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General information

 Summary:Ophiostoma Syd. & P. Syd., Annales Mycologici 17 (1): 43 (1919) [MB#3614] 
 Synonymy:=Linostoma Höhn., Annales Mycologici 16 (1-2): 91 (1918) [MB#2885] 
 MycoBank #:3614 
 Authors:Sydow & P. Sydow
 Authors (abbreviated):Syd. & P. Syd.
 Page #:43
 Year of publication:1919
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Classification and associated taxa

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Ophiostoma abieticola, Ophiostoma abietinum, Ophiostoma abiocarpum, Ophiostoma adiposum, Ophiostoma adjuncti, Ophiostoma aenigmaticum, Ophiostoma africanum, Ophiostoma aggregatum, Ophiostoma ainoae, Ophiostoma albidum, Ophiostoma album, Ophiostoma allantosporum, Ophiostoma ambrosium, Ophiostoma americanum, Ophiostoma angusticollis, Ophiostoma aoshimae, Ophiostoma araucariae, Ophiostoma arborea, Ophiostoma arduennense, Ophiostoma aureum, Ophiostoma aurorae, Ophiostoma australiae, Ophiostoma bacillisporum, Ophiostoma bicolor, Ophiostoma boreale, Ophiostoma borealis, Ophiostoma botuliforme, Ophiostoma bragantinum, Ophiostoma brevicolla, Ophiostoma brevicolle, Ophiostoma breviusculum, Ophiostoma brunneociliatum, Ophiostoma brunneolum, Ophiostoma brunneum, Ophiostoma cainii, Ophiostoma californicum, Ophiostoma candidum, Ophiostoma cantabriense, Ophiostoma canum, Ophiostoma capense, Ophiostoma capilliferum, Ophiostoma carpenteri, Ophiostoma castaneae, Ophiostoma catonianum, Ophiostoma clavatum, Ophiostoma clavigerum, Ophiostoma coerulescens, Ophiostoma coeruleum, Ophiostoma coffeae, Ophiostoma coliferum, Ophiostoma colliferum, Ophiostoma columnare, Ophiostoma columnaris, Ophiostoma concentricum, Ophiostoma conicola, Ophiostoma conicolum, Ophiostoma coronatum, Ophiostoma crassivaginatum, Ophiostoma crenulatum, Ophiostoma crenulatum, Ophiostoma cucullatum, Ophiostoma cupulatum, Ophiostoma davidsonii, Ophiostoma deltoideosporum, Ophiostoma denticiliatum, Ophiostoma denticulatum, Ophiostoma dentifundum, Ophiostoma distortum, Ophiostoma dryocoetidis, Ophiostoma dryocoetis, Ophiostoma echinellum, Ophiostoma epigloeum, Ophiostoma eucalyptigena, Ophiostoma europhioides, Ophiostoma euskadiense, Ophiostoma exiguum, Ophiostoma fagi, Ophiostoma fasciata, Ophiostoma fasciatum, Ophiostoma fimbriatum, Ophiostoma flexuosum, Ophiostoma floccosum, Ophiostoma francke-grosmanniae, Ophiostoma fumeum, Ophiostoma fuscum, Ophiostoma fusiforme, Ophiostoma galeiforme, Ophiostoma gemellus, Ophiostoma gossypina, Ophiostoma gossypinum, Ophiostoma grande, Ophiostoma grandicarpa, Ophiostoma grandicarpum, Ophiostoma grandifoliae, Ophiostoma himal-ulmi, Ophiostoma huntii, Ophiostoma hyalothecium, Ophiostoma introcitrinum, Ophiostoma ips, Ophiostoma japonicum, Ophiostoma kalarikiae, Ophiostoma karelicum, Ophiostoma koreanum, Ophiostoma kryptum, Ophiostoma kubanicum, Ophiostoma laricis, Ophiostoma leptographioides, Ophiostoma leptographoides, Ophiostoma leucocarpum, Ophiostoma lignorum, Ophiostoma longicollum, Ophiostoma longiconidiatum, Ophiostoma longirostellatum, Ophiostoma longisporum, Ophiostoma lunae, Ophiostoma lunatum, Ophiostoma macroclavatum, Ophiostoma macrosporum, Ophiostoma majus, Ophiostoma manitobense, Ophiostoma massoniana, Ophiostoma massonianae, Ophiostoma megalobrunneum, Ophiostoma merolinense, Ophiostoma micans, Ophiostoma microcarpum, Ophiostoma microsporum, Ophiostoma minimum, Ophiostoma minor, Ophiostoma minus, Ophiostoma minuta-bicolor, Ophiostoma minutum, Ophiostoma moniliforme, Ophiostoma montium, Ophiostoma multiannulatum, Ophiostoma narcissi, Ophiostoma nebulare, Ophiostoma neglectum, Ophiostoma nigrocarpon, Ophiostoma nigrocarpum, Ophiostoma nigrogranum, Ophiostoma nigrum, Ophiostoma nikkoense, Ophiostoma nitidum, Ophiostoma noisomeae, Ophiostoma nothofagi, Ophiostoma novae-zelandiae, Ophiostoma novo-ulmi, Ophiostoma obscurum, Ophiostoma olivaceapini, Ophiostoma olivaceum, Ophiostoma pallidobrunneum, Ophiostoma pallidulum, Ophiostoma palmiculminatum, Ophiostoma palustre, Ophiostoma paradoxum, Ophiostoma parvum, Ophiostoma patagonicum, Ophiostoma penicillatum, Ophiostoma perfectum, Ophiostoma persicinum, Ophiostoma phasma, Ophiostoma piceae, Ophiostoma piceaperdum, Ophiostoma piceaperdum, Ophiostoma piceiperdum, Ophiostoma piliferum, Ophiostoma pini, Ophiostoma pluriannulatum, Ophiostoma poligraphi, Ophiostoma polonicum, Ophiostoma polyporicola, Ophiostoma ponderosae, Ophiostoma populicola, Ophiostoma populinum, Ophiostoma prolifera, Ophiostoma proliferum, Ophiostoma protea-sedis, Ophiostoma protearum, Ophiostoma pseudocatenulatum, Ophiostoma pseudoeurophioides, Ophiostoma pseudominus, Ophiostoma pseudonigrum, Ophiostoma pseudotsugae, Ophiostoma pulvinisporum, Ophiostoma pusillum, Ophiostoma qinghaiense, Ophiostoma quercus, Ophiostoma rachisporum, Ophiostoma radiaticola, Ophiostoma radicicola, Ophiostoma radicicolum, Ophiostoma ranaculosum, Ophiostoma rectangulosporium, Ophiostoma retusi, Ophiostoma retusum, Ophiostoma roboris, Ophiostoma robustum, Ophiostoma rollhansenianum, Ophiostoma roraimense, Ophiostoma rostrocoronatum, Ophiostoma rostrocylindricum, Ophiostoma sagmatospora, Ophiostoma sagmatosporum, Ophiostoma saponiodorum, Ophiostoma schrenkianum, Ophiostoma sect. Brevirostrata, Ophiostoma sect. Longirostrata, Ophiostoma sect. Ophiostoma, Ophiostoma sejunctum, Ophiostoma serpens, Ophiostoma seticolle, Ophiostoma setosum, Ophiostoma shangrilae, Ophiostoma simplex, Ophiostoma sparsiannulatum, Ophiostoma sparsum, Ophiostoma spinosum, Ophiostoma splendens, Ophiostoma ssiori, Ophiostoma stenoceras, Ophiostoma subalpinum, Ophiostoma subannulatum, Ophiostoma tapionis, Ophiostoma tasmaniense, Ophiostoma tenellum, Ophiostoma tetropii, Ophiostoma thermarum, Ophiostoma tingens, Ophiostoma torticiliata, Ophiostoma torticiliatum, Ophiostoma torulosum, Ophiostoma tremulo-aureum, Ophiostoma tremuloaureum, Ophiostoma triangulosporum, Ophiostoma trinacriforme, Ophiostoma truncicola, Ophiostoma tsotsi, Ophiostoma ulmi, Ophiostoma undulatum, Ophiostoma valachicum, Ophiostoma valdiviana, Ophiostoma valdivianum, Ophiostoma variosporum, Ophiostoma verrucosum, Ophiostoma vescum, Ophiostoma virescens, Ophiostoma wageneri, Ophiostoma zambiensis
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