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General information

 Summary:Rhytisma Fr., Kongliga Svenska Vetenskapsakademiens Handlinger 39: 104 (1818) [MB#4745] 
 Synonymy:=Placuntium Ehrenb., Sylvae mycologicae Berolinenses (1818) [MB#4146]
=Melanosorus De Not., Giornale Botanico Italiano 2 (7-8): 49 (1847) [MB#3084]
=Pachyrhytisma Höhn., Annales Mycologici 15 (5): 317 (1917) [MB#3674]
=Stictostroma Höhn., Annales Mycologici 15 (5): 322 (1917) [MB#5242]
 MycoBank #:4745 
 Authors (abbreviated):Fr.
 Page #:104
 Year of publication:1818
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioning ref.:SM2:317,565 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Rhytisma abyssinicum, Rhytisma acerinum, Rhytisma aceris, Rhytisma aceris-eriocarpae, Rhytisma aceris-laurini, Rhytisma aceris-laurini, Rhytisma aceris-saccharini, Rhytisma adglutinatum, Rhytisma americanum, Rhytisma amphigenum, Rhytisma andromedae, Rhytisma andromedae-ligustrinae, Rhytisma anhuiense, Rhytisma arbuti, Rhytisma asperulae, Rhytisma astericola, Rhytisma astericolum, Rhytisma asteris, Rhytisma astrocaryi, Rhytisma atramentarium, Rhytisma aureum, Rhytisma austinii, Rhytisma australe, Rhytisma austrocaledonicum, Rhytisma autumnale, Rhytisma bauhiniae, Rhytisma berkeleyanum, Rhytisma bifrons, Rhytisma bistortae, Rhytisma bistortae, Rhytisma blakei, Rhytisma bontocense, Rhytisma borealis, Rhytisma cacti, Rhytisma carpini, Rhytisma chrysanthemi, Rhytisma circumscissa, Rhytisma circumscissum, Rhytisma concavum, Rhytisma concentricum, Rhytisma confluens, Rhytisma conoideum, Rhytisma constellatum, Rhytisma corrugatum, Rhytisma cotini, Rhytisma curtisii, Rhytisma decolorans, Rhytisma discoidea, Rhytisma durissimum, Rhytisma elevatum, Rhytisma elicincola, Rhytisma empetri, Rhytisma empetri, Rhytisma erythrosporum, Rhytisma eucalypti, Rhytisma eucalypti, Rhytisma eugeniacearum, Rhytisma euphorbiae, Rhytisma feroniae, Rhytisma filamentosum, Rhytisma filicina, Rhytisma filicinum, Rhytisma fuscum, Rhytisma geinitzii, Rhytisma giganteum, Rhytisma grandis, Rhytisma grewiae, Rhytisma gyrosum, Rhytisma hederae, Rhytisma heraclei, Rhytisma himalense, Rhytisma hrubeschei, Rhytisma huangshanense, Rhytisma hypoxanthum, Rhytisma hysterioides, Rhytisma ilicincola, Rhytisma ilicincola, Rhytisma ilicis, Rhytisma ilicis-canadensis, Rhytisma ilicis-integrae, Rhytisma ilicis-latifoliae, Rhytisma ilicis-pedunculosae, Rhytisma induratus, Rhytisma itatiaiae, Rhytisma juglandis, Rhytisma juglandis, Rhytisma juncicola, Rhytisma laciniatum, Rhytisma lagerstroemiae, Rhytisma lagerstroemiae, Rhytisma leptospilum, Rhytisma leucothoes, Rhytisma leucothoës, Rhytisma lineare, Rhytisma linearis, Rhytisma linneae, Rhytisma liriodendri, Rhytisma loesenerianum, Rhytisma lonicerae, Rhytisma lonicericola, Rhytisma maculans, Rhytisma maculifer, Rhytisma maculosum, Rhytisma magnoliae, Rhytisma maximum, Rhytisma melianthi, Rhytisma menziesiae, Rhytisma micraspis, Rhytisma milleri, Rhytisma monogramme, Rhytisma montiniae, Rhytisma myrciae, Rhytisma myricae, Rhytisma nervale, Rhytisma nervisequium, Rhytisma nitidum, Rhytisma onobrychidis, Rhytisma onobrychidis α onobrychidis, Rhytisma onobrychis, Rhytisma padi, Rhytisma palaeoacerinus, Rhytisma panamense, Rhytisma parschlugianus, Rhytisma pedicularis, Rhytisma piceum, Rhytisma pieridis, Rhytisma placenta, Rhytisma planerae, Rhytisma polare, Rhytisma polaris, Rhytisma pongamiae, Rhytisma populi, Rhytisma porrigo, Rhytisma prini, Rhytisma priscum, Rhytisma priscus, Rhytisma pruni, Rhytisma pseudoplatani, Rhytisma psidii, Rhytisma pterygotae, Rhytisma punctatum, Rhytisma punctum, Rhytisma pythii, Rhytisma quercinum, Rhytisma radicalis, Rhytisma rhododendri, Rhytisma rhododendri, Rhytisma rhododendri-oldhamii, Rhytisma riccioides, Rhytisma rubiae, Rhytisma rufulum, Rhytisma salicinum, Rhytisma sassafras, Rhytisma sect. Criella, Rhytisma sect. Rhytisma, Rhytisma sedi, Rhytisma seriale, Rhytisma shiraiana, Rhytisma shiraianum, Rhytisma silphii, Rhytisma smilacis, Rhytisma solidaginis, Rhytisma sparsum, Rhytisma spurcarium, Rhytisma symmetricum, Rhytisma tostum, Rhytisma ulmi, Rhytisma ulmi, Rhytisma ulmi, Rhytisma ulmicola, Rhytisma umbonatum, Rhytisma urticae, Rhytisma urticae, Rhytisma urticae, Rhytisma ustulatum, Rhytisma vaccinii, Rhytisma velatum, Rhytisma veronicae, Rhytisma viburni, Rhytisma violae, Rhytisma vitis, Rhytisma xylostei, Rhytisma yuexiense
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