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General information

 Summary:Marssonina Magnus, Hedwigia 45: 88 (1906) [MB#8849] 
 MycoBank #:8849 
 Authors (abbreviated):Magnus
 Page #:88
 Year of publication:1906
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Classification and associated taxa

 Current name:
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Marssonina acaciae, Marssonina acerina, Marssonina actaeae, Marssonina actinostemmae, Marssonina aegopodii, Marssonina agaves, Marssonina alni, Marssonina andurnensis, Marssonina apicalis, Marssonina aquilegiae, Marssonina artocarpi, Marssonina atragenes, Marssonina aurantiaca, Marssonina balsamiferae, Marssonina baptisiae, Marssonina betulae, Marssonina bracteosa, Marssonina brunnea, Marssonina bupleuri, Marssonina californica, Marssonina campanulae, Marssonina canadensis, Marssonina capsulicola, Marssonina carnea, Marssonina carpogena, Marssonina carthami, Marssonina castagnei, Marssonina celastri, Marssonina celtidis, Marssonina ceratocarpi, Marssonina chamaenerii, Marssonina chamerionis, Marssonina chrysothamni, Marssonina clematidicola, Marssonina clematidis, Marssonina coronaria, Marssonina coronariae, Marssonina daphnes, Marssonina decolorans, Marssonina deformans, Marssonina deformans, Marssonina delastrei, Marssonina dimocarpi, Marssonina dispersa, Marssonina ershadii, Marssonina erythraeae, Marssonina erythreae, Marssonina euphorbiae, Marssonina euphoriae, Marssonina extremorum, Marssonina flourensiae, Marssonina forsythiae, Marssonina forsythiae, Marssonina fragariae, Marssonina fraserae, Marssonina fraxini, Marssonina gei, Marssonina gladioli, Marssonina gloeodes, Marssonina graminicola, Marssonina grossulariae, Marssonina halostachyos, Marssonina helosciadii, Marssonina holostachyos, Marssonina indica, Marssonina ipomoeae, Marssonina juglandis, Marssonina junonis, Marssonina kirchneri, Marssonina kriegeriana, Marssonina lappae, Marssonina lindii, Marssonina lonicerae, Marssonina lorentzii, Marssonina mali, Marssonina manschurica, Marssonina martinii, Marssonina matteiana, Marssonina medicaginis, Marssonina melampyri, Marssonina meliloti, Marssonina melonis, Marssonina moravica, Marssonina myricariae, Marssonina necans, Marssonina neilliae, Marssonina nigricans, Marssonina obclavata, Marssonina obscura, Marssonina obtusata, Marssonina ochroleuca, Marssonina omphalodis, Marssonina omphalodis, Marssonina pakistanica, Marssonina panattoniana, Marssonina piriformis, Marssonina polygoni, Marssonina poonensis, Marssonina populi, Marssonina populi-nigrae, Marssonina populicola, Marssonina populina, Marssonina potentillae, Marssonina pruinosae, Marssonina pruni, Marssonina psidii, Marssonina pteridis, Marssonina punctiforme, Marssonina punctiformis, Marssonina quercina, Marssonina quercus, Marssonina radiosa, Marssonina rhabdospora, Marssonina rhamni, Marssonina rhois, Marssonina ribicola, Marssonina rosae, Marssonina rubiginosa, Marssonina salicicola, Marssonina salicigenum, Marssonina salicina, Marssonina salicis, Marssonina salicis, Marssonina salicis-purpureae, Marssonina sambuci, Marssonina sandu-villeae, Marssonina sandu-villei, Marssonina santonensis, Marssonina saxifragae, Marssonina secalis, Marssonina senneais, Marssonina sennenii, Marssonina sennenis, Marssonina sennensis, Marssonina smilacina, Marssonina sojaecola, Marssonina sojicola, Marssonina sonchi, Marssonina sorbi, Marssonina staritzii, Marssonina stellariae, Marssonina stenospora, Marssonina tetracerae, Marssonina thomasiana, Marssonina toxicodendri, Marssonina transzschelii, Marssonina tranzschelii, Marssonina tremulae, Marssonina tremuloides, Marssonina truncatula, Marssonina tulasnei, Marssonina veratri, Marssonina violae, Marssonina viticola, Marssonina wyethiae, Marssonina xanthophyla, Marssonina zanthoxyli, Marssonina zanthoxyli
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