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General information

 Summary:Capnodium Mont., Annales des Sciences Naturelles Botanique 11: 233 (1849) [MB#809] 
 MycoBank #:809 
 Authors (abbreviated):Mont.
 Page #:233
 Year of publication:1849
 Remarks:Lectotypified by Clements & Shear 1931. Greuter et al. give Fumago citri Pers. as the type, which is not one of the original species in Montagne (only C. australe and C. salicinum) 

Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
138 Associated records (click to hide):
Capnodium acakantherae, Capnodium acokantherae, Capnodium annonae, Capnodium anonae, Capnodium araucariae, Capnodium armeniacae, Capnodium arrhizum, Capnodium australe, Capnodium axillatum, Capnodium baccharidis, Capnodium bambusicola, Capnodium batistae, Capnodium berberidis, Capnodium betle, Capnodium brasiliense, Capnodium caespitosum, Capnodium callitris, Capnodium capsuliferum, Capnodium carissae, Capnodium caroliniense, Capnodium cassiae, Capnodium casuarinae, Capnodium cesatii, Capnodium chaetomorphum, Capnodium cistophilum, Capnodium citri, Capnodium citri, Capnodium citricola, Capnodium clavatum, Capnodium coartatum, Capnodium coffeae, Capnodium coffeicola, Capnodium corni, Capnodium crassum, Capnodium crouanii, Capnodium cryptolepiae, Capnodium cryptolepidis, Capnodium dematum, Capnodium doratopsis, Capnodium elaeophilum, Capnodium elegans, Capnodium ellisii, Capnodium elongatum, Capnodium erythrinicola, Capnodium eugeniarum, Capnodium expansum, Capnodium fibrosum, Capnodium foedum, Capnodium footii, Capnodium fructicola, Capnodium fruticola, Capnodium fruticolum, Capnodium fuliginodes, Capnodium fuligo, Capnodium fuligo, Capnodium graminum, Capnodium grandisporum, Capnodium grandisporum, Capnodium guajavae, Capnodium guaraniticum, Capnodium heteromeles, Capnodium hibiscicola, Capnodium hibiscicolum, Capnodium hirtum, Capnodium ilicinum, Capnodium indicum, Capnodium indicum, Capnodium jasminae, Capnodium jasmini, Capnodium javanicum, Capnodium juniperi, Capnodium juniperinum, Capnodium kamatii, Capnodium lanosum, Capnodium lentisci, Capnodium lonicerae, Capnodium loranlhae, Capnodium loranthi, Capnodium lygodesmiae, Capnodium mangiferae, Capnodium mangiferae, Capnodium mangiferum, Capnodium mangiferum, Capnodium mangiferum, Capnodium maximum, Capnodium melioloides, Capnodium mesnierianum, Capnodium minimum, Capnodium moniliforme, Capnodium mori, Capnodium mucronatum, Capnodium musae, Capnodium neerii, Capnodium nerii, Capnodium nudicum, Capnodium paraguayense, Capnodium pelliculosum, Capnodium persicae, Capnodium persoonii, Capnodium phyllanthae, Capnodium phyllanthi, Capnodium pini, Capnodium pomorum, Capnodium puccinoides, Capnodium quercinum, Capnodium ramatii, Capnodium ramosum, Capnodium rehmii, Capnodium resinae, Capnodium rhamni, Capnodium rhamnicola, Capnodium richardii, Capnodium salicinum, Capnodium schweinitzii, Capnodium scoriadeum, Capnodium sphaericum, Capnodium sphaeroideum, Capnodium spongiosum, Capnodium stellatum, Capnodium stysanophorum, Capnodium subgen. Capnodaria, Capnodium subgen. Capnodiella, Capnodium subgen. Capnodina, Capnodium subgen. Capnodium, Capnodium subgen. Microxiphium, Capnodium subgen. Microxyphium, Capnodium tanakae, Capnodium taxi, Capnodium theae, Capnodium thuemenii, Capnodium thwaitesii, Capnodium tiliae, Capnodium trichostomum, Capnodium tropicum, Capnodium tuba, Capnodium uniseptatum, Capnodium usteri, Capnodium walteri
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