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General information

 Summary:Pannaria Delise ex Bory: 20 (1828) [MB#3686] 
 Synonymy:=Amphinomium Nyl., Lichenes Novae Zelandiae: 9 (1888) [MB#168]
=Lepidoleptogium A.L. Sm., Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 46 (1): 79 (1922) [MB#2742]
 MycoBank #:3686 
 Authors:Delise ex Bory
 Authors (abbreviated):Delise ex Bory
 Page #:20
 Journal or book:Bory 1828, Dict. Class. Hist. Nat. 13: 20 
 Year of publication:1828

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Pannaria acutior, Pannaria adglutinata, Pannaria adpressa, Pannaria aenea, Pannaria ahlneri, Pannaria amphibola, Pannaria andina, Pannaria angustata, Pannaria aotearoana, Pannaria apiculata, Pannaria applanata, Pannaria araneosa, Pannaria arctophila, Pannaria areolata, Pannaria asahinae, Pannaria asperella, Pannaria asterella, Pannaria athroophylla, Pannaria atrofumosa, Pannaria atropannosa, Pannaria auctorum, Pannaria aurantiaca, Pannaria austriaca, Pannaria austro-orcadensis, Pannaria beata, Pannaria biatorina, Pannaria blepharophora, Pannaria bolanderi, Pannaria brasiliensis, Pannaria brisbanensis, Pannaria brunnea, Pannaria byssina, Pannaria byssoidea, Pannaria caesia, Pannaria caesia, Pannaria caesiocinerea, Pannaria caespitosa, Pannaria calophylla, Pannaria cameroonensis, Pannaria campbelliana, Pannaria capensis, Pannaria carneopallens, Pannaria carnosa, Pannaria castaneocincta, Pannaria centrifuga, Pannaria cervina, Pannaria cheilea, Pannaria cheirolepis, Pannaria chilensis, Pannaria ciliolata, Pannaria cinerascens, Pannaria cinerata, Pannaria coeruleobadia, Pannaria coeruleonigricans, Pannaria complanata, Pannaria complanta, Pannaria confusa, Pannaria conoplea, Pannaria contorta, Pannaria corallinoides, Pannaria craspedia, Pannaria crenulata, Pannaria crossophylla, Pannaria crustata, Pannaria curvescens, Pannaria cyanolepra, Pannaria decipiens, Pannaria deficiens, Pannaria delicata, Pannaria delicatula, Pannaria delisei, Pannaria demissa, Pannaria dichroa, Pannaria dispartita, Pannaria dissecta, Pannaria dolichotera, Pannaria durietzii, Pannaria ekistophylla, Pannaria elaeina, Pannaria elatior, Pannaria elegantior, Pannaria elixii, Pannaria emodii, Pannaria endomilta, Pannaria erythrocarpa, Pannaria euphylla, Pannaria exasperata, Pannaria exornata, Pannaria farinosa, Pannaria faurii, Pannaria femsjonensis, Pannaria fimbriata, Pannaria flabellata, Pannaria flabellosa, Pannaria flexuosa, Pannaria formosana, Pannaria fuegiensis, Pannaria fulvescens, Pannaria fumbris, Pannaria furfurascens, Pannaria gallowayi, Pannaria gayana, Pannaria gemmascens, Pannaria glacialis, Pannaria glaucella, Pannaria globigera, Pannaria granatina, Pannaria granulifera, Pannaria guepinii, Pannaria gymnocheila, Pannaria haemalea, Pannaria halei, Pannaria hilaris, Pannaria hispidula, Pannaria holophaea, Pannaria holospoda, Pannaria hookeri, Pannaria howeana, Pannaria hypnorum, Pannaria hypomelaena, Pannaria ignobilis, Pannaria imbricata, Pannaria imbricatula, Pannaria immixta, Pannaria implexa, Pannaria incisa, Pannaria insularis, Pannaria involuta, Pannaria isabellina, Pannaria isidiata, Pannaria isidioidea, Pannaria isidiosa, Pannaria italica, Pannaria japonica, Pannaria kerguelensis, Pannaria laceratula, Pannaria laciniata, Pannaria laciniosa, Pannaria lanuginosa, Pannaria lanuginosa, Pannaria lasiella, Pannaria leiostroma, Pannaria lepidella, Pannaria lepidiota, Pannaria lepidiota var. corallophora, Pannaria lepidiota var. lepidiota, Pannaria lepidophora, Pannaria leproloma, Pannaria leucolepis, Pannaria leucophaea, Pannaria leucosticta, Pannaria leucostictoides, Pannaria limbata, Pannaria lobulifera, Pannaria lojaconi, Pannaria lojaconii, Pannaria lurida, Pannaria luridula, Pannaria lutosa, Pannaria macrocarpa, Pannaria malmei, Pannaria mangroviana, Pannaria mariana, Pannaria maritima, Pannaria mediterranea, Pannaria melamphylla, Pannaria melanotricha, Pannaria melantera, Pannaria microleuca, Pannaria microphylla, Pannaria microphyllizans, Pannaria microphylloides, Pannaria minutiphylla, Pannaria molkenboeri, Pannaria molybdaea, Pannaria molybdodes, Pannaria mosenii, Pannaria multifida, Pannaria muscorum, Pannaria myriocarpa, Pannaria myrioloba, Pannaria nebulosa, Pannaria neocaledonica, Pannaria nigra, Pannaria nigrata, Pannaria nigrocincta, Pannaria nigrocinerea, Pannaria obliterans, Pannaria obscura, Pannaria obscurior, Pannaria olivacea, Pannaria orphnina, Pannaria pallida, Pannaria pannarinum, Pannaria pannosa, Pannaria papuana, Pannaria parmeliae, Pannaria parmelioides, Pannaria pedicellata, Pannaria perfossa, Pannaria periptera, Pannaria petersii, Pannaria pezizoides, Pannaria phloeodes, Pannaria pholidota, Pannaria pholidota, Pannaria pholidotoides, Pannaria phyllidiata, Pannaria pityrea, Pannaria pityrea, Pannaria pityrella, Pannaria placodiopsis, Pannaria planiuscula, Pannaria plumbea, Pannaria poeltii, Pannaria polyspora, Pannaria porriginosa, Pannaria praetermissa, Pannaria prolifera, Pannaria prolifera, Pannaria prolificans, Pannaria protensa, Pannaria pruinosa, Pannaria psotina, Pannaria pulveracea, Pannaria pulverulacea, Pannaria pulvinula, Pannaria pycnophora, Pannaria radiata, Pannaria ramosii, Pannaria ramulosa, Pannaria reflectens, Pannaria reticulata, Pannaria rolfii, Pannaria romansana, Pannaria rubiginascens, Pannaria rubiginea, Pannaria rubiginella, Pannaria rubiginella, Pannaria rubiginosa, Pannaria rudeta, Pannaria sampaiana, Pannaria sandwichiana, Pannaria santessonii, Pannaria santessonii, Pannaria saubinetii, Pannaria schaereri, Pannaria servitiana, Pannaria smaragdina, Pannaria sonomensis, Pannaria sorediata, Pannaria sorediata, Pannaria spectabile, Pannaria sphinctrina, Pannaria squamulata, Pannaria squamulosa, Pannaria stellata, Pannaria stenophylla, Pannaria stenophylla, Pannaria streimannii, Pannaria stylophora, Pannaria subcincinnata, Pannaria subcrustacea, Pannaria subdescendens, Pannaria subfusca, Pannaria subgen. Chryopannaria, Pannaria subgen. Cryopannaria, Pannaria subgen. Lepidoleptogium, Pannaria subgen. Pannaria, Pannaria subgen. Protopannaria, Pannaria subimmixta, Pannaria sublurida, Pannaria subradiata, Pannaria subsimilis, Pannaria superior, Pannaria symptychia, Pannaria tavaresii, Pannaria taylori, Pannaria taylorii, Pannaria tenuis, Pannaria terrestris, Pannaria tetraspora, Pannaria thoroldii, Pannaria thraustolepis, Pannaria thysanota, Pannaria tjibodensis, Pannaria triptophylla, Pannaria triptophylliza, Pannaria triseptata, Pannaria vainii, Pannaria vainioi, Pannaria variegata, Pannaria vischii, Pannaria waghornei, Pannaria wainioi, Pannaria xanthomelana, Pannaria xanthorioides
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