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General information

 Summary:Pyrenophora Fr., Summa vegetabilium Scandinaviae 2: 397 (1849) [MB#4596] 
 Synonymy:≡Stigmea Bonord., Abhandlungen der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Halle 8: 79 (1864) [MB#25029]
=Polytrichia Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 1: 451 (1882) [MB#4333]
=Pleospora subgen. Scleroplea Sacc., Sylloge Fungorum 2: 277 (1883) [MB#700402]
 MycoBank #:4596 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:397
 Year of publication:1849
 Type specimen or ex type:

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Pyrenophora abscondita, Pyrenophora allosuri, Pyrenophora alternarina, Pyrenophora ambigua, Pyrenophora amphoricarpi, Pyrenophora ampla, Pyrenophora androsaces, Pyrenophora antarctica, Pyrenophora aparaphysata, Pyrenophora armeriae, Pyrenophora astragalorum, Pyrenophora avenae, Pyrenophora bartramiae, Pyrenophora biseptata, Pyrenophora bondarzewii, Pyrenophora brachyspora, Pyrenophora brizae, Pyrenophora bromi, Pyrenophora bryophila, Pyrenophora buddleiae, Pyrenophora buddlejae, Pyrenophora bupleuri, Pyrenophora calvertii, Pyrenophora calvescens, Pyrenophora calvescens, Pyrenophora canadensis, Pyrenophora carthami, Pyrenophora castillejae, Pyrenophora catenaria, Pyrenophora centranthi, Pyrenophora cerastii, Pyrenophora chaetomioides, Pyrenophora chengii, Pyrenophora chrysanthemi, Pyrenophora chrysospora, Pyrenophora ciliata, Pyrenophora ciliolata, Pyrenophora clematidis, Pyrenophora comata, Pyrenophora convexispora, Pyrenophora convolvuli, Pyrenophora coppeyana, Pyrenophora coronata, Pyrenophora cytisi, Pyrenophora dactylidis, Pyrenophora delicatula, Pyrenophora dematioidea, Pyrenophora depressa, Pyrenophora dianthi, Pyrenophora dichondrae, Pyrenophora dichromotricha, Pyrenophora dictyoides, Pyrenophora dubia, Pyrenophora echinella, Pyrenophora echinella var. betae, Pyrenophora echinella var. echinella, Pyrenophora echinopis, Pyrenophora echinopis, Pyrenophora echinopsis, Pyrenophora ephedrae, Pyrenophora ephemera, Pyrenophora eriogoni, Pyrenophora eryngicola, Pyrenophora erythrospila, Pyrenophora euphorbiae, Pyrenophora eximia, Pyrenophora fenestrata, Pyrenophora filicina, Pyrenophora flavofusca, Pyrenophora foexiana, Pyrenophora freticola, Pyrenophora fugax, Pyrenophora glacialis, Pyrenophora grahamii, Pyrenophora graminea, Pyrenophora helvetica, Pyrenophora heraclei, Pyrenophora hispida, Pyrenophora hispidula, Pyrenophora hordei, Pyrenophora horrida, Pyrenophora hungarica, Pyrenophora hyperici, Pyrenophora hyphasmatis, Pyrenophora inclusa, Pyrenophora inclusa, Pyrenophora ipomoeae, Pyrenophora japonica, Pyrenophora kugitangi, Pyrenophora lanuginosa, Pyrenophora leucelenes, Pyrenophora leucospermi, Pyrenophora lithophila, Pyrenophora lolii, Pyrenophora lycii, Pyrenophora macrochaeta, Pyrenophora macrospora, Pyrenophora meliloti, Pyrenophora metasequoiae, Pyrenophora minuartiae-hirsutae, Pyrenophora moravica, Pyrenophora moroczkovskii, Pyrenophora muscorum, Pyrenophora nivalis, Pyrenophora nobleae, Pyrenophora notarisii, Pyrenophora nuda, Pyrenophora oligotricha, Pyrenophora osmanthi, Pyrenophora pachyasca, Pyrenophora paradoxa, Pyrenophora parvula, Pyrenophora paucitricha, Pyrenophora pellatii, Pyrenophora pellita, Pyrenophora penicillus, Pyrenophora pestalozzae, Pyrenophora phaeocomes, Pyrenophora phaeocomoides, Pyrenophora phaeospora, Pyrenophora phlei, Pyrenophora pileata, Pyrenophora pimpinellae, Pyrenophora pittospori, Pyrenophora polyphragmia, Pyrenophora polyphragmoides, Pyrenophora polytricha, Pyrenophora polytricha, Pyrenophora pontresinensis, Pyrenophora pulsatillae, Pyrenophora raetica, Pyrenophora rayssiae, Pyrenophora relicina, Pyrenophora relicina, Pyrenophora rosae, Pyrenophora rugosa, Pyrenophora salsolae, Pyrenophora saponariae, Pyrenophora sarcocystis, Pyrenophora saviczii, Pyrenophora schroeteri, Pyrenophora scirpi, Pyrenophora scirpicola, Pyrenophora secalis, Pyrenophora sedi, Pyrenophora semeniperda, Pyrenophora seminiperda, Pyrenophora semiusta, Pyrenophora seseli, Pyrenophora setigera, Pyrenophora sexdecimspora, Pyrenophora silenes, Pyrenophora sobolevskii, Pyrenophora sphagnaeceticola, Pyrenophora subalpina, Pyrenophora subantarctica, Pyrenophora subgen. Chaetoplea, Pyrenophora subgen. Pyrenophora, Pyrenophora sudetica, Pyrenophora symphoricarpi, Pyrenophora syntrichiae, Pyrenophora szaferiana, Pyrenophora teres, Pyrenophora tetraneuris, Pyrenophora tetrarrhenae, Pyrenophora tragacanthae, Pyrenophora tranzschelii, Pyrenophora trichostoma, Pyrenophora trichostoma f. trichostoma, Pyrenophora trichostomella, Pyrenophora trifolii, Pyrenophora triseptata, Pyrenophora tritici-repentis, Pyrenophora tritici-vulgaris, Pyrenophora trochila, Pyrenophora typhicola, Pyrenophora ushuwaiensis, Pyrenophora ushwaiensis, Pyrenophora venturia, Pyrenophora venziana, Pyrenophora villosa, Pyrenophora wichuriana, Pyrenophora zabriskiana, Pyrenophora zabriskieana
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