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General information

 Summary:Niptera Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 359 (1849) [MB#3513] 
 Synonymy:≡Peziza sect. Niptera (Fr.) P. Karst.: 105 (1869) [MB#569892]
=Nimbomollisia Nannf., Mycologia 75: 297 (1983) [MB#3508]
 MycoBank #:3513 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:359
 Year of publication:1849
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Niptera abietina, Niptera agrostemmatis, Niptera ambigua, Niptera antarctica, Niptera arctica, Niptera atrofusca, Niptera aureotincta, Niptera bambusae, Niptera benesuada, Niptera bispora, Niptera brachyspora, Niptera caesia, Niptera calatheae, Niptera callunae, Niptera capensis, Niptera carduorum, Niptera caricicola, Niptera caricinella, Niptera caricis, Niptera carnosula, Niptera castanea, Niptera chilensis, Niptera cinerea, Niptera cinerea f. cinerea, Niptera cinerea f. epilobii, Niptera cinerea subsp. cinerea, Niptera citri, Niptera citrinella, Niptera coccinea, Niptera congener, Niptera coriariae, Niptera decipiens, Niptera dehnii, Niptera denigrata, Niptera dentata, Niptera dilutella, Niptera discolor, Niptera drosodes, Niptera duplex, Niptera elaeina, Niptera ellisii, Niptera epiphytica, Niptera eriophori, Niptera erumpens, Niptera euphrasiae, Niptera excelsior, Niptera filispora, Niptera filispora, Niptera fuegiana, Niptera fuscorubra, Niptera gaduae, Niptera garciniae, Niptera graminea, Niptera grappensis, Niptera grewiae, Niptera guestphalica, Niptera helotielloides, Niptera hyalinocinerella, Niptera hypogaea, Niptera hypophylla, Niptera indica, Niptera invisibilis, Niptera juglandis, Niptera lacustris, Niptera lacustris, Niptera lagerheimii, Niptera lagerstroemiae, Niptera laricina, Niptera leucostigma, Niptera leucostoma, Niptera lichenicola, Niptera lilacina, Niptera lithospermi, Niptera lividofusca, Niptera luitpoldina, Niptera lychnidis, Niptera macromitrii, Niptera macrospora, Niptera macrospora, Niptera maculans, Niptera melaleuca, Niptera melaleuca subsp. melaleuca, Niptera melanophaea, Niptera melatephra, Niptera melatephroides, Niptera melaxantha, Niptera melioloides, Niptera mercurialis, Niptera microcarpa, Niptera microscopica, Niptera minuta, Niptera mollisioides, Niptera monachensis, Niptera muelleri, Niptera muelleri-argovensis, Niptera muelleri-argoviani, Niptera muelleri-argoviensis, Niptera myriadea, Niptera nemophila, Niptera nigrificans, Niptera nitschkei, Niptera olivascens, Niptera orbilioides, Niptera pallescens, Niptera palustris, Niptera palustris f. epitypha, Niptera palustris f. palustris, Niptera parasitica, Niptera perpusilla, Niptera phaea, Niptera pilosa, Niptera pilotrichi, Niptera pinicola, Niptera plicata, Niptera plicata f. plicata, Niptera poae, Niptera polygoni, Niptera polytrichina, Niptera pulla, Niptera punctum, Niptera purpurascens, Niptera raineri, Niptera ramealis, Niptera ramincola, Niptera rhenopalatica, Niptera rhododendri, Niptera riccia, Niptera riccia, Niptera riparia, Niptera rollandii, Niptera rosae, Niptera rosea, Niptera saliceti, Niptera sarmentorum, Niptera sensitiva, Niptera stictella, Niptera stockii, Niptera subbiatorina, Niptera subcorticalis, Niptera subiculata, Niptera submelaena, Niptera subturbinata, Niptera sulfurotincta, Niptera sulphureotincta, Niptera tapesioides, Niptera taxi, Niptera tephromelas, Niptera teucrii, Niptera trichophoricola, Niptera tristis, Niptera turicensis, Niptera tyrolensis, Niptera uda, Niptera umbelliferarum, Niptera umbonata, Niptera umbrinella, Niptera ushuaiae, Niptera vaginalis, Niptera vossii, Niptera vulgaris, Niptera vulgaris
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