Search Webservice

1. Access

The web service is accessible via this URL:


2. List of Webservices

3. Options

limit: Maximum number of the returned results
filter: Filter conditions. For detailed description see next paragraph.

4. Filters

To filter the results according to a field value use this syntax in the filter query parameter:

<FieldCode1><Operator>"<Value1>" AND|OR|NOT <FieldCode2><Operator>"<Value2>"

5. FileCode

Represents the field SQL name on which the filter will be applied. Can be either simple or link field.
To filter on a link field this syntax must be used:


Where the <TargetTableName> is the SQL name of the table targeted by the link field.

6. Value

Can be any valid field value, invalid value will result on an error page.

Use the special value: $NULL$ to filter on Null values and $EMPTY$ to filter on empty string values. These two special values are not case sensitive.

NOTE: These special values can only be used with the Equal and Different operators.

7. Operator

Represents the Boolean operation of the condition. Here is a full description of all supported operators:

Operator Description
= Equality
< Lower than
> Greater than
<> Different
<= Lower than or equals
>= Greater than or equals
  CONTAINS Contains the specified string
  STARTSWITH Starts with the specified string
  ENDSWITH Ends with the specified string

NOTE: All operators are case sensitive.

8. Result Format

The service produces the following result format:
<Authors_>(Bulliard) Singer</Authors_>