About MycoBank

March 27th, 2012


MycoBank is an on-line database aimed as a service to the mycological and scientific society by documenting mycological nomenclatural novelties (new names and combinations) and associated data, for example descriptions and illustrations. The nomenclatural novelties will each be allocated a unique MycoBank number that can be cited in the publication where the nomenclatural novelty is introduced. These numbers will also be used by the nomenclatural database Index Fungorum, with which MycoBank is associated.

Nomenclatural experts will be available to check the validity, legitimacy and linguistic correctness of the proposed names in order to avoid nomenclatural errors; however, no censorship whatsoever, (nomenclatural or taxonomic) will be exerted by MycoBank. Deposited names will remain -when desired- strictly confidential until after publication, and will then be accessible through MycoBank, Index Fungorum, GBIF and other international biodiversity initiatives, where they will further be linked to other databases to realise a species bank that eventually will link all databases of life. MycoBank will (when applicable) provide onward links to other databases containing, for example, living cultures, DNA data, reference specimens and pleomorphic names linked to the same holomorph. Authors intending to publish nomenclatural novelties are encouraged to contribute to this new initiative.


Contact our curators

Curators:Dr. K. Bensch

Associated specialists:Dr. G. Verkleij(filamentous fungi) Dr. M. Groenewald (yeasts)

For software and databases:Dr. V. Robert, Dr. D. Vuor Ir.Ammar Ben Hadj Amor