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 Add this item to the list   Morchella

General information

 Summary :Morchella Dill. ex Pers., Neues Magazin für die Botanik 1: 116 (1794) [MB#3268] 
 Synonymy :≡Phalloboletus Adans. (1763) [MB#3970]
=Morilla Quél., Enchiridion Fungorum in Europa media et praesertim in Gallia Vigentium: 270 (1886) [MB#3272]
 MycoBank # :3268 
 Epithet :Morchella
 Rank :
 Authors :Dillenius ex Persoon
 Authors (abbreviated) :Dill. ex Pers.
 Literature :
 Page # :116
 Year of publication :1794
 Gender :Feminine
 Sanctioning ref. :SM2:4,5 
 Sanctioned by :Fr. 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name :
 Classification :
152 Associated records (click to hide):
Morchella ambigua, Morchella angusticeps, Morchella costata, Morchella crassipes, Morchella deliciosa, Morchella elata, Morchella esculenta, Morchella hortensis, Morchella vulgaris, Morchella vaporaria, Morchella semilibera, Morchella conicopapyracea, Morchella elatoides, Morchella elatovelutipes, Morchella eximioides, Morchella guatemalensis, Morchella norvegiensis, Morchella pseudorigida, Morchella pseudoumbrina, Morchella pseudoviridis, Morchella umbrinovelutipes, Morchella tibetica, Morchella purpurascens, Morchella patagonica, Morchella conica, Morchella intermedia, Morchella hybrida, Morchella rufobrunnea, Morchella dunensis, Morchella varisiensis, Morchella libera, Morchella rigida, Morchella umbrina, Morchella tasmanica, Morchella smithiana, Morchella rudis, Morchella spongiola, Morchella olivea, Morchella rielana, Morchella bispora, Morchella caroliniana, Morchella hetieri, Morchella inamoena, Morchella apicata, Morchella miyabeana, Morchella neuwirthii, Morchella sulcata, Morchella tatari, Morchella hungarica, Morchella herediana, Morchella anteridiformis, Morchella pragensis, Morchella rigidoides, Morchella steppicola, Morchella prunarii, Morchella pubescens, Morchella rotunda, Morchella fusca, Morchella foraminulosa, Morchella tremelloides, Morchella mitra, Morchella punctipes, Morchella pratensis, Morchella radicosa, Morchella tridentina, Morchella rimosipes, Morchella viridis, Morchella patula, Morchella praerosa, Morchella autumnalis, Morchella alba, Morchella agaricoides, Morchella abietina, Morchella crispa, Morchella costata, Morchella dubia, Morchella dubia, Morchella distans, Morchella canina, Morchella continua, Morchella dunalii, Morchella cava, Morchella crispa, Morchella undosa, Morchella gigaspora, Morchella gigaspora, Morchella gigas, Morchella lutescens, Morchella finoti, Morchella hiemalis, Morchella gigas, Morchella eximia, Morchella pterigoides, Morchella acuta, Morchella cylindrica, Morchella mesomorpha, Morchella cava, Morchella contigua, Morchella bohemica, Morchella deqinensis, Morchella meiliensis, Morchella bicostata, Morchella sect. Mitrophorae, Morchella tomentosa, Morchella anatolica, Morchella ochraceoviridis, Morchella americana, Morchella californica, Morchella populina, Morchella brunneorosea, Morchella castaneae, Morchella ulmaria, Morchella andalusiae, Morchella anthracina, Morchella lepida, Morchella pseudovulgaris, Morchella acerina, Morchella claviformis, Morchella procera, Morchella robiniae, Morchella sceptriformis, Morchella diminutiva, Morchella virginiana, Morchella esculentoides, Morchella prava, Morchella cryptica, Morchella frustrata, Morchella populiphila, Morchella sextelata, Morchella septimelata, Morchella capitata, Morchella importuna, Morchella snyderi, Morchella brunnea, Morchella septentrionalis, Morchella pulchella, Morchella fallax, Morchella quercus-ilicis, Morchella anthracophila, Morchella carbonaria, Morchella exuberans, Morchella ovalis, Morchella subsect. Sceptriformis, Morchella subsect. Steppicola, Morchella subsect. Conica, Morchella subsect. Elata, Morchella sect. Rufobrunnea, Morchella sect. Pseudoadnatae, Morchella subsect. Pseudoadnatae, Morchella odorata, Morchella galilaea, Morchella australiana
 Type name :
 Obligate or homotypic synonyms :
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms :


 Description :

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