deightonii, Meliola deinbolliae, Meliola delae, Meliola delicatula, Meliola dendropemonis, Meliola dendrophthoicola, Meliola dendropthiicola, Meliola dendroseta, Meliola dendrotrophicola, Meliola densa, Meliola denticulata, Meliola denticulata, Meliola dentifera, Meliola depressula, Meliola derridis, Meliola desmodii, Meliola desmodii-heterocarpi, Meliola desmodii-laxiflori, Meliola desmodii-motorii, Meliola desmodii-pulchelli, Meliola desmodii-triangularis, Meliola desmodii-triangularis, Meliola desmodii-triquetri, Meliola desmodii-triquetri, Meliola desmodii-velutini, Meliola desmodiicola, Meliola desmonci, Meliola devikulamensis, Meliola dichapetali, Meliola dichotoma, Meliola dicranochaeta, Meliola didymopanacis, Meliola dieffenbachiae, Meliola diffenbachiae, Meliola digoana, Meliola dimidiatae, Meliola dimocarpi, Meliola dimorphochaeta, Meliola dioicae, Meliola dioicae, Meliola dioscoreacearum, Meliola dioscoreae, Meliola dioscoregena, Meliola dioscoregena, Meliola dioscoreicola, Meliola dioscoreigena, Meliola diospyri, Meliola diospyri, Meliola diospyri-buxifoliae, Meliola diospyri-pentamerae, Meliola diospyricola, Meliola diospyricola, Meliola dipholidis, Meliola diphysae, Meliola diplochaeta, Meliola dipterygicola, Meliola disciseta, Meliola discocalycia, Meliola discocalycis, Meliola dissotidis, Meliola disstidis, Meliola distictidis, Meliola ditricha, Meliola dognyensis, Meliola doidgeae, Meliola dolabrata, Meliola dolichi, Meliola domingensis, Meliola dorsteniae, Meliola doryphorae, Meliola dracaenae, Meliola dracaenae-terniflorae, Meliola dracaenicola, Meliola dracenae-terniflorae, Meliola drepanochaeta, Meliola drypeticola, Meliola duabangae, Meliola duggenae, Meliola duggenaee, Meliola dummeri, Meliola duplicata, Meliola durantae, Meliola durionis, Meliola dysoxyli, Meliola dysoxyli-andamanensis, Meliola dysoxyli-malabarici, Meliola dysoxyli-nitidi, Meliola dysoxylicola, Meliola dysoxylicola, Meliola dysoxyligena, Meliola dysoxylina, Meliola earleana, Meliola earlii, Meliola ebeni, Meliola ebuli, Meliola echinata, Meliola echinus, Meliola echitis, Meliola ecuadorensis, Meliola edanoana, Meliola effusa, Meliola ehretiae, Meliola ehretiicola, Meliola ekebergiae, Meliola ekebergiae, Meliola ekmaniana, Meliola ekmanii, Meliola elaeagni, Meliola elaeidis, Meliola elaeis, Meliola elaeocarpi, Meliola elattostachydis, Meliola elephantopi, Meliola elephantopodis, Meliola ellertoniae, Meliola ellipanthi, Meliola ellisii, Meliola elmeri, Meliola elodea, Meliola emespatilii, Meliola emmenospermatis, Meliola engelhardtiae, Meliola englerinae, Meliola entadae, Meliola entadicola, Meliola entandrophragmae, Meliola entandrophragmatis, Meliola entebbeensis, Meliola entebbeensis, Meliola epithemae, Meliola epithematis, Meliola epiviscum, Meliola equadorensis, Meliola erioglossi, Meliola eriolaenicola, Meliola eriophora, Meliola eriosemae, Meliola erithalidis, Meliola erumeliensis, Meliola ervatamiae, Meliola erycibes, Meliola erycibes-paniculatae, Meliola erycibicola, Meliola erycibis, Meliola erycibis-paniculatae, Meliola erythrinae, Meliola erythrinae, Meliola erythrinae-micropterycis, Meliola erythrinicola, Meliola erythrococcae, Meliola erythropali, Meliola erythrophlei, Meliola erythrophloeicola, Meliola erythroxyli, Meliola erythroxylicola, Meliola erythroxylifoliae, Meliola erythroxylifolii, Meliola erythroxylonis, Meliola escharoides, Meliola eucalypti, Meliola eucalypti, Meliola euchrestae, Meliola eucleae, Meliola eucleae, Meliola eugeniae, Meliola eugeniae-calophylloidis, Meliola eugeniae-jamboloidis, Meliola eugeniae-monticolae, Meliola eugeniae-stocksii, Meliola eugeniicola, Meliola euodiae, Meliola euodiicola, Meliola euonymi, Meliola euonymicola, Meliola euopla, Meliola eupatoriae, Meliola eupatorii, Meliola eupatorii, Meliola euphorbiae, Meliola evanida, Meliola evansii, Meliola eveae, Meliola evodiae, Meliola evodiicola, Meliola exaci, Meliola exacigena, Meliola excoecariae, Meliola excoecariicola, Meliola exilis, Meliola exocarpi, Meliola exocarpiae, Meliola fabri, Meliola fagacearum, Meliola fagarae, Meliola fagarae-martinicensis, Meliola fagarae-nitidae, Meliola fagaricola, Meliola fagaricola, Meliola fagraeae, Meliola fahrenheitiae, Meliola falcata, Meliola falcatiseta, Meliola farenheitiae, Meliola fasciculiseta, Meliola fatsiae, Meliola fenestrata, Meliola feretiae, Meliola ferrugineae, Meliola fici, Meliola fici-globosae, Meliola ficicola, Meliola ficigena, Meliola ficium, Meliola fidelis, Meliola fiium, Meliola filicii, Meliola filiciicola, Meliola flacouritacearum, Meliola flacourtiacearum, Meliola flemingiae, Meliola floridensis, Meliola foliae-ravenalae, Meliola forbesii, Meliola formosa, Meliola formosensis, Meliola formosensis, Meliola forsteroniae, Meliola fragrans, Meliola francevilleana, Meliola franciscana, Meliola fraserae, Meliola fraseriana, Meliola fructicola, Meliola fructicosae, Meliola frutescentis, Meliola fuliginodes, Meliola fumago, Meliola funebris, Meliola funerea, Meliola funtumiae, Meliola furcata, Meliola furcata, Meliola furcillata, Meliola fuscidula, Meliola fuscopulveracea, Meliola fuscopulveracea, Meliola fusispora, Meliola gaillardiana, Meliola galactiae, Meliola galeariae, Meliola galipeae, Meliola galopinae, Meliola gamblei, Meliola gamsii, Meliola ganglifera, Meliola ganophylli, Meliola ganophyni, Meliola garciniae, Meliola garcinicola, Meliola garcinigena, Meliola garciniicola, Meliola garciniigena, Meliola gardneriae, Meliola garhwalensis, Meliola garryae, Meliola garugae, Meliola garugae, Meliola geissaspidis, Meliola gemellipoda, Meliola geniculata, Meliola gersoppaensis, Meliola gesneriae, Meliola gesuitica, Meliola ghesquierei, Meliola glabra, Meliola glabriuscula, Meliola glabroides, Meliola glanduliferae, Meliola glaziovii, Meliola gleditschiae, Meliola gliricidiae, Meliola gliricidiicola, Meliola glochidii, Meliola glochidii, Meliola glochidiicola, Meliola glochidiifolia, Meliola gloriosa, Meliola glutae, Meliola gluticola, Meliola glycosmidis, Meliola glyphaeae, Meliola gnathonella, Meliola gneti, Meliola gneticola, Meliola goianensis, Meliola golaensis, Meliola gomphandrae, Meliola goniomae, Meliola goniothalamigena, Meliola gonzalaguniae, Meliola gooseana, Meliola goosii, Meliola gordoniae, Meliola gouaniae, Meliola gouaniicola, Meliola gouldiae, Meliola gregoriana, Meliola grevilleae, Meliola grevilleae-gillivrayi, Meliola grewiae, Meliola grewiae, Meliola grewiicola, Meliola groteana, Meliola guamensis, Meliola guaranitica, Meliola guareae, Meliola guareella, Meliola guareicola, Meliola guareina, Meliola guariella, Meliola guatteriae, Meliola guettardae, Meliola guianensis, Meliola guignardii, Meliola guioae, Meliola guioae-semiglaucae, Meliola gymnanthicola, Meliola gymnemae, Meliola gymnoloniae, Meliola gymnosporiae, Meliola gymnosporiae, Meliola hainanensis, Meliola hamata, Meliola hancorniae, Meliola hannoae, Meliola hansfordiana, Meliola hansfordii, Meliola haploa, Meliola haplochaeta, Meliola harana, Meliola hariotii, Meliola harpullicola, Meliola harpulliicola, Meliola harrietensis, Meliola harrisoniae, Meliola harunganae, Meliola harunganicola, Meliola hawaiiensis, Meliola hederae, Meliola heliciae, Meliola heliciicola, Meliola heliconiae, Meliola helleri, Meliola hemidesmae, Meliola hemidesmi, Meliola hemidesmi, Meliola hemidesmicola, Meliola hemidesmii, Meliola hendeloti, Meliola hendrickxiana, Meliola hendrickxii, Meliola henningsii, Meliola henryi, Meliola hercules, Meliola herietariicola, Meliola heritiericola, Meliola hernandiacearum, Meliola herteri, Meliola hervittiae, Meliola hessii, Meliola heterocephala, Meliola heterodonta, Meliola heteromeles, Meliola heteroseta, Meliola heterotricha, Meliola heudeloti, Meliola heveae, Meliola hewittiae, Meliola hexaseptata, Meliola heyneae, Meliola heyniae, Meliola hibisci, Meliola himalayensis, Meliola hippocrateae, Meliola hippocrateae, Meliola hippocrateicola, Meliola hippomaneae, Meliola hiptages, Meliola hiratsukana, Meliola hirsuta, Meliola hirtellae, Meliola hispaniolensis, Meliola hispida, Meliola hoehneliana, Meliola hoffmannseggiana, Meliola holarrhenae, Meliola holarrhenae-pubescens, Meliola holarrhenicola, Meliola holigarnae, Meliola holocalicis, Meliola holocalycis, Meliola homalanthi, Meliola homalii, Meliola homalii-angustifolii, Meliola homalii-dolichophylli, Meliola homaliicola, Meliola homonoiae, Meliola hookeri, Meliola hopeae, Meliola horrida, Meliola horrida, Meliola hosagoudarii, Meliola hoveniae, Meliola hoyae, Meliola hughesiana, Meliola hugoniae, Meliola hui, Meliola hunteriae, Meliola hurae, Meliola hyalospora, Meliola hydei, Meliola hydnocarpi, Meliola hydrangeae, Meliola hylodendri, Meliola hymenaeicola, Meliola hymenocardiae, Meliola hypodoria, Meliola hypselodelphidis, Meliola hyptidicola, Meliola hyptidis, Meliola hypöestes, Meliola hypöestes, Meliola hystricis, Meliola hystrixii, Meliola icacinacearum, Meliola ichnocarpi, Meliola ichnocarpi, Meliola ichnocarpi-volubili, Meliola ichnocarpicola, Meliola ilicicola, Meliola ilicicola, Meliola ilicis, Meliola ilicis-malabaricae, Meliola illicii, Meliola illigerae, Meliola illigerae, Meliola illigericola, Meliola impatientis, Meliola imperatae, Meliola imperspicua, Meliola implicata, Meliola incompta, Meliola inconspicua, Meliola indica, Meliola indigofera, Meliola inermis, Meliola ingae, Meliola ingaecola, Meliola ingicola, Meliola inocarpi, Meliola insignis, Meliola integrifolii, Meliola integripoda, Meliola integriseta, Meliola intermedia, Meliola interrupta, Meliola intricata, Meliola invisiae, Meliola ipomoeae, Meliola ipomoeae, Meliola ipomoeae, Meliola ipomoeicola, Meliola iquitosensis, Meliola irosinensis, Meliola irradians, Meliola irregularis, Meliola irvingae, Meliola irvingiae, Meliola isertiae, Meliola isochaeta, Meliola isothea, Meliola italica, Meliola ixorae, Meliola ixorae-coccineae, Meliola jacaratiae, Meliola jahnii, Meliola jamaicensis, Meliola janeirensis, Meliola jasmini, Meliola jasminicola, Meliola jasminigena, Meliola jatrophae, Meliola javanica, Meliola jayachandranii, Meliola johnstonii, Meliola juddiana, Meliola juruana, Meliola justiciae, Meliola juttingii, Meliola kadsurae, Meliola kaduae, Meliola kagonoki, Meliola kakachiana, Meliola kakamegensis, Meliola kamettiae, Meliola kampalensis, Meliola kanniyakumariana, Meliola kannurensis, Meliola kansireiensis, Meliola kapoorii, Meliola karamojensis, Meliola karnatakensis, Meliola kartaboensis, Meliola kauaiensis, Meliola kaveriappae, Meliola kaveriappai, Meliola kawakamii, Meliola kawandensis, Meliola keniensis, Meliola kentaniensis, Meliola kerichoensis, Meliola kerniana, Meliola kernii, Meliola kernii, Meliola khasiensis, Meliola khayae, Meliola kibirae, Meliola kigeliae, Meliola kingiodendri, Meliola kiraiensis, Meliola kiraiensis, Meliola kisantuensis, Meliola kisubiensis, Meliola knemae, Meliola knemicola, Meliola knowltoniae, Meliola knoxiae, Meliola knoxiicola, Meliola knysnae, Meliola koae, Meliola kodaguensis, Meliola kodaihoensis, Meliola koelreuteriae, Meliola koniaensis, Meliola konishii, Meliola koriensis, Meliola kreiseliana, Meliola krugiodendri, Meliola kukkeensis, Meliola kulathupuzhaensis, Meliola kupiensis, Meliola kuprensis, Meliola kusanoi, Meliola kweichowensis, Meliola kydia, Meliola kydiae-calycinae, Meliola laeta, Meliola laevigata, Meliola laevipoda, Meliola laevis, Meliola lagerheimii, Meliola lagunae, Meliola lagunculariae, Meliola lagunensis, Meliola lagunensis, Meliola lanceolatosetosa, Meliola landolphiae, Meliola landolphiae-floridae, Meliola landolphiicola, Meliola lanigera, Meliola lanneae, Meliola lanosa, Meliola lantanae, Meliola larviformis, Meliola lasiacidis, Meliola lasianthi, Meliola lasianthi, Meliola laxa, Meliola leeae, Meliola leonensis, Meliola leopoldina, Meliola lepianthedis, Meliola lepianthis, Meliola lepisanthea, Meliola lepistemonis, Meliola leptactiniae, Meliola leptidea, Meliola leptochaeta, Meliola leptoclada, Meliola leptogoni, Meliola leptopus, Meliola leptospermi, Meliola leptospora, Meliola leucosykeae, Meliola leucosykes, Meliola levipoda, Meliola leycesteriae, Meliola lianchangensis, Meliola lictorea, Meliola ligustri, Meliola ligustricola, Meliola linacearum, Meliola linderae, Meliola linocierae, Meliola linocierae-malabaricae, Meliola linocieriicola, Meliola linocierina, Meliola lippiae, Meliola lisianthi, Meliola lisianthicola, Meliola lithocarpicola, Meliola lithocarpina, Meliola lithraeae, Meliola litoralis, Meliola litseae, Meliola litseae, Meliola litseae, Meliola litseae-citrata, Meliola litseae-citratae, Meliola litseicola, Meliola littoralis, Meliola livistonae, Meliola livistoniae, Meliola livistoniae, Meliola lobeliae, Meliola lobeliicola, Meliola loganiensis, Meliola lomandrae, Meliola lonchocarpi, Meliola lonchocarpicola, Meliola longiappressoriata, Meliola longipedicellata, Meliola longipoda, Meliola longiseta, Meliola longispora, Meliola longistipitata, Meliola lonicerae, Meliola lophopetali, Meliola lophopetaligena, Meliola loranthacearum, Meliola loranthi, Meliola loropetalicola, Meliola lovoae, Meliola loxostylidis, Meliola luculiae, Meliola lucumae, Meliola ludibunda, Meliola lundiae, Meliola luvungae, Meliola luvungicola, Meliola luzonensis, Meliola lychnodisci, Meliola lyoni, Meliola lyoniae, Meliola mabirensis, Meliola macalpinei, Meliola macalpini, Meliola macarangae, Meliola macarangae, Meliola macarangae, Meliola macarangae, Meliola macarangicola, Meliola machili, Meliola mackenzieae, Meliola macowaniana, Meliola macracantha, Meliola macrochaeta, Meliola macropoda, Meliola macrospora, Meliola maculans, Meliola maculosa, Meliola madhucae, Meliola maduraiensis, Meliola maerenhoutiana, Meliola maesae, Meliola maesicola, Meliola maesobotryae, Meliola maesopsidis, Meliola magna, Meliola magnoliae, Meliola mahabaleshwarensis, Meliola mahamulkarii, Meliola maitlandii, Meliola makilingiana, Meliola malabarensis, Meliola malacensis, Meliola malachotricha, Meliola malacotricha, Meliola malaneae, Meliola malangasensis, Meliola malloti, Meliola malloti, Meliola malloticola, Meliola malloticola, Meliola malouetiae, Meliola malpighiacearum, Meliola malpighiae, Meliola mammeae, Meliola mammeicola, Meliola manaosensis, Meliola manca, Meliola mandevillae, Meliola mandingensis, Meliola mangiferae, Meliola mangostana, Meliola manihot, Meliola manihoticola, Meliola manihotis, Meliola mannavanensis, Meliola mannii, Meliola manoasellae, Meliola manoharacharyi, Meliola manotis, Meliola mapaniae, Meliola mappiae, Meliola mappianthicola, Meliola maquilingiana, Meliola marantacearum, Meliola marantae, Meliola marantochloae, Meliola marcgraviae, Meliola maredumilliana, Meliola maricaensis, Meliola markhamiae, Meliola marthomaensis, Meliola martiniana, Meliola masakensis, Meliola mataybae, Meliola matogrossensis, Meliola mattogrosensis, Meliola mattogrossensis, Meliola maurandiae, Meliola mauritiae, Meliola mauritiana, Meliola mayaguesiana, Meliola mayapeicola, Meliola mayepeae, Meliola mayepeicola, Meliola medinillae, Meliola megalocarpa, Meliola megalochaeta, Meliola megalopoda, Meliola megalospora, Meliola meghalayensis, Meliola meibomiae, Meliola meibomiae, Meliola meibomiicola, Meliola melaneae, Meliola melanochaeta, Meliola melanochaeta, Meliola melanochylae, Meliola melanococcae, Meliola melanoxylonis, Meliola melastomacearum, Meliola meliacearum, Meliola meliacearum, Meliola melicopegena, Meliola melicopes, Meliola meliosmae, Meliola melochiae, Meliola melodini, Meliola melothriae, Meliola membranacea, Meliola memecyli, Meliola memecylicola, Meliola mephitidiae, Meliola merremiae, Meliola merrillii, Meliola mesuae, Meliola mezoneuri, Meliola micheliae, Meliola miconiae, Meliola miconiicola, Meliola micromali, Meliola micromeli, Meliola micromeli, Meliola micromelii, Meliola micromera, Meliola micropoda, Meliola microspora, Meliola microspora, Meliola microthea, Meliola microthecia, Meliola microtricha, Meliola microtropidis, Meliola mikaniae, Meliola millettiae-chrysophylla, Meliola millettiae-chrysophyllae, Meliola millettiae-racemosae, Meliola millettiae-rhodanthae, Meliola millettiae-sanaganae, Meliola mimosacearum, Meliola mimosicola, Meliola miriopoda, Meliola misantecae, Meliola miscantecae, Meliola mitchellae, Meliola mitragynae, Meliola mitragynae-tubulosae, Meliola mitragynes, Meliola mitragynicola, Meliola mitrephorae, Meliola modesta, Meliola moelleriana, Meliola moerenhoutiana, Meliola molfinoi, Meliola molleriana, Meliola mollinediae, Meliola mollinoi, Meliola mollis, Meliola mombasana, Meliola monanthotaxiae, Meliola monanthotaxiae, Meliola monanthotaxis, Meliola monensis, Meliola monilipes, Meliola monilispora, Meliola monnieriae, Meliola monninae, Meliola monochroma, Meliola monodorae, Meliola monopla, Meliola montagnei, Meliola montis-fontium, Meliola morbosa, Meliola mori, Meliola morminae, Meliola morototoni, Meliola morowii, Meliola morrowii, Meliola motandrae, Meliola motatanensis, Meliola mouensis, Meliola mouririae, Meliola mucronata, Meliola mucunae, Meliola mucunae-acuminatae, Meliola mucunae-imbricatae, Meliola mucunicola, Meliola muhakae, Meliola mulleri, Meliola multiseta, Meliola musae, Meliola mussaendae, Meliola mussaendae-arcuatae, Meliola musyaensis, Meliola mutabilidis, Meliola mutabilis, Meliola mutisiae, Meliola mycetiae, Meliola mycetiae, Meliola myricae, Meliola myricicola, Meliola myricicola, Meliola myriopoda, Meliola myristicacearum, Meliola myristicae, Meliola myrsinacearum, Meliola myrtacearum, Meliola myrtacearum, Meliola mysorensis, Meliola nairii, Meliola napoleonae, Meliola nashii, Meliola natalensis, Meliola naucina, Meliola naucleae, Meliola neanotidis, Meliola neelikalluensis, Meliola negeriana, Meliola neolitseae, Meliola neotorta, Meliola nephelii, Meliola nepheliicola, Meliola nepheliicola, Meliola nephitidae, Meliola neurocali, Meliola neurocalycis, Meliola newbouldiae, Meliola ngerechiana, Meliola ngongensis, Meliola nicaraguensis, Meliola nidulans, Meliola niessleana, Meliola niessliana, Meliola nigra, Meliola nigrorufescens, Meliola nilgirianthi, Meliola njalaensis, Meliola notabilis, Meliola notelaeae, Meliola nothofagi, Meliola nothopegiae, Meliola nuxiae, Meliola nyanzae, Meliola obducens, Meliola obesa, Meliola obesula, Meliola obscura, Meliola obtisifoliae, Meliola obtissifoliae, Meliola obtusa, Meliola obtusifoliae, Meliola obvallata, Meliola ochnacearum, Meliola ochnae, Meliola ochrocarpi, Meliola ochthocosmi, Meliola ochthocosmicola, Meliola ocimincola, Meliola ocoteae, Meliola ocoteicola, Meliola octhocosmi, Meliola octhocosmicola, Meliola octoknemae, Meliola octoknematis, Meliola octospora, Meliola odontocephala, Meliola odontochaeta, Meliola odoratissimae, Meliola olacicola, Meliola olacis, Meliola oldenlandiae, Meliola oldenlandiicola, Meliola oleacearum, Meliola oleariae, Meliola olecranonis, Meliola oleicola, Meliola oleocranonia, Meliola oligomera, Meliola oligopoda, Meliola oligotricha, Meliola omphaleae, Meliola oncinotidis, Meliola opaca, Meliola ophidiochaeta, Meliola opiliae, Meliola opposita, Meliola opuntiae, Meliola orbicularis, Meliola orchidacearum, Meliola ormocarpi, Meliola ormosiae, Meliola oscmanthiana, Meliola osmanthi, Meliola osmanthi-aquifolii, Meliola osmanthi-cymosi, Meliola osmanthiana, Meliola osmanthicola, Meliola osmanthina, Meliola ostodis, Meliola ostryoderridis, Meliola osyridicola, Meliola osyridis, Meliola oteroana, Meliola othophorae, Meliola otonephelii, Meliola ougeinae, Meliola ougeiniae, Meliola ourateae, Meliola ouroupariae, Meliola ovatipoda, Meliola oxerae, Meliola ozamensis, Meliola pachychaeta, Meliola pachystelae, Meliola pachystellae, Meliola pachytricha, Meliola padmanabhapurica, Meliola palakkadensis, Meliola palaquii, Meliola palaquii, Meliola palaquiicola, Meliola palawanensis, Meliola pallida, Meliola palmarum, Meliola palmicola, Meliola pampangensis, Meliola panamensis, Meliola pandanacearum, Meliola pandani, Meliola pandani, Meliola pandanicola, Meliola panici, Meliola panicicola, Meliola panicocola, Meliola papayae, Meliola papillifera, Meliola papillosae, Meliola paraensis, Meliola paralabatiae, Meliola paramignyae, Meliola paraphialis, Meliola parasitica, Meliola parasitica, Meliola parathesiana, Meliola parathesicola, Meliola paratrophidis, Meliola paraënsis, Meliola parenchymatica, Meliola parishiae, Meliola paropsiae, Meliola parreirae, Meliola parsonsiicola, Meliola parvifoliae, Meliola parvula, Meliola patella, Meliola patens, Meliola patileana, Meliola patouillardii, Meliola paucipes, Meliola pauciseta, Meliola paulinifollii, Meliola paullinae, Meliola paulliniae, Meliola paulliniana, Meliola paullinifolii, Meliola paullinifolii, Meliola paulliniicola, Meliola paulliniifoliae, Meliola paulliniifolii, Meliola pavoniae, Meliola payakii, Meliola pazschkeana, Meliola pectinata, Meliola peddieae, Meliola peddiicola, Meliola pediicola, Meliola pedilanthi, Meliola peglerae, Meliola peleae, Meliola pelliculosa, Meliola pellucida, Meliola peltata, Meliola penicillata, Meliola penicilliformis, Meliola pennata, Meliola pentadis, Meliola pentaphylacis, Meliola pentaphylis, Meliola penzigi, Meliola penzigii, Meliola pepparaensis, Meliola pequensis, Meliola perae, Meliola peregrina, Meliola perexigua, Meliola pericamphyli, Meliola pericampyli, Meliola peringamalaensis, Meliola peringamalensis, Meliola periplocae, Meliola periyakanalensis, Meliola permixta, Meliola perpusilla, Meliola perseae, Meliola perspicua, Meliola peruiferae, Meliola peruiferi, Meliola peruviana, Meliola petalostigmatis, Meliola petchii, Meliola petiolariicola, Meliola petiolaris, Meliola petiolaris, Meliola petiotariicola, Meliola petitae, Meliola petitiae, Meliola petiveriae, Meliola petiveriae, Meliola petraeovitias, Meliola petraeoviticis, Meliola petrakii, Meliola phaeocephala, Meliola phaeomaculans, Meliola phaseoli, Meliola philippinensis, Meliola philodendri, Meliola philodendricola, Meliola phoebes, Meliola photinicola, Meliola photiniicola, Meliola phthirusae, Meliola phyllanthi, Meliola phyllanthicola, Meliola phyllanthigena, Meliola phyllostachydis, Meliola physostigmatis, Meliola phytolaccae, Meliola phytolaccae-dioicae, Meliola picramniae, Meliola picrasmae, Meliola pictetiae, Meliola pileae, Meliola pileostegiae, Meliola pilocarpi, Meliola pinicola, Meliola pinnatae, Meliola piperae, Meliola pipericola, Meliola piperina, Meliola piperis, Meliola piperis, Meliola piperis-barbati, Meliola piptadeniae, Meliola piptadeniae, Meliola pipturi, Meliola pisoniae, Meliola pisoniae, Meliola pisoniicola, Meliola pisoniicola, Meliola pistaciae, Meliola pithecellobii, Meliola pithecellobii, Meliola pithecellobiicola, Meliola pithecolobii, Meliola pithecolobii, Meliola pithecolobiicola, Meliola pittieri, Meliola pittospori, Meliola pitya, Meliola plantaginis, Meliola platyphyllae, Meliola platysepali, Meliola platysperma, Meliola plebeja, Meliola plectroniae, Meliola pleioceratis, Meliola pleurostyliae, Meliola pleurostylicola, Meliola pleurostyliicola, Meliola plumbaginis, Meliola plumeriae, Meliola plumeriae, Meliola podocarpi, Meliola podocarpicola, Meliola pogostemonis, Meliola polyalthiae, Meliola polygoni, Meliola polygonicola, Meliola polyodonta, Meliola polysciadis, Meliola polysciatis, Meliola polytricha, Meliola polytricha, Meliola pomaderridis, Meliola pomaderris, Meliola pongamiae, Meliola pontualii, Meliola popowiae, Meliola portoricensis, Meliola pothodis, Meliola pradosiae, Meliola praetervisa, Meliola prataprajii, Meliola premnae, Meliola premnae, Meliola premnicola, Meliola premnigena, Meliola procera, Meliola prostantherae, Meliola protii, Meliola protiicola, Meliola protiicola, Meliola prunicola, Meliola pseudarthriae, Meliola pseudoanastomosans, Meliola pseudoanastomosans, Meliola pseudocapensis, Meliola pseudomori, Meliola pseudoradiata, Meliola pseudosasae, Meliola pseudospondiadis, Meliola psidicola, Meliola psidii, Meliola psidiicola, Meliola psilostomatis, Meliola psophocarpi, Meliola psychotriae, Meliola psychotriae-nudiflorae, Meliola ptaeroxyli, Meliola pteridicola, Meliola pterocarpi, Meliola pterocarpiae, Meliola pterocarpicola, Meliola pterocelastri, Meliola pterospermi, Meliola pterospermicola, Meliola pterospermicola, Meliola pterygotae, Meliola pudukadensis, Meliola puiggarii, Meliola pulchella, Meliola pulcherrima, Meliola pululahuensis, Meliola pulveracea, Meliola pumila, Meliola pushpangadanii, Meliola pycnanthi, Meliola pycnosporae, Meliola pycnostachidis, Meliola pycnostachydis, Meliola pygeicola, Meliola quadrifurcata, Meliola quadrispina, Meliola queenslandica, Meliola quercicola, Meliola quercina, Meliola quercina, Meliola quercinopsis, Meliola quinqueseptata, Meliola quinquespora, Meliola racemosae, Meliola rachammae, Meliola radhanagariensis, Meliola rajamalaënsis, Meliola ramacharii, Meliola ramicola, Meliola ramonensis, Meliola ramosii, Meliola ramulicola, Meliola randiae, Meliola randiae-aculeatae, Meliola randiicola, Meliola ranganathii, Meliola rapaneae, Meliola rauvolfiae, Meliola ravii, Meliola rechingeri, Meliola rectangularis, Meliola recurvipoda, Meliola reevesiae, Meliola reflexa, Meliola regia, Meliola regiae, Meliola rehmii, Meliola reinkingii, Meliola reinwardtiodendri, Meliola reinwartiodendricola, Meliola remireae, Meliola renovata, Meliola reticulata, Meliola rhamnicola, Meliola rhaphiolepidis, Meliola rhaphiolepis, Meliola rhipogoni, Meliola rhododendri, Meliola rhodoleiicola, Meliola rhoina, Meliola rhois, Meliola richtingeri, Meliola rickiana, Meliola rickii, Meliola rigida, Meliola rimbachii, Meliola rinoreae, Meliola ripogoni, Meliola rizalensis, Meliola robinsonii, Meliola rockstonensis, Meliola rodriguezii, Meliola rogeri, Meliola rosae, Meliola roureae, Meliola roureae, Meliola rubi, Meliola rubi, Meliola rubi, Meliola rubiacearum, Meliola rubicola, Meliola rubiella, Meliola rubifolii, Meliola rudolphiae, Meliola rupalae, Meliola sabiceae, Meliola saccardoi, Meliola sacchari, Meliola sairandhriana, Meliola sakahensis, Meliola sakawensis, Meliola sakwensis, Meliola salaciae, Meliola salaciicola, Meliola salleana, Meliola salleana, Meliola saltensis, Meliola samaderae, Meliola samarensis, Meliola sambuci, Meliola samydae, Meliola sandicensis, Meliola sandorici, Meliola sandvicensis, Meliola sandwicensis, Meliola sanguinea, Meliola sanjappae, Meliola sansevieriae, Meliola sansevieriae, Meliola santalacearum, Meliola sapiicola, Meliola sapindacearum, Meliola sapindi, Meliola sapindi-esculenti, Meliola sapotacearum, Meliola sarcocephali, Meliola sarcostigmae, Meliola sarcostigmaticola, Meliola sarcostigmatis, Meliola saurauiae, Meliola sauropicola, Meliola savarkarii, Meliola sawadae, Meliola scabra, Meliola scabriseta, Meliola scaevolae, Meliola scaevolicola, Meliola scaevolicola, Meliola scevolae, Meliola schefferae, Meliola schefflerae, Meliola schimae, Meliola schimicola, Meliola schizolobii, Meliola schlechterinae, Meliola schoepfiae, Meliola schwarzii, Meliola schwenkiicola, Meliola sclerochitonicola, Meliola sclerochitonis, Meliola sclerochitonis, Meliola sclerolobii, Meliola scleropyri, Meliola scleropyricola, Meliola scolopiae, Meliola scolopoliicola, Meliola scott-elliotii, Meliola scott-elliottii, Meliola scutiae, Meliola scutiae, Meliola scytopetali, Meliola secamones, Meliola secamonis, Meliola sect. Alternantia, Meliola sect. Meliola, Meliola sect. Meliolopsis, Meliola securidacae, Meliola securidacae, Meliola securidacicola, Meliola selaginellarum, Meliola semecarpi, Meliola semecarpi-anacardii, Meliola semecarpicola, Meliola seminata, Meliola sempeiensis, Meliola sepulta, Meliola serdangensis, Meliola serjaniae, Meliola serjanicola, Meliola serjaniicola, Meliola serjaniicola, Meliola sersalisiae, Meliola sesami, Meliola setariae, Meliola setulifera, Meliola seyboensis, Meliola shettyi, Meliola shiiae, Meliola shillongensis, Meliola shimbaensis, Meliola shivarajui, Meliola shropshiriana, Meliola shropshiriana, Meliola sidae, Meliola sideroxyli, Meliola sideroxylicola, Meliola silentvalleyensis, Meliola simaoensis, Meliola simillima, Meliola singaporensis, Meliola singeri, Meliola sinsuiensis, Meliola sinuosa, Meliola sinuosa, Meliola siparunae, Meliola smallii, Meliola smeathmanniae, Meliola smilacacearum, Meliola smilacis, Meliola snowdenii, Meliola solani, Meliola solanicola, Meliola solanicola, Meliola solteroi, Meliola soraceae, Meliola sordidula, Meliola sorideiae, Meliola sorindeiae, Meliola soroceae, Meliola soroceana, Meliola sororcula, Meliola sparsipoda, Meliola spartinae, Meliola spatholobi, Meliola spatholobii, Meliola speciosa, Meliola spegazziniana, Meliola sphaeropoda, Meliola spigeliae, Meliola spinigera, Meliola spinksii, Meliola spirobelia, Meliola splendens, Meliola srinivasului, Meliola standleyi, Meliola staphyleacearum, Meliola stellata, Meliola stemonae, Meliola stemonuri, Meliola stenocarpi, Meliola stenospora, Meliola stenotaphri, Meliola stephaniae, Meliola sterculiacearum, Meliola sterculiae, Meliola sterculicola, Meliola sterculiicola, Meliola stevensiana, Meliola stevensiana, Meliola stevensii, Meliola stevensonii, Meliola stigmaphylli, Meliola stipae, Meliola stixis, Meliola stizolobii, Meliola stomata, Meliola stranvaesiicola, Meliola straussiae, Meliola strebli, Meliola strobilanthicola, Meliola strombosiae, Meliola strombosiae, Meliola strombosiicola, Meliola strombosiigena, Meliola strophanthi, Meliola strophanthi, Meliola strophanthicola, Meliola strychnacearum, Meliola strychni, Meliola strychni-multiflorae, Meliola strychni-nux-vomicae, Meliola strychnicola, Meliola strychnigena, Meliola strychnii-nux-vomicae, Meliola stuhlmanniana, Meliola styracearum, Meliola styracicola, Meliola styracicola, Meliola styracina, Meliola styracis, Meliola subacuminata, Meliola subapoda, Meliola subcrustacea, Meliola subdentata, Meliola subgen. Chaetomeliola, Meliola subgen. Irene, Meliola subgen. Irenina, Meliola subgen. Irenopsis, Meliola subgen. Meliola, Meliola subgen. Pleomeliola, Meliola subpellucida, Meliola subramanyaensis, Meliola substenospora, Meliola subtortuosa, Meliola sudanensis, Meliola suisyaensis, Meliola surattensis, Meliola suttonii, Meliola sweetiae, Meliola swieteniae, Meliola swieteniicola, Meliola sydowiana, Meliola sydowii, Meliola symingtoniae, Meliola symphoniae, Meliola symphoniae, Meliola symphoremae, Meliola symphorematicola, Meliola symphorematis, Meliola symplocacearum, Meliola symploci, Meliola symplocicola, Meliola syzygii, Meliola syzygii-benthamiani, Meliola syzygiigena, Meliola tabebuiae, Meliola tabernaemontanae, Meliola tabernaemontanicola, Meliola tahitensis, Meliola taitensis, Meliola taityuensis, Meliola taiwaniana, Meliola talaumae, Meliola talisiana, Meliola tamarindi, Meliola tanakaeana, Meliola tapirirae, Meliola tapiriricola, Meliola tapisciicola, Meliola tarrietiae, Meliola tawaoensis, Meliola taxi, Meliola taxocarpi, Meliola tayabensis, Meliola tecleae, Meliola tecomae, Meliola tectonae, Meliola tehoniana, Meliola teke, Meliola telensis, Meliola telosmae, Meliola tenella, Meliola tenuis, Meliola tenuissima, Meliola teramni, Meliola teramniae, Meliola teramnicola, Meliola terecitensis, Meliola terminaliae, Meliola ternstroemiicola, Meliola tersa, Meliola tetracerae, Meliola tetracerae, Meliola tetradeniae, Meliola tetrorchidiicola, Meliola thailandicum, Meliola thaliformis, Meliola thalliformis, Meliola thaxteri, Meliola theacearum, Meliola theissenii, Meliola themedae, Meliola themedae, Meliola themedicola, Meliola theobromae, Meliola thetei, Meliola thirumalacharii, Meliola thiruvananthapurica, Meliola thiteana, Meliola thitei, Meliola thiyagesanii, Meliola thollonis, Meliola thomandersiae, Meliola thomasiana, Meliola thomasii, Meliola thouiniae, Meliola thuemeniana,