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General information

 Summary:Tuber P. Micheli ex F.H. Wigg., Primitiae Florae Holsaticae: 1-112 (1780) [MB#5629] 
 Synonymy:≡Tuber P. Micheli, Nova Plantarum Genera: 221, t. 102 (1729) [MB#39296]
≡Tuberium Raf.: 211 (1815) [MB#5633]
=Aschion Wallr., Flora Cryptogamica Germaniae 2: 865 (1833) [MB#343]
=Ensaluta Zobel, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 6: 54 (1854) [MB#1823]
=Lespiaultinia Zobel, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 6: 55, 65 (1854) [MB#2811]
=Oogaster Corda, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 6: 70 (1854) [MB#3576]
=Vittadinion Zobel, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 6: 54 (1854) [MB#5744]
=Tuber subgen. Vittadinion Zobel, Icones fungorum hucusque cognitorum 6: 75 (1854) [MB#509121]
=Terfeziopsis Harkn., Proceedings of the California Academy of Sciences 1 (8): 278 (1899) [MB#5379]
=Delastreopsis Mattir., Boletim da Sociedade Broteriana, Coimbra: 10 (1905) [MB#1440]
=Mukagomyces S. Imai, Proceedings of the Imperial Academy Japan 16: 154 (1940) [MB#3287]
 MycoBank #:5629 
 Authors:P. Micheli ex F.H. Wiggers
 Authors (abbreviated):P. Micheli ex F.H. Wigg.
 Page #:1-112
 Year of publication:1780
 Name type:Basionym 
 Name status:Legitimate
 Sanctioning ref.:SM1:LV 
 Sanctioned by:Fr. 
 Type specimen or ex type:
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 Human pathogenicity code:- 
 Plant pathogenicity code:- 
 Code toxicity:- 

Classification and associated taxa

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Tuber albidum, Tuber puberulum, Tuber parasiticum, Tuber regium, Tuber croci, Tuber rufum, Tuber rapaeodorum, Tuber maculatum, Tuber foetidum, Tuber excavatum, Tuber borchii, Tuber blotii, Tuber taiyuanense, Tuber verii, Tuber regianum, Tuber himalayense, Tuber melanosporum, Tuber lucidum, Tuber arenarium, Tuber australe, Tuber nitidum, Tuber aestivum, Tuber aestivum, Tuber ferrugineum, Tuber gigantosporum, Tuber multimaculatum, Tuber liaotongense, Tuber pseudohimalayense, Tuber anniae, Tuber pseudoexcavatum, Tuber liui, Tuber xizangense, Tuber pacificum, Tuber arenaria, Tuber requienii, Tuber rutilum, Tuber pallidum, Tuber separans, Tuber sinuosum, Tuber shearii, Tuber mesentericum, Tuber lutescens, Tuber lyoniae, Tuber magnatum, Tuber lacunosum, Tuber lapideum, Tuber hiemalbum, Tuber intermedium, Tuber macrosporum, Tuber giganteum, Tuber longisporum, Tuber bituminatum, Tuber bisporum, Tuber esculentum, Tuber meliotum, Tuber bonnetii, Tuber borchianum, Tuber mutabile, Tuber murinum, Tuber microsporum, Tuber oligosporum, Tuber nuciforme, Tuber moretii, Tuber montanum, Tuber mougeotii, Tuber debaryanum, Tuber dryophilum, Tuber affine, Tuber borchii, Tuber fulgens, Tuber cibarium, Tuber citrinum, Tuber echinatum, Tuber exiguum, Tuber candidum, Tuber alatum, Tuber canaliculatum, Tuber brumale, Tuber californicum, Tuber gallicum, Tuber queletianum, Tuber oligospermum, Tuber unicolor, Tuber castaneum, Tuber uncinatum, Tuber occidentale, Tuber scleroneuron, Tuber scruposum, Tuber panniferum, Tuber besseyi, Tuber phlebodermum, Tuber sphaerosporum, Tuber malacodermum, Tuber maresa, Tuber hiromichii, Tuber moravicum, Tuber vacini, Tuber harknessii, Tuber linsdalei, Tuber texense, Tuber malenconii, Tuber spinoreticulatum, Tuber clarei, Tuber virens, Tuber zeylanicum, Tuber olivaceum, Tuber lespiaultii, Tuber griseum, Tuber venturii, Tuber melanoxanthum, Tuber luteum, Tuber magnatum, Tuber levissimum, Tuber irradians, Tuber indicum, Tuber gulonum, Tuber berkeleyanum, Tuber macrocarpon, Tuber gibbosum, Tuber gardnerii, Tuber asa-foetida, Tuber argentinum, Tuber argenteum, Tuber bellonae, Tuber bohemicum, Tuber nigrum, Tuber minimum, Tuber mixtum, Tuber niveum, Tuber michailowskoanum, Tuber moschatum, Tuber monticola, Tuber album, Tuber caroli, Tuber album, Tuber album, Tuber cinereum, Tuber cervinum, Tuber eisenii, Tuber albidum, Tuber fuscum, Tuber rabenhorstii, Tuber suecicum, Tuber solidum, Tuber obtextum, Tuber piperatum, Tuber sampadarium, Tuber renati, Tuber rhenanum, Tuber lucidum, Tuber atrorubens, Tuber culinare, Tuber filamentosum, Tuber virens, Tuber aestivum, Tuber gulosorum, Tuber cibarium, Tuber cibarium, Tuber huidongense, Tuber lyoni, Tuber michailowskjanum, Tuber gardneri, Tuber quercicola, Tuber umbilicatum, Tuber whetstonense, Tuber sinense, Tuber bernardinii, Tuber zhongdianense, Tuber lignarium, Tuber belonei, Tuber furfuraceum, Tuber sphaerospermum, Tuber subgen. Vittadinion, Tuber montagnei, Tuber guzmanii, Tuber castellanoi, Tuber oregonense, Tuber sect. Tartufa, Tuber michailowskianum, Tuber cibarium, Tuber regimontanum, Tuber monosporum, Tuber lijiangense, Tuber sinoexcavatum, Tuber polyspermum, Tuber sinoalbidum, Tuber formosanum, Tuber microspermum, Tuber microspiculatum, Tuber sinoaestivum, Tuber microverrucosum, Tuber huizeanum, Tuber cistophilum, Tuber formosanum, Tuber donnagotto, Tuber decipiens, Tuber microsphaerosporum, Tuber beyerlei, Tuber castilloi, Tuber guevarai, Tuber lauryi, Tuber mexiusanum, Tuber miquihuanense, Tuber walkeri, Tuber sinopuberulum, Tuber vesicoperidium, Tuber pseudomagnatum, Tuber liyuanum, Tuber subglobosum, Tuber wenchuanense, Tuber sinosphaerosporum, Tuber melosporum, Tuber neoexcavatum, Tuber panzhihuanense, Tuber gennadii, Tuber bomiense, Tuber pseudosphaerosporum, Tuber glabrum, Tuber lyonii, Tuber sinoalbum, Tuber xanthomonosporum, Tuber sect. Tuber, Tuber subgen. Tuber, Tuber culinare γ tessellatum, Tuber asa, Tuber gennadii, Tuber album β aestivum, Tuber petrophilum, Tuber brunneum, Tuber pseudoseparans, Tuber tequilanum, Tuber sinomonosporum
 Type name:
 Obligate or homotypic synonyms:
 Facultative or heterotypic synonyms:
 Type of organism:? 



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